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  1. Well, not exactly Kansas City, but downtown Parkville. Stone Canyon Pizza now serves gluten-free pizza! I haven't tried it, but just called to confirm what I'd heard. The woman said it is homemade crust, no advance notice required and she thinks it is yummy. We're heading there this weekend!
  2. Helen--I don't know if you've gotten recommendations for big sur, but my husband and I go there fairly often. My favorite restaurant in the world is there and is called the Big Sur Bakery. Don't be misled by the name--part of the space is actually a bakery (not gluten-free), but the other half is a world class restaurant for lunch and dinner. A really special place for dinner and easily accommodated my gluten-free requests. Please go, you won't be disappointed!! Kelly
  3. that is great to know--I've eaten there in the past and found them to be very helpful with the diet, but I'll be anxious to see how their gluten-free breads are! Nice that they are even making an effort.
  4. I have only ever tried one gluten-free-flour mix and I love it. It's a mix from Annalise Roberts (she has a cookbook that came out earlier this year; everything I've tried I've been delighted with and my non-celiac family loves, too). Anyway, you can either mix it yourself (go to foodphilosophers.com and it is on that site) or you can now buy it pre-mixed (at authenticfoods.com). The key to the mix is using "superfine" brown rice flour; ensures no grittiness, etc. I've made fabulous chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies with it. I've also substituted it for regular flour in lots of my "pre-celiac" recipes--banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc. good luck!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the good advice! Cheri- I particularly like your idea about cutting the shapes and then putting the dough back in the fridge to remove shapes later; that would save some time.
  6. Hi all. I tried rolled/cut out sugar cookies for the first time this weekend and used Annalise Roberts' recipe. The taste was fantastic (my non-celiac mother says she thinks they are better than her terrific gluten-filled ones) and the final product (bells and christmas trees) looked great, too. So here is the problem I had: In order to get the cutouts off the wax paper (you have to roll dough between wax paper), the dough has to be really, really cold (Annalise states this in the recipe; you have to roll it out between the paper, then refrigerate until very cold before doing cuts). But the dough would warm up so fast (even after leaving it overnight) that I could only get about 3 shapes out (working quickly) before it was so warm that they wouldn't come off the paper--so I would re-roll and it would go back in the fridge for a couple of hours. Needless to say, it was a LONG process for 3 dozen cookies. Lots of downtime and lots of turning the oven on and off. any ideas? Any success stories?
  7. I'm so glad you guys like it, too! I always know when something gluten-free really is great when my mom and my husband (non-celiacs) love it, too. And I know what you mean about eating pizza out in a restaurant--it is so different from making it at home (and no clean up!).
  8. Sorry for the previous attempt to reply. I'm new at this! Jessica--Waldo Pizza is at 72nd and Wornall in that strip mall where TAnner's is. Are you in Kansas City, MO? Wornall is just a few blocks east of STate Line. I'm not sure if they always have the crust--I know Olivia's Oven delivers crusts on Fridays, so they are always well stocked for weekends. But I called for delivery on Tuesday night and they had them, too. I think because word hasn't spread yet, they probably have them most of the time. We got two 13-inch pizzas for $21. I think that was with Waldo's Tuesday coupon--which they will give you if you just ask about it. Let me know if you need any other info!
  9. I'm a new poster (but frequent visitor here). Wanted everyone in Kansas City to know (if you don't yet) that Waldo Pizza at 72nd and Wornall now has gluten-free crusts available (supplied by Olivia's Oven, the new gluten-free bakery in town). My understanding is that the owner of Olivia's Oven has worked closely with the owner of Waldo's and his staff to ensure awareness of cross-contamination issues. I had pizza delivered to my house last night and I was in heaven!! Really delicious.
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