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  1. Thought some of you maybe could shed some light on my situation, I know you are not docs, but could maybe give me an ah ha from personal experience. I appreciate anything you can contribute. About 7 years ago (28 yrs now), I started having reflux problems, went to the gastro, had an endoscopy which saw no damage only a little acid in the stomach, he did not biopsy for celiacs. Since I was a teenager, I've had bad itching problems, and they have worsened in the last couple of years. Also, the stomach problems have never really stopped----the reflux wasn't as bad since I started taking protonix (acid inhibitor) but still have diarrhea, cramping, etc, on a pretty regular basis. My grandfather, who was wasting away from weight loss and constant diarrhea, and no one could solve his problem, went to a nutritionist who said he was a celiac. Put him on a gluten free diet and the change has been pretty remarkable. Not only did he gain weight (and apparently I've found out lately he had itching problems his whole life), his mind almost seemed to regenerate and he seems more alive today. I did the blood tests for celiacs which came back negative. Along with the tests, the doc found that my thyroid was low and vitamin D was low. I started seeing the nutritionist about 2 months ago, and started an enormous amount of supplements and her recommendation was to go gluten free, even though the tests were negative. I've noticed a small change. My itching has not gone away, but has been more infrequent, and my stomach has been better, though not completely. I admit I'm still not sure if I'm completely eliminating gluten, and I'm in a job where I'm traveling a good bit and have cheated some. What do you guys think, I'm still slightly skeptical since my blood tests came back negative, but the nutritionist certainly turned my g-pa around. Otherwise, I'm pretty healthy (other than a cigarette habit) I'm in good shape, have been an athlete since I was younger and still very active and very fit. Also, does Ice cream affect you? I had some mickey d's ice cream the other night and have been in complete reversal since then. What about soft drinks?
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