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  1. Hi. I'm new here, too and I have been on the gluten free diet for a week. I have experienced one of the same problems as you. I have been very bloated and had edema and would experience the pants fitting/not fitting issue every few days. I have noticed a huge decrease in the edema and my pants are fitting better after only one week gluten free. Maybe you should give it a try. Good luck!
  2. Hi. I have been experiencing a similar problem since late in my pregnancy and I am now 10 months pp. I agree with chrissy's post above where she states that the cause is probably due to widening of the pelvic are a and the role of chemicals in taht process (relaxin, I think). I am 2 days into a gluten-free diet and I have terrible body apin, not just in my hip, so I am wondering if the diet will improve things. I had a tough time finding info on the hip pain, but I have included a link that I found very helpful. Hope that you feel better! http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm (I couldn't find the other link that I had; this information does not apply to plus size women only as the title implies.) Lisa
  3. HI. I just would like to thank everyone for all of your suggestions and sharing your personal experiences. I know that celiac is more commonly diagnosed these days than it used to be, but it's funny how people are still ignorant of the disease or look at me strangely when I mention my mother's diet. I was gluten free yesterday and continuing today. Thanks again.
  4. Hi everyone. I am 31 years old 10 months post partum and have been suffering from a range of symptoms since about 5 months post partum. Previous to my son being born I suffered a miscarriage and I also lost a twin in my recent pregnancy. I have hypothyroidism (Hashimotos), diagnosed about 10 years ago. My mother has celiac, diagnosed about 2 and a half years ago. She recommended that I get tested and I had the immunoglobulin (sp?) tests. Doctor told me I was negative and I felt well at the time (2 years ago) so I did not go further. I began doing some research the other evening and found this message board. It was then that I began to think that maybe I do have celiac. I have suffered from mild depression most of fmy life. I developed PPD after my son was born. At about 5 months pp, I contacted my ob because I was having those familiar low thyroid symptoms: aches, fatigue, bloating. I was SURE that my blood test would reveal that I needed more synthroid. My thyroid hormones were fine. I couldn't believe it. I chalked it up to exhaustion. I feel that every day gets worse and worse. I went to a wedding last night and barely made it through the night. I looked into Enterolab and am going to get tested. At first I thought that I would wait for the test resluts before I began the diet, but I am in so much pain that I am hoping the diet will start to heal me. Here are my symptoms: deep aches and pains in my boes and stiffness and pain in all my joints pins and needles/tingling in my hands when I wake up aches and pains in my feet bloating flatulence fatty stool having to run to the bathroom about 3x per week dark circles under my eyes I'm beginning the diet today. What do you think? Thank you very much for your input Lisa
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