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  1. Thank you all so much. I have a question. Could celiac cause a thick mucous to form in the back of your throat? I assume it is coming from my sinuses. I have to spit it into a kleenex. it went away the 4 days I was on the gluten free diet. Also when I got frustrated today and ate the two pieces of toast, several hours later my tongue burned like I had pepper on it. Very much. Has anyone had that type of reaction to gluten? I think I have a doctor who doesn't know a lot about this. thank you, elaine
  2. It's been 7 months of deathly nausea, gas, pain, tests and frustration. I am good mentally but do not know where to turn. Other than thyroid disease, hysterectomy, and now a year of watery diarrhea and severe nausea and gas, I have been healthy. I am so sick. gall bladder surgeon thinks I'm nuts and gp has given up on me. thank you, elaine
  3. ok, thank you all. I'm a little calmer now. I slept a couple of hours. I'll explain myself maybe a little more clearly. had just water diarrhea for 4 months before may. I got sick in May. Started with bad bronchitis. Went on zpak and had a bad reaction. nausea, vomiting, face and tongue swelled. switched to doxycycline 7 days, cipro 7 days. nausea continued. they exrayed for congestive heart failure... clear. june, i didcontinued Zyprexa, lithium, wellbutrin due to nausea. dicontinued drinking a gal of skim milk a day. did ct scan for lung disease, i smoke. clear. but they found my gall bladder was distended. surgery for that. gall bladder was full of stones, stuck to my liver, had to leave a small piece in and cauterize it, walls were calcified, stone in bile duct. 2 weeks after surgery not much improvement. 4 weeks after surgery sicker yet. could not tollerate sugar or fat at all. developed hernia at large incision uneder rib cage. compazine, prilosec, tons of pepto, gas x,... no improvement. endoscopy- august, found mosaic mucosa, eurythmotous mucosa, hiatus hernia.. small. no gastritis or h pylori. no improvement. worsening. continued meds. ultrasound of ovaries. found unresolved complex, septated, large bilateral cysts. they are still there. found bladder cancer. surgery for noninvasive, low grade, 5cm tumor. two weeks improvement of stomach symptoms on pain meds unless i ate normal meals. could not tolerate cookies, cakes, fatty meals. lived off boiled shrimp and beans. starteed eating mormally. we eat a lot of meals at resturaunts. got constipated from pain meds. took correctal got very sick. took metamucil, got very sick. nausea, gas, diarrhea, pain in stomach returned, bad. did tests for parasites, clear. thyroid replacement hormone was off bad. lowered dose. when i would get severly nauseaous, gas in stomach, hubby would put hand on stomach and pressure and it would gurgle loudly for 10 min and start feeling better. guts gurgle. lots of nausea and gas. continued prilosec, etc. no improvement. little appetite, two bites of food and i was full. sharp internitten pain from two inches above navel off to right side, shooting up to rib cage. off and on. still continues off and on. xrays looking for obstruction... clear. ct scan of lower abdomen... clear. put myself on reglan to empty stomach faster. diarrhea cleared up to peanut butter thickness, but do not float. medium brown. nausea etc continued. pain in stomach. neurontin during the day helps some. motrin helps some. .... i wake every night feeling like i have stomach flu. drink lots of diet go back to bed. get up at 4 am feeling like i have stomach flu. i take neurontin. drink diet. better by 9 am. eat egg and toast. start getting nauseaus 2 hours later. diarrhea every time i pee. eat lunch. if i eat anything other than boiled shrimp, baked chicken, fresh meat and fresh veggies i get very ill by 5 or 6 pm and cannot eat dinner. deathly ill by 8pm. if i eat nothing at all for two days i feel great. very great!! start eating normally and it all comes back. dr did blood antibody tests and stool smear for celiac, but i hadn't eaten much of anything the week before the tests. i went gluten free for 4 days or so. could eat. nausea was completely gone. felt great, but tired. gyno said i lost 1 and 1/2 inches on height, 53# of weight since may. stage one kidney failure. liver and pancreas seem to be fine. still have pain on right side. tests for celiac came back negative today. negative! i ate two pieces of bread. nausea came back but not as bad. cleared up in about 4 hours. stomach and guts started gurgling loudly 3 hours after eating the bread. that had cleared up on the gluten free diet! i will see if diarrhea returns. it's 6pm and i am getting nauseous all i've eaten is and egg, (neverbothers me) and those two pieces of toast and butter at 9 am. pain in right side. pain at hernia below rib cage. my mental state has been excellent through since may!!! no mood swings no paranoia. no depression other than down in the dumps about being sick and not being well enough to leave the house for 7 months. but i am getting desperate. i don't know where to go. gluten free helped immensely. but if i don't have positive tests, i will always wonder and two doctors already think this is all in my head. the gasto guy i just started with thinks there is something wrong. i have a brother living off opium base meds for stomach problems.. never diagnosed. another one with stomach problems not responding to prilosec. myself and a sister and a nephew with thyroid disease. niece died of kidney failure. sister was just tested for lupus- negative. a cousin just died of lymphoma. my daughter has a genetic defect in kidney. please give me advice or tell me where to go to get help. thanks elaine.
  4. Tom, thanks, I just got the call and the tests came back negative. Now they want to do a colonoscopy. I'm going to eat so much bread that I make myself sicker than a dog. I've had a ct scan on my lower abdomen and it showed nothing so I don't know why it is so important to do a colonoscopy. I've only had a week of solid stools in a year and that was in september after bladder cancer and pain meds. I am about to give up hope. The doctors think I'm nuts but how can water diarrhea for a year be in your head? the nausea is horrible. I don't know what else to do and I'm sitting here bawling like a baby. BTW I have a history of bipolar so I guess they have grounds to think I'm nuts. thank you so much for caring.. elaine
  5. the diarreah kind of cleared up on reglan which empties out your stomach a little faster. makes no sense. i went gluten free for several days with a very good improvement. my htyroid replacement hormone went nuts in august. i have an incisional hernia from the gall bladder surgery, done in july. my guts gurgle so loudly a couple of hours after i eat that you can hear it across the room. i have brothers with stomach problems that they haven't diagnosed. there is tons of thyroid problems in the family. hiros$#&o's or something. i had a cousin just die of lymphoma/ luekemia. i have had a chronic sinus infection for three of the 7 months. i have stage 1 kidney failure. i lost an inch and a half in my height and i've lost so much weight i've been peeing orange, which is a bad sign. i've been too sick to leave the house for seven months except to drag myself out for dr appoint. if i don't eat for two or three days i feel fine... tired but fine. then i get hungry, eat and it all starts again. tuesday was the first i heard of celiac and i didn't even know what it was. i will appreciate any responses and help. thanks elaine
  6. IVe been sick for 7 months... terribly. my gp can't figure it out and they took my gall bladder out trying to stop nausea and diarrhea. Finally was sent to a gastro last tuesday. He thinks it is sprue and did blood work and a stool smear. I've been on prilosec with no relief. tons of pepto with no let up in the diarrhea. finally got desperate and started taking my husbands reglan. it doesn't stop the nausea much but for some reason it kind of stopped the diarrhea. Is reglan used for diarrhea? I'm waiting for results of tests. How long does it usually take to get them back? thank you, elaine
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