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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have Celiac disease and live in the San Diego area. I was sent to a very nice doctor named Ali Banaie. I had no idea what celiac's was and he diagnosed me after my first endoscopy. He is in La Mesa and his phone # is 619-469-5400. Good luck to your sister. Melanie Collins
  3. Have you been gluten free? I had extreme bone pain also and since I have been gluten free, it has gotten so much better. I have way more good days than bad. I have been off gluten for almost 5 months now. It did take a couple of months for me to see a lot of improvement. I am hoping it will only get better and better. I don't cheat intentionally as am afraid of feeling like crap again. I am going to get rescoped in a few weeks to see if my intestines are healing but I keep saying that if there is no improvement then I am going out and getting a Round Table Pizza ASAP!!! I wish you the best and if you haven't gone gluten free yet, I strongely suggest that you give it a try after your test results come back. Melanie
  4. I also was anemic and that was the reason I went to the Doc because I felt so weak and tired. My Hemoglobin was 8.9 and my stores of iron were quite low also. My hemotologist put a PIC line in my arm and I had 8 doses of Ferrlicet over a period of about 2 weeks. It brought my HMG up to 11.2 in about 1 month. After they did that they found I had Celiac through a biopsy and blood test. I have been gluten free for 4 months and it seems to be working with my iron absorbtion. I go back next week for an iron check to make sure. Do you crave chewing on crushed ice? I couldn't get enough of if it but after I had about 4 doses of the Ferrlicet I haven't wanted to eat it. It is pretty amazing how our bodies work.. I wish you the best, I know just how you feel. I have 6 kids and it took all I could do to get out of bed to take care of them.!Also, I was taking Shaklee's iron with VIt. C and not knowing that I had Celiac, I finally read the label and it has barley in it. No wonder I wasn't absorbing it! So don't take Shaklee's iron. Take Care. Melanie
  5. Hey, does anybody know if the birthcontrol pill Loestrin24Fe contains gluten? My doc prescribed it to me but don't know if it is safe. I live on the West Coast so they are already closed so I can't call until Monday. Melanie
  6. Hi Chrissy, Wow, you seem to have as many people in your house as I have. I have 6 kids,5 boys/1girl. They are 22,20,18,14,12,11. My oldest doesn't live with us any longer and has is own medical insurance so he hasn't been tested yet. I did call my GI doc yesterday and he said it would be wise for all of them to be gluten free since they all carry the HLADQ2 gene. He said it might just be dormant at this time. How many kids do you have? I can't figure out how to add all the little comments like most people have at the bottom of their posts? Where are you located? We live in San Diego. Melanie
  7. Thanks Chrissy, I was thinking the same thing in case we run into problems later on. I am turning the whole household gluten free so hopefully things will go smoothly. Do you all eat gluten free? Did your kids get celiac disease from you or their father? My kids aren't too happy with me for passing this onto them! I am just glad they didn't have to live as long as I did without knowing.
  8. Yes, they did run the TTG EMA IGA IGG, and those were positive on 2 of the 5. My GI doc said that as far as the others go that only have the gene to go ahead and have them eat gluten free since the celiac disease might just be dormant at this time.
  9. Hi All, I just got the results back from my kids Celiac testing. They all have the HLADQ2 gene and 2 of the 5 have Celiac. I was wondering if they need to see a gastroenterologist, our primary doc ordered the test and doesn't know much about Celiac. I also am Celiac and have my own gastro doc but he isn't a pediatric doc. We are all new to this so I am not sure what to do next. Thanks for any information. Melanie
  10. I know this may sound like a stupid question, but if we have Celiac disease, does that mean that one or both of our parents either have it or carry the genes for it? And what are the chances of me passing it to my children? I have 6 kids so my chances are probably higher just for the sheer number of how many kids I have...They were tested on Monday so we should know in about a week.Thanks for any information. Melanie
  11. Thanks everybody. I thought you would all say to eliminate foods to see if that made a difference. I am clueless on which ones or one to start with. I had no idea that I even had Celiac! I went to the doc for fatigue and anemia! Do you know if I have other intolerances if they would make my body hurt even though my stomach feels great? It just seems strange that my stomach is doing so well yet it is my joints and bones are the ones hurting? I did have someone else tell me to take probiotics. Do you know if the ones they sell at Costco are okay? I don't think this is a gluten thing though because I am extremely careful in reading ingredients and never cheat. I was feeling so great when I first started I said that I would never eat gluten on purpose again. Now though that I am back to feeling like crap most days I am so tempted to go and have a Round Table Pizza!!!!!! YUM!!! Have you all tried the Kinninnik? pizza crusts? I bought some the other day but haven't tried them yet. Thanks for listening. Melanie
  12. Hi all, I am getting a bit discouraged here. I have been gluten free for 2 months now. I noticed huge improvement belly wise in just a matter of a week and the bone and joint pain was considerably better. It now seems I am having more bad days than I am good. I have not intentionally ingested any gluten whatsoever. My belly troubles are okay but my bone and joint pain are getting worse along with fatigue. Is that normal to have a set back after going gluten free? Headaches are coming back also. I don't know if I am intolerant to any other foods. Does anybody have any ideas? Thank so much. Melanie
  13. I was diagnosed Celiac about 2 months ago and my GI doc said to have my 6 children tested from their primary doctor. We are using Prometheus Labs and was wondering if any of you knew which tests should be done on them. There is serology for antibodies and then there is genetic testing? Should we have them both done? My primary doc doesn't seem to know very much about Celiac. OR should I call my GI and ask him which ones to do? Any information would helpful. Thank you. Melanie
  14. I am wondering if any of you know if Celiac can be tested from your stool. I have a friend who went to a homeopathic doctor and he told her that she had Celiac from testing her stool. I was diagnosed 1 month ago by biopsy and blood and I had never heard of the stool test. She also has had a chronic cough for 14 years and was wondering if Celiac could make her have a cough. Any information you all have to share would be greatly appreciated, she is at her wits end with having this cough for so long. Melanie
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