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  1. [ Hi Amy- I was reading your post and we are in such similar situations! As I read through I was amazed at the similarities! My daughter is 20 mos and we just got test tesults today....waiting for more info from doc. We are also scheduling an appt. with ped. gi later this month. I am so worried and scared for my daughter, we just want answers now! Madie's IgG level was 21, and they told me the normal was 0-9. Did they test her IgA level? My dd's lvel was at 1 (normal) but dr. seemed to think it was low just because of her age and not having enough time to produce large amts of the anitibody. We are so confused about what to do! Hang in there, and know that you are not alone! I was glad when I read your post becuase I feel like there is someone out there that can understand what we are going through! Amy
  2. Thanks for sharing your story...I feel for you! It sounds like you are doing a great job, and truly nobody knows what is better for your child than you do. I hope you get the answers you are looking for, and good luck with the biopsy! We have had our daughter tested for allergies...wheat, milk, casein, whey, and soy. All came back negative. That is what led us to the conclusion that it is a food intolerance becuase if the high IgG, rahter than a food allergy. We will see what happens, I hope our gi's aren't as booked up as yours are. I am still waitng a call back from docs office to schedule. Hang in there, and again I hope you get some answers. I think the most frustrating thing is not knowing what exactly is wrong, especially when you know something is wrong. We just fired our daughters previous dr. becuase she refused to listen to us when we said knew something was wrong. I have really lerned to listen to my gut, her previous dr. would keep telling us she was normal and not to worry, but that nagging feeling just kept coming back! Good luck! Amy
  3. Hello- We are new here and completely new to Celiac's. My daughter is 20 months and had had problems with diarrhea for almost a year now, along with anemia and she was slow to grow between 12-18mos, but has since started growing again. After switching dr's we finally got one to start the initial testing for Celiac. We got results back today....she tested positive for IgG, her level was 21. She tested Neg. for IgA, her level was 1. Dr. seemed to think that her IgA level is low because she is so young and hasn't had a chance for levels to truly develop. We are going to see ped gi that specializes in celiac. Dr. mentioned that we may want to start gluten free diet, but I am afraid that will affect any further testing she has done. What do you all think about this? We are slo considering Enterolab, but thinking we may wait until we see the gi doc. Anybody have a similar experience??
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