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  1. I still got ZERO news from carnival (what a shame...), so today Ive send them a secon email: 10 days ago Ive send an Email, telling about my bad expierence on the carnival cruise, when my kids where no well taken car with the gluten free food. Its amazing that I still got zero answers,, not even one saiyng "sorry for what happened, let me find out more" or anything!!! Are you there?? let me know whats happening because some people in the celiac.com forum (for prople who cant eat gluten) are waiting your response, and off course, me too! please be cordial and answer my email. Abigail.
  2. Hi there, I come back from our Carnival cruise vacation and I had bad experiencies about the gluten-free food that they offer on board, They did carry gluten-free bread, pasta and pizza but they didnt had a clue about gluten-free, cross contamination and they thoug that gluten its in flour only!!!! Im so lucky that my kid were fine eaating fruits and yougurt (great coincidence that was gluten-free) please be carefull if you plan to travel!! here is a copy of the letter that ive send them: I came this Friday from a cruise and Im very upset, it was like a nightmare. 1 month ago Ive send a special request form, cause both of my kids require a Gluten Free diet, I wasnt nervious because Ive read in the Carnival web page that they are ready for this kind of requierments. the Maitre D had no clue about Gluten free diet, and he wasnt cordial about the special requests. I had to talk to managers, chefs and hostess who where cordial but are not well informed about gluten-free diets as well putting my kids health on risk. Ive herad things like: just stay away from the flour (I wish!) , or: none of the food of this ship contains MSG (sorry but I cant belive that when 80% of the supermarket items contain that!) , Ive been told by a chef that all the chesses were gluten-free and that only one kind was gluten-free buy a hostess,so many time they told me , yes "I think" its gluten-free (I think?? I nedd to be sure, this is not a joke!) I cried the second day of the cruise, being in the middle of the sea with no food
  3. I live in fort myers (40 min from sanibel) and here you have Outback, Chick fila, cheeseburguer in paradise, pf chang, and blue fish that offers foods gluten-free.
  4. I was thinking the same, Did anybody ate the Oscar meyer nacho lunchables?? that Would be a nice option to carry to the birthday parties that my son has... TIa, Abi
  5. we usually go to outback since my son was diagnosticaded. we went like 30 times and there were all good experiences, but then we went again and we have 2 bad experiences in a row, so after that We opted to talk to the manager before we order the food and we told hi about the bad experiences, and also that WE NEED THEM and we want to keep coming so he checked personally that everything was Kosher. maybe you can try that if you dont want to stop going there. Abi
  6. thanks for the good news and thanks to yoplait for making our lifes a little bit easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abi
  7. for my son we went to a pediatric GI doctor when he was 18 months, he made him blood test and then the biopsy to confirm the results. but if you stop feeding gluten to your son you may have false resuts! Abi
  8. something like that happened to my son In the very beginnning of his diet he ate some gluten free cookies (form the natural store) that make him a reaction. we double checked and it said that were made in a facility that also proces wheat stuff. Last week (almost 10 months later and doing great with the diet) he ate them again and there were no reactions at all. I guess you should be REALLY carefull about that in the begginning and then, eventually, you could relax a little bit and eat the things proceced in a plant that proccess wheat also. Abismart
  9. I had a great experience in Argentina, not only I found special diet stores, but some big supermarkets have a Gluten free section! and when you say that you ar celiac they know what you are talking about. Abi
  10. hi there, I was wondering the same, does anybody knows if any of the blue bell products are gluten free? thanks, Abi
  11. do you know if that store it has now a new name? because i tried to checked on google and didnt find anything. thanks, Abi
  12. hi there! I,ve been in disney park and we had the best gluten-free experience asking food in their restaurants, this time we are thinking about going to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, FLORIDA, had anybody had an experience there buing food? do you know if they offer gluten-free meals?? thx for your info!! Abi
  13. we had a bad experience at uno's as well. the manager had a really long face when I explaiened him my special request with the gluten free menu that I got from internet (and they didn have any idea of) anyway, I was not confortable there at all, but I happy for you because I really wanted that place to work since its really cool! Abi
  14. I agree, and the same whit thr food if they can give you a gluten free safe option! Abi
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