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  1. Don't have an experiance to share, but I found this... In my book Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Green it says, "Several scientific papers have demonstrated that smoking seems to confer some protection against the onset of celiac disease- but it's role is very contraversial. The mechanisms are unclear. Suprisingly, there is evedince that smoking also protects against ulcerative colitis - nicotine patches are used as therapy for some patients. Conversly, it is known that smoking is a risk factor for Chrohn's disease. Overall, smoking is not healthy for an individual." I thought that was interresting.
  2. Congrats!!!!! Babies are wonderful!!! Enjoy yourself!
  3. Ok, so I had this nasty gastro flu a month ago. It was the sickest I had been in years (other than the celiac). Anyhow, since then, my stomach has been all messed up. Every time I eat anything I bloat and have back pain and headaches and my tummy hurts in the night. I know I have not been getting glutened. My house is gluten-free. I wondered if it was rice so I stopped eating rice. I stopped eating gluten-free baked goods that I make. I stopped eating potatoes. I thought maybe it was the cornmeal mush I was having for breakfast so I stopped the corn. I just had a piece of salmon and some boiled carrots with salt and butter on them for lunch and have felt like crap ever since. I even have been emotional, and clenching my jaw when I sleep, waking up with a sore jaw and a headache. My dh wants me to go back in to the dr. Like alot of you, I hate going to the dr. I went in about 4 mos ago and she said she couldn't do anything for me but test my levels and my vit d was gone so she put me on a suppliment for that and told me my stress level was too high, that is was unbelievable in her words. There is no way to lower the stress right now. How can I eat?? What can I eat?? And do I need to go back in to the dr? I am at my wits end. I feel like going on a liquid diet so I feel normal and my clothes fit again. Please help, I am desperate.
  4. Jerry, did you take all those photos?? They are amazing! I especially liked the ones of the sunsets. Just beautiful! Oh, and yes, the neices are adorable, almost as cute as my girls! LOL
  5. I have the clan thompson drug smart list and it says physicians formula is not gluten-free. I used it when I was first dx for a while and felt much better when I threw it away and replaced it with another brand. This is what the clan thompson said, " This company does not reccomend any of their products for celiacs as 'almost all of them contain gluten'".
  6. I have graves, I had the same symptoms as everyone. Hot flashes, racing heart, feeling jittery, shaking hands, I lost 8 pants sizes in 4 mos, massive headaches when I bent over, grey hair at 16, etc etc. It is an autoimmune thyroid condition. I was treated with tapazole for it, went into remission, it came out of remission, was treated again and am still in remission again from the last time. They do a blood test at first, then you have to have a radioactive idoine test to confirm diagnosis. Good luck!
  7. No, it is a recipe I have at home. It is not dairy free, it has butter and heavy cream in it. I am not sure how you could convert heavy cream into dairy free. I can post the recipe anyways if you want?
  8. Tarnalberry, Is that something I could find at central market? Or seattle super suppliments? Or would I have to order it online? I am making a trip to az next week and need some.
  9. Oooh! Thanks a bunch! I am gonna try this one!!
  10. NoGluGirl, that is odd. Oh well! I like your new pic btw!
  11. NoGluGirl, If you are talking about the same tupperware I am talking about that is strange. I throw mine in the dishwasher every day and they have never warped. Here is a link to the ones I use. I put them in the freezer and the microwave also. here is link Is this the same stuff you used that you had problems with? I also write with a permanant marker on the blue lid and then when I wash it it rubs right off so I can relabel it next time. I accually have 3 sets of this tupperware because I like to keep a bunch of food in the freezer all the time.
  12. Hey Sweetfudge, No problem, I love getting new food ideas. Little smokies are tiny little sausages. I buy Hillshire Farms ones. You can find them in the lunchmeat/hotdog section of the store. They are good cooked in bbq sauce or salsa also. I bake sweet potatos in the oven at 400 on foil with some knife holes in them for steam. I peel them and eat them with anything, my fav is salmon with them.They are good with plain yogurt, cheese, anything really. This is what I do with cream cheese, I basically experiment. I throw cream cheese and pineapple salsa together, that is good. I also really like a bit of garlic, chives, salt and pepper and parmesean mixed together, that is yummy. Dill and lemon with onion salt is good too. It depends on what flavor you are in the mood for, basically anything goes with cream cheese dip, lol. I was talking about rice balls, not bowls, but those are really good too. With a rice bowl, I would just throw some rice in a tupperware and put stir fry or something else like that on top. Heat it in the microwave and yummy! With rice balls, I cook rice. When it is still warm I dip my hands in saltwater, put a little rice in my hand, put some filling in the middle on the rice, put more rice on top and squish it into a ball shape. The filling could be tuna salad, bbq chicken or pork, etc, anything that might sound good. I like putting chopped up pepperoni in spaghetti sauce in them too. They are a little time consuming. But they are yummy! I forgot to tell you my big timesaver. Every time I cook a meal, roast beef, chicken pot pie, stir fry, anything, I put some in a freezable tupperware, lable and date it and freeze it. I prob have about 45 of them in my freezer right now. I have anything from lasagna to egg bake to cheesecake in there. Then, when I am going out, the night before I pull out one and pop it in the fridge. I grab it the next morning and go. Then I can eat salmon and roasted root vegetables while everone is eating greasy pizza, lol. I use the as seen on tv tupperware that is 3 sizes and the lids all match and are interchangeable, they all fit in a little rotating stand, easy to find and keep organized. They stack well in the freezer. That made my life so much simpler.
  13. The nuts is a good idea also. I keep some salted almonds and some Mrs Mays almond crunch in my purse with a couple streach island fruit leathers and a lara bar. That way if i am unexpectedly without, I have something to tide me over till I can get something else or get home.
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