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  1. HAPPYGIRL, sounds like your body has refined to a Paleo diet, which many actually decide to go on...without having celiac disease....by choice feeling that is the original diet that our bodies were designed for. That's Paleolithic diet or hunter-gatherer diet. One starter explanation - but there are several - is at: earth360.com/diet_paleodiet_balzer.html. The Neolithic version adds in cooked grains, dairy, sugars...sort of natural but not original to our human creation. (because, for example, grains weren't edible until man found out about fire and cooking them.) So the purists do without them. Check it out. Maybe your food intake situation will stabilize and then you won't feel so bad, knowing you might actually be quite stylish in some circles with your Paleo diet:)
  2. You could have something I've learned about lately, sub-clinical celiac disease. I've learned celiac disease is not well understood in the US, is diagnosed at 60 and over in 1/5 of the patients, etc., can cause inability to lose weight when you'd think with all the upset stomache stuff it would be the opposite, etc....things doctors don't always know. I'd use the pc -- or a physician referral -- or this message board -- or just try google and recheck refs...to find an expert in your general area. It's so important, I'd even travel if I had to. Best.
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