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  1. Tracey, Thx for the link - it does sound interesting. I wonder $ My osteo in Melb mentioned she had something similar done last year (it may have been the same).
  2. I have been told that men with Celiac genes do not have the ability to switch it on/off. Women on the other hand can. The trigger for this can be puberty/pregnancy, stress/hormones. This seems to be the case with alot of autoimmune disorders for women. I'm not sure if this is true but it does seem to make "logical" sense. As far as a "cure" - perhaps we are all on that "journey of understanding". take care
  3. When you say had a bad reaction what do mean? I suspect my DD (3) has been battling a low grade fever reaction since having it at birth.
  4. Thanks every-one, I am left in no doubt that gluten is the trigger for this temp cycle we go thru with DD (3) - its a "body fever" where her entire body is flaring hot. Fever symptoms go away while on gluten-free diet. We prefer natural approaches so are working on strengethening her constitution through a homeopath starting Friday. I can now confidently tell her the connection and hopefully this will help in her "overall symptom" picture.
  5. I would like to add my sympathies for what you are going thru. I have had 4 miscarriages, between the birth of my DS (11) and DD (3). Testing showed "sticky blood" being caused by a gene mutation (MTHFR) that required blood thinners (aspirin/Clexane injections) for part of pregnancy and resulted in our DD. This gene mutation has a link to folic acid/homocysteine. Have you had complete blood work-up? Have since found out that amalgam fillings/celiac may also affect blood composition, leading to implantation problems, and hence early (prior 10wks) miscarriage. Please hang in there - you are definately not alone
  6. Thx Ursula for your promt reply. As you can probably tell I have been going round and round for quite a while with my whole family. I believe we are all Celiac - the problem comes in here in Australia when sending your children to day-care or schools, they require a Dr's letter stating the medical reason for adapting diets. so we have been trying to work thru much conflicting advice re. a diagnosis. We are a member of Aust Celiac society who advocate the "Gold standard biospy for diagnosis of Celiac". We are very frowned on for adjusting our children's diets for "no medical reason". I have accepted many of my symptoms over the years as being my "normal", not really even understanding what normal was (I'm sure my mother is Celiac too), so compared to her I was normal! It wasn;t until DD had problems going on to solids that things started really "clicking" in me. Dr's/allergy specialists were of no help. 1st child had "colic", bloated stomach, fussy eater, concentration problems, ear infections, - all "normal" childhood problems. when 2nd child came along with similar (but more severe) symptoms it was impossible to ignore. Wheat was very evident as causing her problems from intro of solids, but at Dr's insistence kept going causing her temperatures, sinus conjestion, cold like symptoms along side G.I. symptoms (poor little mite). Took a stand and stopped gluten when she was 15mth old. 5mth homeopathic treatment to clear her symptoms/rashes under the hope she would "grow out of it" . We were very confused re wheat intolerance/gluten so to clarify concerns we found out about a Celiac gene test in Australia (fairly new). We both have exactly the same gene combination DQ2&8, so we know that we cannot exclude Celiac. Dr has asked us all to take bread challenge (Sep06), she said 6 weeks only, the Paeditrician said 3 mths DD didn't get past 1/2 s/w before temp/pale etc. so Dr agreed she's not well enough (low iron) for challenge, has agreed "she has indications of wheat intolerance". DS is eating gluten now (awaiting 2nd blood test, 1st AGA IgA26) - Hubby was the only one not totally "gluten/wheat free prior" as he likes his beer and has been eating up to 4 slices bread for around 6 weeks - this is his 1st ever test so it will be interesting. I'm hoping even a small reading will be enough for him to accept that he needs to be totally "gluten free" and that his "minor" symptoms are a "real" problem. Its hard for him to believe he is not superman!! After reading some posts on this site about the accuracy of biospies, I am seriously re-thinking the need. I can't help but think its only a matter of time before testing improves for those of us who instigated a gluten-free diet prior to "diagnosis" as just having the genes doesn't mean much to Drs, there still needs to be evidence those genes are "having an effect". Very frustrating.....
  7. I am fairly new here and would appreciate some advice. Has any-one else had a fever reaction in their little one after ingesting gluten? Our 3yr old runs fevers (a day or so after ) -we strongly suspect she is Celiac (G.I. symptoms) but the temperature seems to throw most Dr's who insist it cannot be related to food. We cannot get her to attempt a "gluten challenge" as this temp stops us each time! We have battled this "unknown" fever thing that came and went as a baby (gluten-free from 15mths) putting it down to teething but we can now link it to "gluten". I have a theory that the gluten just weakens her overall and she may be having trouble fighting a underlying virus/reaction to vaccine? Me- DQ2 & DQ8, blood test neg (whilst on gluten free), 4 miscarriages, "anticardiolipin syndrome", MTHFR gene mutation, mercury toxic (11 amalgams), osteopania, weight loss too severe to attempt challenge DH - DQ2 & DQ, few symptoms, osteoarthritis, tiredness, dark circles around eyes (like Alice cooper), awaiting blood results on gluten challenge. DS - Diagnosed "permanent gluten intolerant" from bloods while on "wheat free diet" DD - Unable to diagnose, all celiac disease testing done while on gluten-free diet
  8. Hi Peg, I know this post was a while ago, but I live in Brisbane too and pretty much are self-diagnosed - I'm not keen to do the "gluten challenge". My husband and I have been gentetically tested and he is doing the challenge now. I have 2 children, 1 diagnosed with "gluten intolerance" and the other with symptoms also. I have been working through these issues for 3 years, and on reflection, can see that this has probably been affecting me since very young. I believe my mother is affected too. I am still reeling in shock over the Dr's comments that it could take me "10 years to re-adjust my families diets" and alleviate their symptoms. I have just found this site and think it is great - very informative. Having moved from melb, I found there is more awareness here, and more products available. As awareness increases alot of major manufacturer's are looking into alternatives with CSR sugar (icing) and White Wings (flours) now in gluten free. The nighmare for diagnosis is one I completely understand as having to "make my children sick" for a diagnosis is not an idea I particularly like (all been wheat/gluten free) making blood test results "false negatives" We live on the southside of Brissy and are keen to chat to others in similar situations.
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