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  1. Thank you! It is so nice to know I am not the only one, and to have the encouragement that I am doing the right thing following this diet. This site has been really wonderful for me. Now if I could only convince my sister and my mom to give up the wheat too for their health! Nova
  2. Hello

    I did not get to go. I had to work on a 'festival of trees' tree. I was sad. I am glad you went though, I think that store is excellent. I hear they have gluten-free beer now there too. I don't drink beer, but thought I would share the news incase any of you do.
  3. Reading this board is so helpful. The symptoms like mood and depression, irregular periods and all my odd symptoms that don't fit in the dr's idea of celiacs are all here in other people too. It makes me feel so much better. Thank you.
  4. Infertility

    Fertility issues and irregular periods are how I ended up self diagnosing. I had been irregular all my life and I had to use fertility drugs to get pregnant with my first daughter. After giving up wheat I was able to concieve normally with my second daughter. Still not 100% regular, but by charting my temperature I was able to concieve in 3 months.
  5. Hello

    http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile/1075...ural_foods.html Here is a link with directions to Manna Mills. It is an organic/natural foods store, but they have a great selection of gluten-free products. I highly recommend the Kinnikinik (sp?) frozen pizza crusts. YUM! Those are my favorite. If you get off on the MLT exit from I-5 and head west, turn right at the second light, and it is about a block down on the right. Just a tiny little store and easy to miss, but worth dropping buy. There is also a company near Bellevue that does gluten-free bread and cake mixes. Mona's it is called. I have never been there, but I have tried some of her mixes and the ones I tried were great. Here is that website. http://www.madebymona.com/ Also, I know Manna Mills is having a Gluten Free fair November 18th, with lots of gluten-free samples of products to try. I think they do it every 6 months? Lots of information and products. If you go, try the Glutino (sp?) crackers, they taste so much like a Ritz and are gluten-free, they are great. The Wow cookies are yummy too. Nova
  6. Hello

    Hi! I am in your area. I live in Arlington, but work in Burlington. I am new to the board. We go to Mount Lake Terrace about once a month to Manna Mills to get gluten-free products. I also heard there was a gluten-free resturant in Bellingham, but I am not sure on that. Over behind the old Michaels they said. I used to live in Bellingham, have only lived in Arlington about a year.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I find it much more difficult to stick to my gluten-free diet after the negative test result. I wish I had not even taken the test. My Dr was pretty good about it though, he told me no matter what the test shows, it was clear from what I had described that I have some sort of gluten intolerance and should stay away from it. I just would like to know for my kids. Nova
  8. Hi, my name is Nova and I am a new member. I have been following a gluten free diet (mostly) for about 6 months now. I have always had irreguarity in my periods except when I was on the pill. I had to use fertility drugs to get pregnant the first time because I did not ovulate. After I had my first daughter I tried the Atkins diet for a while to lose the pregnancy weight. During that time, I did loose weight, and I also started to have more regular periods. I didn't know why but suddenly I felt a lot better and my menstration was semi-regular again. When we decided to have our second child, I went off the Atkins diet because I was concerned it would not be good for the baby. As soon as I went off it, I stopped ovulating and we couldn't get pregnant. So I went back on it, and got pregnant fairly quickly. At this point I was very sure there was some relationship between the low-carb life style and my menstration. After I had my second daughter I met someone with celiac disease. I had never heard of it before, and didn't even know people could really have wheat intolerance. So I decided to try a gluten-free diet to see how I felt. I have felt so much better on the gluten-free diet and I felt pretty sure I had celiac disease, even if my symptoms were not the norm. I decided to get tested because I suspect my sister and my mother are also celiac disease and I thought if I got the test it would give them enough reason to go get the test themselves. I went through about 5 days where I ate lots of wheat before the test, after being gluten-free for about 3-4 months. The test came back negative for celiac disease and I was pretty upset. I just wanted an answer, and a reason to follow the gluten-free diet. It is hard to rationalize the decision to eat gluten-free when the changes to your body are not obvious. Has anyone else seen a relationship between a gluten-free diet and their menstration or their fertility? Related to this, I often felt pregnant when I was not, queesy, tummy moving, tired. Has anyone else felt this way? Is it common to have a false negative? Those who have self diagnosed and are living a gluten-free lifestyle because they know it is right for them without the dr's diagnosis, what have you done about your kids? I want to protect my kids if they are celiac disease, but without a positive test from me, how can I rationalize making them get a blood test? Thank you in advance for any comments. I mostly just want to stop feeling like I am crazy. Nova
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