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  1. My heart goes out to you. I also have had multiple miscarriages. My doctor told me I had a comproised uterus - realty was that I was a victim of physical abuse while I was pregnant (and when I wasn't). In 1999, I gave birth to a beautiful, precious son, who was two years later diagnosed with autism. (I was assaulted when I was 15 weeks pregnant with him, and spent the rest of the pregnancy on bed rest). I was diagnosed celiac about two months ago. I firmly believe there is a link between celiac, miscarriages, autism, and physical abuse. My prayers are with you. I understand the devastation all too well.
  2. Queen Noor (I think it would be interesting to hear her story of cultural change), Lisa Beamer (I'd like to know how she is able to cope so well), and Dianne Keaton (because I find her work both heartwarming and heartbreaking.)
  3. I've had the procedure three times now, and I all that I remember is the nurse saying "now I'm putting the sedative in your I.V." then waking up feely relaxed. It doesn't hurt, honestly it doesn't. Fear of medical procedures is natural, but, believe me, this is painless. All the stuff about the complications can be said for virtually any procedure, including getting an I.V.! Relax, you will do great!
  4. I contacted my health insurance company, asked for gastros familiar with sprue, and here are some names: Dr. Wiliam Martin, Dr. Charles Moore, Dr. Chad Paschall, Dr. Sidney L. Vinson and Dr. Gary Thomas, 3344 N. Futrall Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72730, 479-521-8200 Dr. Michael Rogers, Dr. Stephen Stagg and Dr. Sanjeeb Shrestha, 116 W. Monroe Avenue, Lowell, AR 72745 479-521-8090 Give them a call. Sometimes the insurance company knows what they are talking about, and sometimes they don't, but it's a start. In the meantime, I will ask my gastro here for names. Good luck!
  5. Some of us have some strange stories as to how we came to know we are celiacs. I started the diet because of my autistic son - other parents recommended the diet for him. I did not feel that it was fair to put him on restrictions that I was not on myself. For years I had trouble with abdominal cramps, migraines, arthritis. Five days after stopping gluten, all the symptoms began to clear up. I had one biscuit with gluten (it was supposedly gluten-free) and lost a pint of blood from my colon. Got the blood tests - positive all around. Got the colon biopsy - positive. My son isn't gluten or casein free yet - he splits time between his dad and I. I am hopeful that, after the first of the year, I can get him on the diet. His favorite foods were macaroni and cheese, milk, Cheetos, oatmeal cookies, and pudding cups. Now he gets corn pasta with soy cheese, soy or almond milk, Tings, homemade oatmeal cookies using tapioca flour, and tapioca pudding made with almond or soy milk. As long as the food is in a familiar bag, cup or container, he is fine. He has recently developed a preference for Blue Diamond Almond crackers - he used to eat Ritz from time to time, now he won't touch them. One of my ancestors was a Cherokee medicine man. His method of treating/curing illness - try it, if it works stick with it. I think he would agree with avoidance of gluten. I don't eat it, I'm not sick. I eat it, I'm sick.
  6. Courtney, There are several butter substitutes. I think the one that I have at home is Nu-butter. I will check and get a list of casein free products for you by tomorrow. My son loves the Panda Puffs cereals and bars. He can't eat anything with casein or gluten. A lot of the Bob's Red Mill products are Gluten-free Casein-free, including brownie mix, bread mix, pancake mix, cookie mix, and hot cereal (he loves cream of wheat and oatmeal, and this stuff is better than either of them). Take a look at the TACA website - you will find lots of suggestions for Gluten-free Casein-free diets there. The address is www.tacanow.com. I heard about the Gluten-free Casein-free diet at an autism support group meeting. Do a google search for Gluten-free Casein-free and you will be amazed at the results. There are some terrific cookbooks, including the ones on savorypalate.com. Best of luck with your son. My son has the reverse problem - he is 7 years old, 4'6" and 130 lbs.
  7. For Thanksgiving, I used Miss Roben's Annual Turkey Stuffing. You can get the recipe by doing a google search for "gluten-free stuffing". Google also lists other stuffing recipes -I tried the chestnut stuffing, but didn't like it. I grew up in Louisana, and we always had dirty rice instead of stuffing. It is rice, onions, peppers, ground sausage (preferably Boudin or Andouille) and ground beef. I love the stuff, but it doesn't go that well with turkey. Cheers!
  8. Marlene, He should make Boss of the Year! We had our celiac holiday party Friday night and one of the door prizes was this great gift basket from glutenfreegifts.com. They have several ready made baskets (including one for celiac kids!) and you can have a basket made-to-order. Compared to other gift baskets I've seen, they are inexpensive. Happy holidays!
  9. Congrats! I am adopting a 3-year-old cat named Butch (I will change his name to Spats, the late beloved cat of one of my best friends0> When I saw your new addition, I thought he looked like a Morrie! Have fun! I really believe that pets are God's way of saving that He loves us in spite of us!
  10. Thanks, Tiffany. I've been buying a butter replacer for my son, I can't think of the name of it right now, and it works really well. Even my non-celiac, non-casein-intolerant friends can't tell the difference. Patrick has been eating Tings made from nutritional yeast and corn (Robert's American Gourmet) in place of Cheetos. They have an added benefit - no yucky cheese marks on his clothes, toys, face, etc.
  11. I was diagnosed hypoglcymic when I was pregnant 8 years ago. All of my siblings and my son are hypoglycemia. Both of my parents were diabetic. Unfortunately, both of them were hypoglycemic until their late 50's, then suddenly insulin-dependent diabetic. I will tell you that they were in Louisiana, ate almost everything fried, and my dad even put sugar on his vegetables! I don't tolerate fried foods at all, because I lost my gallbladder several years ago. Once I went gluten-free, the crashes stopped. I still find that eating 5 small meals rather than 3 "normal" meals works best for me.
  12. Christmas

    Hi, Cathy, My favorite carol is The First Noel. My favorite Christmas song is "Celebrate the Child" by Michael Card. Chorus goes: Celebrate the Child who is the Light Now the darkness is over No more wandering in the night Celebrate the Child who is the Light.
  13. Thanks! I can deal with almond milk, soy milk (rice milk is another matter), but I do like eggs. My dad (died of heart disease in 2001) was taken off eggs, and it was really difficult for him. My son couldn't care less about eggs (except the ones in oatmeal cookies), so it's not a problem for him.
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