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  1. I am researching what kinds of gluten free ready-made foods coeliacs would like to see on the market for my AS food technology coursework. Please help me by filling in the questionnaire below, and if possible, emailing your results to me at x_louise_x220590@hotmail.com. (im sure there's an easier way of doing this, i just dont know how!). Any answers and other comments are greatly appreciated. Please indicate no more than one answer per question. 1. Do you suffer from coeliac disease? Yes No 2. What kind of product would you most like to see more of on the market? Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert Snack Special occasion Fast food Other (please specify) 3. Would you like this product to be sweet or savoury? Sweet Savoury 4a. How would you like this product to be served? Cold Chilled Room temperature Hot 4b. If you answered Hot, how would you like it to be heated? Microwave Oven cook Microwave/oven On the hob Purchased hot Other (please specify) ______________ 5. What carbohydrate would you like to form the base of this product? Rice Potato Gluten free bread Gluten free pasta Gluten free pastry Gluten free sponge/biscuit Other (please specify) ______________ 6. Are there any other qualities you would like this product to have? Low fat Low calorie High fibre Contain at least one portion of fruit/veg Use organic ingredients Use fair-trade ingredients Vegetarian Other (please specify) ______________ None 7. How much would you be willing to pay per portion of this product? <99p £1 - £1.49 £1.50 - £1.99 £2.00 - £2.49 £2.50 - £2.99 £3.00 - £3.49 £3.50 - £3.99 £4< Are there any other comments/suggestions you would like to make? ________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire.
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