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  1. We do eat at Denny's. It's one of the few places that both my husband and cousin (both have celiac dis) like to go for breakfast. They order the meat-lovers breakfast, minus the toast. I can think of three separate Denny's we've gone to, ordering for them. So far (about 5 years for my cousin) so good. Take care!
  2. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, there's an Outback, which he likes, fairly near. I've also just seen a gluten-free menu for PF Changs, which is another favorite. Very cool!!! I know that my husband also needs to learn to ask for himself when we are out, but he's still so new, and embarrassed. I will worry about his ego once we get him fed properly
  3. My husband was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. We both work full time plus, so we used to get take-out or go out for something simple often. I am adjusting to cooking for him, but it makes for a very long day sometimes! Can you suggest places to eat in the south bay area? We're in Mountain View. Thanks in advance!!!
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