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    USA and proud of it.....northern california
  1. There must of been something in the air last night, I also was having pains in my left side and it was hurting terrible. I couldn't even touch my side. I feel like Jerseyangel I am glad it wasn't on my right side I really would of been scared. Not sure what it was, It is also that time of month...
  2. I was born 7 weeks premature and weighed a whole 5 pounds and was 17 inches long. I was born with a lazy rt eye and had pneumonia at 9 months. I was anemic on and off all of my life. When I was about 3 yrs I was really sick and they never could figure out what it was, I was always the littlest in...
  3. I have a little magnaffire (now i cant spell either) that i usualy take with me, but i cant find it. arghh !!! i need to go to the eye doctor next ?
  4. I thought that I read my make-up thourghly but I guess I didn't. My revlon foundation has right in the middle of the ingredients there it was WHEAT PROTIEN YUK also my maybelline blush OAT FLOUR Well I guess now that I will have my son read all my make-up since he can see better than me. I thought...