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  1. i am not sure if this will help, but since being diagnosed with Celiac in July 2005, I have had EVERY tooth have a break in it. I am in the beginning stages of having them all pulled out and dentures instead. Here is the conclusion that two specialists and my doctor have determined to have some effect: 1. I have a hard time balancing all my electrolytes in my body, along with my vitamin and mineral absorbsion (much like almost EVERY Celiac) 2. Extreme difficiency in Vitamin d prior to diagnosis 3. Salivary glands production slowed since diagnoses, especially after being "glutened" 4. Excess of bacteria found in my saliva, where most Celiacs have in their intestine, I carry in my salivary glands. All of the above has eroded my teeth, to the point where they are "skeletal" in appearance. I feel your pain, maybe this helps. Michelle
  2. Thanks to all that said HI! Love the forum so far!!!
  3. For me it is the knowledge of "how sick I was" to keep me vigilant for CC. I agree with the above post, that previous to diagnoses or becoming "gluten-free" it was present 24/7. It was our way of life. Now that we are beginning to see some semblance of normal living, cross-contamination rears it's ugly head. We all have fear of cc - but for me it is reassuring to know why I am sick - because of gluten present - and not that it is all in my head. It gets easier!
  4. Hello! I thought that I would introduce myself, I am a 35 year old woman, diagnosed with Celiac for 16 months, living in the Victoria area. I belong to our local chapter of the Celiac Association, but am always looking for more information and to meet others with Celiac. I am the mom of two girls, a 6 year old who recently tested negative for the gene - as well as a 19 month old who so far exhibits no symptoms. Looking forward to posting and meeting others!!!
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