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  1. Okay. Thanks for clarifying. Boy, that is frustrating. I just know that something that is a constant in our diet is causing these problem...just don't know what:( So we'll get the celiac panel. Darn. Thanks!
  2. Well, the husband and I are going to the dr on friday...while my little daughter is going in January. I really want to have a panel run that includes ALL of the "major" intollerances and allergies. gluten, casien, soy, corn, etc. Is there a list somewhere of exactly which tests to ask for? I have been browsing around and I'm still not sure exactly which tests to ask for. The former self would have assumed that the drs would know which panels to run, but whenever I ask about something "unusual" they act like they don't know anything! DD and myself have bad immune systems and muscle issues AND chemical sensitivities. Dh has stomach issues and history of pancreatitis. We are wanting to get to the bottom of these issues.. Thanks!
  3. I bought soem of these. Some of the varieties had wheat in them--but some didnot. I got applecinnamon and caremel I think. We are just starting so go gluten free--so I wouldn't recognize if these hurt us or not. Does anyone else get these? BTW--the kids LOVED eating "cake" for lunch. Rice cake w/ peanut butter and banana slices
  4. MY Dh takes digestive enzymes whenever he eats becuse he has had pancreatitis several times(I know some folks on here have had it as well). He takes lipase which is the generic for creon. Does anyone know about these? We do a mail order so we don't have a "pharmacist". Would a grocery store pharmacist know or be able to find out about various drugs? I also take naproxin-the generic aleeve. Anyone know about this? I was thinking of taking a list of everything we take--ever--to a pharmacy and seeing f they could help...anyone done this? Blessings! Christina
  5. We have been giving some concideration to growing our own hull-less oats next year. I guess by then we will know iff the gluten free diet has benefited us and introducing oats will be like the ultimate test...if we grow them our selves--there is NO risk of contamination-- I think you can get them from teritorial seed. Maybe we will even have extra Christina Indiana
  6. Wow. Is KP another un-classic symptom of GI? My Dd has had this for years. On her face! Mostly the cheeks. I've found that it helps to use something slightly abrasive--then a gentlr clenser like cetaphil. THEN a good moisterizer like eucerine. I kept thinking it was acne--but it is reated to dry skin issues, the bumps are plugged folicles. Sometimes they turn into "blackhead" type pimples from dirt and oil. I really feel for her.
  7. Thanks! I'm having my dh print that off at work--it wouldn't do it at home for soem reason. We are "transitioning right now. I was at whole foods to buy some flours etc--wow! I got almost nothing for 40 dollars! Does anyone here buy the whole grains and grind them at home to save money? I noticed that the cost of the whole grain was about half the cost of the flour already bagged.... Anyone get rice/quinoa etc from the bulk section of the grocery? I was wondering how careful they are about cross contamination....
  8. My daughter is almost 8. She was born premmie and wasn't able to nurse...she reacted strongly to formula and was place on soy(which was still a bit of an issue). She always seemed to react to new foods and constantly had illnesses and diaper rashes as a baby. Since then--she gets sick all of the time! Strep throat at least once a year--and seems to get a "bug" every few weeks. She also seems to have progressive chemical sensitivities. We can hardly go anywhere w/out her being ill w/ belly ache and headache. she has always had constipation issues--but over the past few years has gotten really bad. She was finally diagnosed as chronic constipation last year(and bad acid reflux). I imagine she hasn't been "cleaned out" in years. This ould help explain the chemical sensitivities(overload of toxins in the system due to reapsorbtion through bowels) and the immune system overload. Now--no doctors want to find out WHY she has this horrible issue. They want to give her laxatives for long periods of time and be done w/ you. We eat "healthy". Fruit/veggies, low fat, no "white" carbs except occasional potato stuff. Lots of wheat though...whole wheat, but wheat all the same. We arrived at the celiac though by my "forever searching" about what could be wrong. (my Dh and Ds have gastro issues too). I'm reading about all of the stuff that gluten is in and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure everyone does at first...but geez. She also seems to have dairy issues...so we are planning to "phase out" these two things in the coming weeks. Sounds simple--but those two things are in EVERTHING! Did anyone else that these things as symptoms--I know many people have diarreah instead... I am concerned about fiber in the diet, as a lot of the gluten free recipes seem to lack that. What do you asll use to get fiber in your kids diets? Blessings, Christina
  9. Well thank you, everyone...I do think it would be logical to try the diet w/out the bloodwork first. Our family and friend already think we are crazy because we "eat healthy" and my daughter has chemical sensitivities that make it difficult for us to go certain places("but she looks fine to me...") I'm happy to hear about gluten free oats--I hadn't heard of them before... We do all of our baking from scratch....so I'm going to have to start experimenting:) I think we will stay on gluten until I find some bread/muffin/pancake/noodles that we all like so it won't be such a hard transition. As far as dairy goes....we have dairy goats and a jersey cow. The goat milk is AWESOME! In fact, I thin we all felt a bit better when we were drinking it...but they are all dry right now. The cows milk was great, but myelf and my dd didn't tolerate it as well:( Boy was it creamy! Thanks all! And I suggest giving raw goats milk a try for the dairy-free folks....
  10. Hi all. I am new to this site--but not new to the thought that my family suffers from glutin intolerance. Is it crazy to think that all four of us have this?!? Here are the major symptoms: Husband: 28 years old, has had acute idiopathic pancreatitis at least 6 times, has ALWAYS had bowel issues(loose stools, frequent trips to BR, lots of gas), family history of gallbladder issues and diabetes. ME: 27, lifelong acute depression, progressive muscle issues(fibromyalgia), asthma, fatigue(my mom has IBS) daughter : 7 years old chronic constipation since birth, severe reflux, dry skin issues, muliple chemical sensitivities son: age 5 healthy little guy, but he seems to have his dads bathroom habits(goes several times a day--lots--has lots of gas) I am thinking about having the bloodwork done on me and possibly my daughter--then the boys. I would like to try a gluten-free diet--but I'm at a loss for where to start because it seems overwhelming. We eat lots of bread:) crackers:) oatmeal, pasta....oh my, we are wheat addicts. What do you think? Any favorite sites w/ good recipes? We tried some gluten-free bread once and it ws so bad that we just didn't eat that day(we had taken it for lunch somewhere)...yuck.
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