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  1. Amoxicillian

    My 2 year old had an ear infection and was prescribed amoxicillian. I looked at the gluten free drug web sites and I know that amoxicillian is listed. He had a horrible week stomach wise (most severe constipation and food refusal since going gluten free). My nutritionist suggest looking into whether the dyes or additives in the Amoxicillian for kids (I think it was bubble gum flavored) might contain gluten. My pharmasist is useless. Thanks- Lkelli
  2. I have a two year old. He has other developmental delays and has had feeding issues since solid food was introduced. After a period of decline (refusal for all food and somtimes liquid) we finally did an endoscopy Nov 1st. All was well except for inflamation (mild) in the lowe intestine and shortening of the villi. We then did a blood test for celiac which came back inconclusive (negative but borderline low IGA) BUT positive for genetic markers. At the suggestion of his dr, I started a gluten free diet while we has myself, husband and 4 year old tested. My motherinlaw insists that she has celiac and that my husband had it as a baby. Well, we all came back negative. I am actually upset. Bc if someone was positive it would help solidify my sons dx. To make matters more confusing starting 2 or 3 days after starting the gluten free diet my 2 year old actually slept through the night and has been. This is a big change from the waking up in the middle of night screaming in pain. Also, I swear his eating has improved. Could it still be celiac? What do I do now?
  3. I have a question. My son is two and has had feeding issues. He has severe constipation and severe food refusal. After some major improvements he made a back slide and we did a endoscopy expecting problems with the espohogus and stomach (reflux or allergies), instead the lower intestine came back imflamed with some sorta damage to the villi. But for some reason the GI Dr said it did not look like celiac. We did a blood test which came back negative , but not accurate bc of low IGa ?. But, he was positive for the genitic markers for celiac. I have since found out that my mother in law has celiac (she never thought it helpful to tell us) she does not adhere to the diet, she also said that my husband had celiac as a child. My husband has recently had some gi issues, and has developed lactose intolerance. We are in the process of getting all of us tested (including my 4 year old). My GI dr says he is not convinced it is celiac but we should try the gluten free diet and see if it improves his eating? Your thoughts! If my husband comes back positive then it is more likely my son has it. I want to make sure I should go gluten free. Thank you for all your help. lkelli
  4. My son was just dx (sorta) with celiac. He is 2 years old and has feeding problems. We did an endoscopy expecting reflux and came back with inflammation of the lower intestine. We then did blood work with although showed a negative blood result was positve for the genetic markers for celiac. His GI dr wants us to try a gluten free diet and see if his GI and feeding issues improve. My husband and I and our daughter are going to be tested as well. I am very overwhelmed over trying to figure out what he can and cannot eat, especially since he has such a small selection from which he already eaqts. Any tips greatly appreciated. Lkelli
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