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  1. So, i think it was an over exposure to wheat that started it all. I played water polo so it was carbs, carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Through pasta (yum) and pizza ( double yum) mostly. I started getting weird bumps on my fingers. Then i started feeling bloated, plus i was depressed. I ran across an article on MSN that was "gluten intolerance linked to osteoporosis," sounded interesting so i checked it out. Through that i found the celiac websites and self diagnosed myself. For a short time i had to stay away from dairy but i find i can now have it. (i just don't like all the genetically alter milk and cheese, god bless Trader Joe's and Wild Oats). But i was in denial, and continued to eat wheat. Until my hands go so bad, so itchy, so painful, i cut out the wheat. Now i know when something is infected because my hands break out and i get depressed. Which is so irritating because i know i'm depressed because of the gluten, but i can help but feel crappy. So recently reading some more info, i need some questions answered. I have Kaiser as my health car provider, and they SUCK. I've only talked to one doctor in an urgent care room that new what celiac was. I've seen alot of doctors there too. My main Doctor doesn't really know what to do or look for. So please shoot me over some info on testing, the Ecolab stuff, other food allergy testing, getting my body up and running again, just ANYTHING. Please. The crappy part about all this is i'm also hypoglycemic, and i love to eat, but i'm now so limited.
  2. If your going to be taking iron make sure you also get alot of vitamin C (O.J.), it helps your body absorb it better. Also, i personally stay away from soy. Not because of an allergy but because the same company that created the bovine growth hormone also genetically altered soy so that pesticides are inside the gene so they do not have to spray the plant. And because that's now the way it grows they can call it organic, when really your eating pesticides. Soy was originally made to bulk up cattle and doesn't have much if any nutritional value.
  3. "...your bread looks like a moon rock and tastes like dried out Play Doh." The irony is that Play Doh has wheat in it.
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