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  1. I definately need to get some good vitamins. I am trying liquid prozac too. Any help would be appreciated. Any recommendations on the vitamins too? Missy
  2. I have been suffering from major depression. In Feb., I went to a partial hospitalization program. Getting some therapy in a group and indivdual setting has been great. But, none of the meds seem to do anything except create side effects. I have tried many meds in the last 4 years. Ironically, I was dx with celiac at the same time symptoms started and did not go gluten-free until recently (several attempts but nothing too long). I read the post that it could take up to 2 years to feel better. That is what it took my mom too (she and my sister both have celiac and my mom was very sick). So, besides going strictly gluten-free, is there anything else that is recommended? What is your take on homepathic type things (fish oil, etc.). Just looking to speed up the process. I have been out of work because of the depression and treatment since the end of Feb and hope to go back on Tuesday. Missy
  3. I recently had all my kids tested for celiac, as it runs in my family. I have celiac, as does my mom and one sister. All of us are biopsy confirmed. I had my kids tested at the University of Chicago celiac program free screening. I thought the oldest might be positive because he has constant belly aches, esplosive bowel movements, frequent bowel movements and loose ones. He is very gassy. He has headaches and mood swings. He cries a lot, seems to be when he is hungry. He has dark circles under his eyes. He also still wets the bed, which may or may not be related. He is 11. He seems "addicted" to gluten. He has been so sick that he asked to try the gluten free diet before the results came in. He was only on it for about 4 days before the results came in, so we did not see to much in the way of improvement, but he did not complain about stomach aches quite as much. Once he found out he was negative, he ate some crackers and immediately got sick. He has asked to go back on the gluten free diet, but keeps changing his mind because it is such a strict diet and he does not feel he "has" to be. If it is not celiac, where do I start? Do I go to ped GI? An allergist? someone to deal with his headaches? a therapist, because it is mental? We tried his regular doctor who said to limit milk and gave him previcid and an allergy med, neither of which has helped. I am at my wits end and need help. Any advice will be appreciated. Missy Confirmed celiac Mother of 3 boys All negative for celiac per bloodwork
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