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  1. Get your thyroid properly checked. There is a gigantic link btwn celiac and thyroid problems. uote name='elle's mom' date='14 March 2010 - 01:21 AM' timestamp='1268544091' post='598527'] OK, here comes a semi-rant: Since being on the gluten free diet (also dairy free), it has been almost 9 months, I have lost 30+ pounds. This is not a good thing, really. I was two months post-pardum when starting the diet, so I could afford to lose some, but now I am about 15 pounds below my "normal" weight. I am 5 foot and right now at about 98 pounds. I'm also nursing so that doesn't help I know. I counted my calories for a couple days because I wanted to prove to myself that I am eating enough; I was only at about 1500-1800 which with nursing is not really enough, I don't think. The thing is, I feel like I am really eating a lot, and I am following my appetite, whenever I get hungry I eat. I always have three good meals, then 2-3 snacks. My usual snack is whole nuts by the handfuls and Lara Bars. I have a large apple with PB every morning. Lunch is usually leftovers with veggies OR a chicken or beef rice tortilla wrap with some type of beans (black or pinto) and rice, OR sometimes a chicken salad with lots of nuts (and I like bacon on it, kind of a modified cobb). Dinner we do a meat (fish, chicken, or beef, rarely pork), with either rice or potato, and 1-3 types of veggies (usually carrots, brocolli, and/or green beans). I always snack in the evening, sometimes nuts and a handful of allergen free choc. chips or some gluten-free corn chips and salsa, sometimes another apple/PB. I am avoiding eggs, yeast, and soy too so I am limited on what other foods I can do. What else can I do? My husband says I need more carbs, but I don't want to risk cc with a lot of processed foods, I do eat whole rice and corn products though. He also says I just need to exercise and build muscle, which I know is true, but my energy level is in the tank. I've been gradually working my way into stretching and doing light weights and things like sit-ups and jumping jacks with the kids and such. My cousin just told me last weekend, "you need to get back on the dairy or people are gonna start thinking you're anorexic!". THANKS!! I'm the farthest thing from anorexic! I take my prenatal vit still, B12, Ca/Mg/D every day; but my malabsorption number (through enterolab) was so high.......I know that is my problem. I just don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
  2. no offense but you're going a little overboard. only 15% of the population has the antibodies - 85% are exactly in the same boat you are....thats why there are guidelines to follow. btw - those same guidelines apply to listeria which is actually more prevelant. even if you had the antibodies, you'd still have to eat the same way. if it makes you feel better only 800 babies out of 1 million get taxoplasmosis and those are moms that don't usually have good prenatal care. i've never heard of anyone soaking the fruit - but washing it is always important anyway. none of those restrictions are fun & with both my pregnancies i had to watch my sugar as well - it was aweful b/c i craved fruit. i felt like i couldn't eat anything. just so you know - pregnancy hormones can make you super paranoid....i was out of control in my 1st pregnancy. i was worried about everything. it was completely different with my 2nd. just try to take a deep breath and relax - you're definitely doing the best you can....
  3. Ttc?

    if it makes you feel better i just finished pregnancy #2 and it was completely different than my 1st which was also a HUGE disaster due to gluten...i was strict about the diet and called Dr. Peter Green (my md) at Columbia as soon as the test came back positive. he said and his nutritionist both said the same thing 1) gluten-free diet 2) freeda prenatal vitamins which you can order online 3) freeda calcium supplements 4) high fiber diet - buy some flax meal and add it to cereal or yogurt as much as you can....otherwise don't worry about the rest. btw - i was contaminated once or twice during the pregnancy and freaked out .... but nothing happened and i and the baby were completely ok.
  4. i just want to add - that i agree you should wait as long as you can stand it. i've btdt w/ 2 pregnancies...its not just about getting pregnant b/c i easily got knocked up easily both times. (i guess i was lucky) its about the difficulties of the actual pregnancy. for my first, i had no idea i had celiac and was in and out of the hospital about 10 times due to various complications. i ended up spending 14 weeks on bedrest with a pump in my leg for contractions. it was not fun at all but thank god everything turned out okay. for my second, i was 2 1/2 years gluten free & the pregnancy was a million times easier with no complications. you really need to make sure your villi are fully healed before your body undertakes such a huge change....for your health and the health of your baby. good luck - btw!!!
  5. 1. When you eat out at a restaurant do you worry about cross contamination? YES, BUT I TRY TO NOT THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL SO I CAN SIT AND ENJOY MY MEAL. 2. How has being diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance affected the way you eat out? Has it affected your social life? IT'S LIMITED THE NUMBER OF MY CHOICES, WHICH SOMETIMES MAKES ME DEPRESSED. ITS AFFECTED MY SOCIAL LIFE B/C MY FRIENDS NOW GO TO RESTAURANTS AROUND WHAT I CAN EAT. WHICH MAKES ME FEEL GUILTY. I THINK THE HARDEST PART IS THE EMOTIONAL ASPECT OF EATING OUT - I LOVE TO DO IT BUT ITS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS IT USED TO BE. 3. If you do go to a restaurant with a gluten free menu do you worry about other allergies such as soy, dairy, corn, nightshades, or refined sugar? NO 4. Do you find most restaurants or chefs to be knowledgeable about celiac disease? 1/2 YES AND 1/2 NO....WHEN THEY SAY NO I TEND TO EAT VERY SIMPLE SAFE FOOD. I.E. SALAD OR SOMETHING CHEAP AND BORING. IF THEY SAY YES - I TEND TO GET MORE EXCITED AND ADVENTUROUS. 5. Have you found people to be accommodating to your condition or not? AGAIN, 1/2 YES AND 1/2 NO....I'VE HAD MANAGERS HELP ME WITH MY ORDER AS WELL AS MANAGERS WHO'VE SAID "OH, GLUTEN - WE DON'T USE IT. ITS LIKE GLUCOSE - RIGHT? SORRY. I CAN'T HELP." 6. What is the most difficult part of being a celiac for you? THE DEPRESSION AND BOREDOM OF EATING THE SAME FOODS OVER AND OVER. I'M SO JEALOUS OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN JUST GRAB A SLICE OF PIZZA. SOMETIMES IT REALLY GETS TO ME EMOTIONALLY.
  6. give yourself a break & know that you're doing everything you can to be on top of this...i wasn't diagnosed until i was 30 and had lots of problems. I certaintly don't blame it on my mother. The only thing we can do as mothers is do our best. there are lots of gluten-free alternatives to kids food. it would help if you listed which 5 foods he likes. My daughter isn't gluten-free but really likes ians gluten free nuggets & everybody eats makes the most decent pizza (by far.) Plus with kraft mac & cheese - the cheese sauce is gluten-free, so just use tinyada pasta & cover it with the sauce...it virtually tastes the same. The envirokidz sugar cereals are really good too. i have lots of suggestions but kinda need to know which foods you want to replicate....
  7. sometimes GI specialists have good recommendations for a local pediatrician. if you can find a local pediatric gastro-intestinal specialist, he/she will probably have a good recommendation for you. you might want to see one anyway with your daughters issues. yes - your child can have celiac but a child cannot be properly diagnosed until 5 years old. you can, however, get the genetic test which is a cheek swab to see if your baby carries the genetic marker. its not a definitive diagnostic tool but, imo, it helps if your worried. just remember that you are the mother and don't discount your instincts. if you think gluten is definitely affecting your child, then it probably is.
  8. rice krispies has malt which is made from barley....stay away from anything that contains malt.
  9. i had a similar situation and after a couple months of being gluten free it seemed to resolve itself - thankfully. I'm actually pregnant & my constipation has severly acted up again. Milk of Magnesia (2 tbsp) at night seems to be the only thing that does the trick.
  10. i've been hyperactive for a while & it turned out i have benign nodular goiter - thyroid conditions of any kind are common in celiacs....
  11. I also love Tini's - its like Lumi but has a great martini menu. For any of you that haven't tried it - its an upscale italian place on the Upper East Side. Sambuca - on the Upper West Side is also gluten free. Its more of a family style italian...but I've enjoyed it. Also, I've heard the ethiopian place downtown Ghenet is great! You have to call 24 hrs in advance so they can make their dosai gluten free for you...I'm dying to try it.
  12. Thank you for this - actually dr green is my doctor & I had a long conversation with him about this. He's the one that told me to breast feed and introduce crumbs at 4 months. I ended up reading a long research article that stated there is a small window between 4-6 months where the gut is fully formed and ready to accept new foods - but if you miss the window then you are back where you started....I love Dr. Green. SO I respect his decision about wheat crumbs at 4 months. Its just the breastfeeding that I'm worried about. I do worry about autism as well & was going to ask him about it as it got closer... Thank you though - I think I've decided to at least put in the effort & see what happens. I'll contact La Leche when its time for help b/c the hospital I delivered at was top notch except for the breast feeding help. They were aweful....La Leche here I come
  13. Hi - I'm happy to help w/any questions...but a bunch are for your md. I'm in my 2nd pregnancy now and I'm much calmer than I was the first time. The first time, I was crazy with a zillion questions but your doctor is used to answering all the basics - dying hair, cat litter, etc... Personally - I would hole off on dying your hair until your doctors appointment. I've heard negative things & its not worth risking a baby over. As for your cat litter - your md will test you for the cat disease and let you know the results. Mine came out positive, so I had to go for another test which showed that I had it years ago & there was nothing to worry about. Before your first appointment, I would have your husband change the litter. Start taking gluten free prenatal vitamins now - if your not already on them. Freeda makes a great one that was recommended by my celiac md & its easy to take. You can order it online...You should immediately start taking a folic acid pill (gluten free) from your local health food store if you cant get the prenatals right away. There easy to find. Don't worry about miscarrying - you'll drive yourself crazy. We can only do the best we can during this period. Its important to keep that in mind. For my 1st - I didn't know I had celiac & was SOOOO sick the whole time. I was eating wheat thinking I was being healthy for the baby. I managed to carry full term with the help of some contraction medication. The whole thing was miserable but I still had a healthy baby at the end. She's now 6. With this one - I'm half way through & still crossing my fingers. I'm gluten free & feeling better than last time. I was contaminated once during the preganancy & went crazy. I did a whole lot of research & found out that your symptoms improve during the 9 months because your immune system suppresses. You just don't want to have the risk of miscarriage or malnutrition. As long as you do the best you can then you should be ok. Good Luck!!!!! and Congrats!!!!!
  14. I guess that you got luckier than I did. My husband surprised me with a box full of the cupcakes & they were aweful. They were so dry that I could barely even eat them....I felt horrible by the way. He totally went out of his way to get them but he agreed with me. I ended up given them away to a mom in my daughters preschool class b/c her son has celiac. Maybe I'll try what you had next time
  15. Hi Everyone - I was hoping some of you can help me. I'm pregnant w/ my second & I am the one with celiac. Luckily my daughter is fine (she's 6). I had no idea that I had celiac when she was born and hated breast feeding - so I pumped it out for 10 weeks then quit. I really don't want to breast feed with the 2nd but the celiac doctor said it may help prevent the disease and to introduce crumbs at 4 months. I guess my question is - for those of you with children with celiac. Did you breast feed, bottle feed? Do you think it made a difference? I obviously want to do whats best for the baby but I can't explain the horror that I went through trying the first time. I really just want to enjoy it this time around. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!
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