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  1. We have also been researching gluten-free in Riviera Maya. We have been to Mexico but not since the Celiac diagnosis. We have found Azul Fives - is supposedly very personally accommodating - chefs will cook individual meals. There are some good reviews about KArisma resorts allergy options too. But the best info we have found is on Palladium resorts. Specifically on a website called www.Palladiumaddict.net It is a fan site of the grand palladium resorts - in Mexico and other places too They have a Celiac / Gluten Free Menu -posted online - scroll down almost to bottom of this link page - http://www.palladiumaddict.net/mexico-mayan-riviera/?c=food-beverage Also here's a post discussing an experience with Grand Palladium - http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/80025-mexico-vacation-royal-suites-yucatan-grand-palladium/ Grand palladium has several resorts ( various price ranges, some family oriented, an all adult one too) Overall they have allot of Restuarants too thru multiple connected resorts - access to 14 in Riviera Maya Grang Palladium resorts Colonian, White Sands, Royal... - And we all know more choices are usually better. I have NO personal experience with them yet - but when we go we will go to a Grand Palladium. Good luck.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with heling their villi? Or does anyone know of any research about that topic? I have read about OKRA pills & wine recently. I have read allot of posts recently about wine having potential benefits relating to gluten (mostly becasue the protein is Alcohol soluble - and that makes since but....) But isn't Alcohol absorbed through the stomach - therefore it won't make it to your Small intestines? So if that is true - won't the benefits be limited to drinking wine with gluten. And for the celiac that would be silly to eat gluten - even with Wine. I guess there are other benefits. I have read alcohol relaxes the intestines and colon. And the antioxidents and other benefits etc..... But wheer is alcohol absorbed in the human body? The stomach or the intestines? HOw about - this product - Okra-Pepsin-E3 - anyone heard of it - supposedly helps heal the villi - according tho some moarketing stuff on this page. http://home.bluegrass.net/~carrie73/small_intestine.htm Anyone have any experience with this OKRA thing - or anything relating to healing properties of okra? How about other proactive ways to heal villi. in addition to the gluten-free diet. My son has celiac - and for the occasional time when he gets gluten - we are looking for ways to speed the recovery.....he has behavioral syptoms for a week (we think becasue he's exahsted and hungry) even after his tummy feels better. He has been gluten-free for 18 months and we have only had 3 or 4 times where he's been "glutened" .....this week we think it was in french fries or Restaurant Corn Tortillas. He is now 6 in Kindergarten and a troopper - all of his teachers tell us he is so good with the diet - when they forget he always remembers. He's teaching us so much in matters of "change" - it's only a matter of will power if you associate no negative consequences. If you have negative consequences it's easy to stay gluten-free or whatever - you just have to tie in the consequences in your mind.
  3. The constipation could be his symptom for being glutened. When my son was little he had diarrhea all the time but we did not know he had celiac. We found out he has celiac when he was 5 but his main symptom was having chronic constipation to the point he was terrified to go poop. The Miralax does help though especially if this may be a new way of showing he is glutened just because it will help his body rid itself of the gluten.
  4. He is pretty much dairy free. But he does drink soy milk. He always has. Should I just take it out of his diet to test or is there a another way to test? THANKS
  5. Hi! My 6 year old son is having symptoms again. He was diagnosed with Celiac a year ago in November. We have been on a strict gluten free diet. Our 6 month blood work said he was doing great. He is actually amazing how disciplined he is with his diet. No real changes in his bm's. So for the past few months he is just exhausted when he comes home from school. He gets so upset about everything. He wakes up at 5:30 and can't go back to sleep. He still eats constantly. He occasionally acts like he has ADD. So I called the GI doctor and the nurse said he is having celiac symptoms so we need to do some blood work to check how we are doing on the diet (TTG). So I called the lab and the doctor only ordered the TTG. I have a call into the doctor but I want to figure out what to ask and how to ask. Here is my dilemma. I want the doctor to do additional blood work to make sure he is absorbing all his vitamins, does he have low iron, do we need to do endocrinology blood work. I only want him to have to be stuck with the needle once. It is so traumatic. What if the TTG blood work comes back fine? Then where do I go?? THANKS
  6. My son was very colic. I still breastfeed and dealt with it. Evenually the colic seemed to subside but he would get diarrea quite often. Much more often then anyone elses baby. I thought he had a milk allergy because when I put him on whole milk at one he started waking up and screaming. So I went to soy. So for the longest time we thought he was lactose intolerant but it turns out he is not lactose intolerant (we still keep milk to a min in his diet though.) He had celiac all this time. So you never know what may be bothering him. Just watch him as he grows. It is great that you are aware of the possibilities because my sons symptoms were never severe I did not push it with the doctor to be tested until they became severe. I have been told by people that the gluten has to be in there system for awhile before you will know and by others who says their kids shows signs of celiac as babies. But I did see something on TV the other day about a study where they came babies with colic probiotic drops everyday it is greatly reduced the colic. Hope that helps
  7. Hang in there. Our 5 yr old son has been gluten-free since Novemebr. HE has grown about several inches since then & we see a very positive change in his behaviour too. We are not perfect...but my Sister is celaic too for 10 yrs and we have some expereince with the diet. Don't try so many replacement things at once ...that can be overwhelming for a little guy... There are alot of things that are gluten-free normally...Rice....meats and vegetables...But the hidden things like soy sauce will get you. We try to carry Braggs amino soy with us anytime we eat out.. I make Pizza for him out of Rice or Almond bread, and cut in traingles with sauce and meat and cheese...Crunchy tacos at mexican places.....are usually Ok i think.... Thinks that really bug me are - so many corn based cerals, KIX & Chex ...have Malt flavoring....malt is a no no... One key for our son I truly believe...after the 1st few months or so when sypmtoms improved....we explained why he was feeling better over a few days and he has really taken to it well...becasue he likes feeling better.....that really made it easier the results.... We decided this wasnt going to define him....and after not even a yr....it doenst anymore....but you always have to be on guard....and bring snacks...make cupcakes & pancakes and freeze....popcorn, gluten-free pretzels...string cheese ...here's a ton but build it gradually. OUr son sometimes eats 4 banans a day. Pancakes- Yes they are great....PAmela's makes really good mixes...some of Bob's seem grainy to us. PAmelas has a great chocalate cake mix too. We found a really great speghetti too made by bionatureA Hang in there...
  8. My 5 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with celiac in November with the blood test and biopsy. HE's been gluten free since then. Very postive change overall. But for awhile he has been wetting his pants during the day. I don't know if he is lazy, too busy to think about or if this has anything to do with his celiac. We try to take him at least 4 or 5 times a day and it still happens and he doesn't seem to care.... Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  9. I have heard from a Nutrition doctor to use goat’s milk as an option. You may just want to research it. I think the nutritionist was Dr. Ted Broer. I think you can research his literature online.
  10. My 5 year old was just diagnosed. He is in Pre-K. His school serves ceral and crackers during snack time. They said they will serve all the kids in his class the same thing if I just tell them what to serve. Does anyone have any recommendations for cerals that are just regular brands from the ceral isle (not organic) that are gluten free?
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess we are really blessed, his system must be really stong. He hasn't had alot of the typical symptoms of celiac disease, only the big tummy and a smaller than others his age. Some minor digestive issues sent us to the GI DR. And a blood test and Biopsy later - celiac was the diagnosis. I was just worried about popcorn... it seems like it could be harsh on a digestive system. And it would send my mom to the ER. Nothing really bothers my son that we can see. He eats salad, fruit, all kinds of beans, corn etc.. & no problems with any of those (especially no big D). He's been on the gluten-free diet for almost 2 weeks now and we can really tell a difference in his behavior in a positive way, more focused and less "hyper". He is doing really great too with the diet- he may not fully undertand why now, but he is sticking to it without much fuss. I am trying to go gluten-free too mainly for moral support. Thanks again for the feedback. And relating to a gluten-free diet - it's not really a sacrifice if there are clear benefits. It would however seem a burden/sacrifice if there were no benefits seen. It's plain old "cause and effect."
  12. My son age 5 was just diagnosed with Celiac. w/blood test & Biopsy. My sister was diagnosed 10 yrs ago so we have some exposure to Celiac. SInce my son was just diagnosed and we have just started the gluten-free diet, Should we feed him popcorn while his intestines are healing ? (just started the gluten-free diet a week ago). And I know Popcorn is gluten-free, and generally should be Ok - but I am specifically intersted in the best things I can do now in his "recently diagnosed/healing state" My thinking is there may be a whole list of "irritating " things we should'nt feed him for a while. But I can't seem to find any information about that topic -> "What to feed while healing?" Am I just paranoid? THANKS for the feedback in advance. And since we started the gluten-free diet just over a week ago, we have noticed positive changes in several areas so we are engouraged.
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