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  1. Hi Mariann, I just started the 9 day Isagenix cleanse a couple days ago. I have lost 6 inches and 6 pounds in 3 days, but more importantly than that, I have so much energy and feel great. I hate running, but my husband is a runner, and I actually asked him on the 2nd day if he would train me to run a 5k. The past 2 nights we have gone out running. The first night I ran 1.5 miles, the 2nd night I ran 2.25 miles. I never ran more than half a mile at once in my life and even then it was pure torture. Did you continue to order the Isagenix products after your 30 day cleanse was complete? I am going to place an order for the 30 day to follow up to the 9 day cleanse. Kristen
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