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  1. Well, it took my husband and I a whole month of trying before we got pregnant (I am not kidding, thrilled, but very suprised). So I have my first dr. appt tomorrow, she is familiar with Celiac, but I don't expect my OB to be an expert. So I've been reading through pregnancy websites, and am waiting for a few books to come in. I typically would do lunch meat and cheese rolled up. But now, no lunch meat. So I've been eating fruit, string cheese or nuts every few hours, but I feel like I want a normal lunch, well, somewhat normal. Any ideas for a pregnancy newby? Thanks! Brandy
  2. Thanks you guys, you really gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. I was so good for so long, then got married... We ordered the Clan Thompson Food list over the weekend, and am definately gonna order the books you all suggested. My husband is now going to be a part of my cheering squad with food. I think part of the problem is the monotony, and the cost of special foods. I hate that I have to pay almost $7 for a loaf of bread, that doesn't even particularly taste very good. Although I am pretty handing in the kitchen, I definately don't have time to be making my own starches. Any ideas?
  3. I have been a diagnosed Celiac for approximately 2 years. My husband and I have decided to try for a baby, and of course I'm stressed about everything Folic Acid, starting on Pre Natals, Foods, etc. So my question is this. For the most part I am gluten free. Every once in a while I splurge on something that I haven't had in a long time, and usually have no gluten free alternative. I did this a few weekends ago, will this affect my attempt at trying to get pregnant? Going forward, I know not to do this, and to stay on a strict diet, but if it sneaks in, will it totally kill our efforts of getting pregnant? Thanks...this will be the first attempt and first child, so of course I'm normally cautious. Brandy
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