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    Train buff....love to take Amtrak. Paranormal. Gardening. May be the only one in Minnesota who hates snow.
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  1. I lovve the rice bran pastas. They are not gummy and taste great. The reason I buy it though is the amount of fiber. Rice bran is an excellent source of fiber.
  2. All the wood smoke from the neighbors isn't helping my asthma. Minnesota has terrible laws about air pollution. Always suffer in the winter. Have a hospital quality air cleaner......but the smoke stiill comes in the house.
  3. Sometimes the holidays are so tough for us......especially Thanksgiving with all the bad foods. I always try to use paper plates or plastic utensils and new Glad storage in a pinch. But really feel for you because every year the family pressure is there. I am blessed with a few family members who are really supportive about gluten sensitivity. Good luck and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Newbie here. My diet is 60 - 70 percent raw depending on the season. I live in a cold climate so sometimes you have to eat cooked or warm food. However, I had to go raw with gluten sensitivity because of the constipation. Since trying the raw diet I am regular. Do others find the gluten free packaged food could have more fiber? Really have to read those labels. This forum really has been so encouraging.
  5. Hey Bob. I am new too. So very grateful to find this forum.
  6. I am new to the board. Have tried to be gluten free for over 10 years. Suddenly, I have been breaking out in rashes too. The one around my mouth may be from toothpaste. So tried to just lcean with baking soda until I can get to the store to buy a gluten free paste. Thanks for the posts.
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