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  1. Probiotics have helped me so much I can't even tell you.
  2. Hey Just wanted to double back and report that I have been trying the St. John's wort and it has been helping. I'm not sure if it will be enough in the long run but right now I'm taking only 600 mg. a day and my doc wants me to go up to much more than that. (To 900 in 3 doses and eventually to 1800 in three doses). This coming from an psychiatrist (MD and head of a major hospital psychiatry dept in NYC). I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm hoping that some of the symptoms that I am feeling are caused by depression/anxiety b/c nobody seems able to find a medical explanation for them. ARGH. Also, I feel like this thread should be in "coping.." Allison
  3. I started a new job a few months ago, and I spoke to the person who arranges such things before we started so that she (the organizer) was the only one that knew and she arranged for there to be options (we went to a place where there were options and even the waiters knew but didn't say anything). I'm sure not every situation would work so well, but if you can find out who the main person is who arranges these things...it worked well for me! (And get this--another person who was starting at the same time ALSO WAS A CELIAC! CRAZY!!!) Good luck!
  4. I'm curious if anyone has taken St. John's Wort for depression? I used to take Lexapro and tolerated it well, stopped, and when i went back couldn't take it.
  5. Sophiekins, I have heard of the buddhist walking meditation--but don't know too much about it. Any recommended resources? I have not been good about eliminating other possible offenders from my diet, so I will try some of those too. Thanks! Allison
  6. it's funny, meditation is hard because everyone/everything seems to conspire to intrude upon it. but the whole point is to let those intrusions happen and then bring your mind back to your breath. very haaaard. i've done it before at yoga retreats in rooms of a lot of people and found it even more difficult because it seems as if every person in that room is doing something to draw your attention (even though your eyes are closed). jess, just saw your PM and will respond shortly... allison
  7. I know this post is old, but anyone in NY City??
  8. Hi everyone, A little backgroud: I have been gluten-free for a year now, and my tummy and fatigue problems are doing better but I've had a whole load of new things come up recently. Really ad GERD, dizziness (recently diagnosed as vertigo, not sure if they are right), TMJ, tremors in my legs, and general shakiness. Emotionally this is throwing me for a huge loop because I was so sick before I went gluten-free, and then after a year of feeling great I thought my problems were over. I'm finding it really difficult to feel like I"m back where I was (I'm not really, but I am in the sense that doctors still don't know what's making me feel ill--every test comes back NORMAL--which is an awful repeat of four years pre-gluten-free) and I am also in a time of my life with great change right now (moved cities, left best friends/boyfriend behind), new job etc. So on the mindfulness meditation. I'm reading this book right now by Jon Kabat-Zinn called "Full Catastrophe Living." I'm sure many of you have heard of it (or at least now that you are hearing the name of it you are thinking to yourself, "oh, yes, full catastrophe, that sounds like my life." The book is about a program for people with chronic illness and/or stress issues who undergo an 8 week meditation program at a university hospital in Boston. It is full of incredible proclamations of how much better this program makes people feel, and to me it sounds to good to be true. It is basically just a program of doing body scans and meditation in which one focuses on the breath (I am a yoga practitioner, but I'm just not sure if I see this changing my life). So I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with using this coping mechanism in the past and what it was like. Thanks! Allison
  9. Hi, People say sometimes to "PM" them to speak personally (is this "personal message"?) How do you do this, or is there another way? People don't seem to post email addresses on the site if someone else wants to contac... Thanks! Allison
  10. Hey--forgot to mention that I'm 22 and I had this all through college! So I feel you big time!!! Especially because young people (our friends) who are so excited to have lots of energy and fun at this point in their lives have a hard time believing and understanding how we feel. You have to drill it into them....
  11. I am also going through this right now--you are not alone! I am a little scared to go back to my everyday life--it often seems like it is all or nothing to me b/c if people see you doing some things, they assume you are ALL BETTER! and can do all things....not true! I think baby steps is right--otherwise you risk setting yourself back. I am trying to make this something positive too, but finding ways to deal with it now so that if it happens again (and with us it probably will though hopefully never again on this scale) I am better equipped to fight the batter. I hope... I went to a mind/body psychologist today, and told her that what I really wanted was to find constructive ways to deal with feeling like poo and the pain of getting back to everyday life. So maybe that will help. I will keep you posted. I don't really have any experience with psychologists/psychiatrists that is positive, so hopefully this will change things.
  12. I have low blood pressure and was told to eat a high salt diet-- I found canned soups/powdered soups (like Cup O'Soup) to be very helpful. Campbells is chock full of salt.
  13. Just wanted to put my two sense in...I'm 22 y.old and i feel like my life has just stopped. My mom basically can't do anything either because I've been staying with her instead of in my own apartment and she's taking care of me. I feel awful for her! It's so wonderful of her to do this for me! Anyway, I think the worst part of this is going to doctors and them just having no idea what's wrong/nothing to tell you. Here it is almost Christmas and I'm worried sick b/c I feel so awful and I can't even call my doctor (or any doctor) because they are all away on vacation. Do you guys watch the tv show "House"? If so, how great would it be if you could have House for just one day?! I bet he'd figure out what's wrong with us! (For those who don't watch, House is a doctor who seems able to figure out EVERYTHING--he just thinks about it for a while and then has an answer. And when he's wrong the first time--get this--he TRIES AGAIN! Maybe we should make this an inspirational thread--like everyone post your favorite poem/or name of a book of movie that cheers you up. Then people can still share their sorrows, but there will be nice things in between to cheer people up! But either way, I'm right there with you guys! Allison
  14. This has been driving me crazy recently. I don't think it's from glutening though. I don't know what it is and neither do any of my doctors. For those who mentioned Lexapro, btw, I know it makes me really dizzy--enough so that I can hardly move. I used to take it and tolerate it well, but was off it for a few months, and now am going back and can't get past 5 mg (up to 10 and I can't tolerate the dizziness). But there's also something else going on because even after I've eaten protein within the last hour, my blood sugar crashes. And then other times it doesn't seem to be related to blood sugar at all, I'm just shaky, my legs are twitchy, and I feel creepy! So the reasons for this (potential reasons, that is) that I've heard on this board are: vitamin b deficiency iron deficiency glutening blood sugar blood pressue (vasovegal syncope) adrenaline? Anything else? Any further explanations on the above? I'd love to hear more about adrenaline...
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