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  1. I used to like soy milk but I don't drink it that often anymore. I don't exactly believe all the "warnings" against it either though; it's just that I don't like the taste of it. I've smelled soy beans as they were being soaked. They smell like absolute GARBAGE, no joke. That's not the reason I don't like it that much anymore, though.
  2. Nausea Question

    Nausea can be a sign of thirst. Try drinking more water, and if you're afraid of tap water, get a good filter (like Aquasana). It's cheaper in the long run than bottled water, and also some bottled waters contain arsenic and other stuff like that (not saying tap water doesn't have its bad stuff.. but it can be filtered out)
  3. But if I was why would it give me energy though? Did wheat give you all energy when you ate it or did it make you sick the instant after you ate it? That's what I don't understand. Can you give me the symptoms you have when you eat something with gluten? What are the food items (specific brands if you can) that gave you problems? Are you on a low-card diet? Do you eat rice, corn, and all that? So far, from what I've gathered, a. gluten is only dangerous to people with the genes that cannot tolerate it, b. gluten is hard to digest especially for celiacs, and c. celiacs can eat rice, potatoes, oats, corn, and stuff like that, and d. yeast can cause allergies
  4. Well, I did an experiment. I went without gluten/wheat for about like 6 hours (I ate rice, corn, fruit, and other things) and then I ate like 4 slices of bread (I buy the highest quality bread available though) and it actually gave me energy and it didn't hurt my stomach or cause problems or anything. I guess that is a sign I am not gluten intolerant. Granted, I do buy yeast-free bread; sometimes I do stomach aches from eating YEAST pretzels, etc. so could it be possible I am allergic to yeast? IDK I will keep you all posted. I guess intolerances are whenever you get stomach aches or w/e from foods right? Or is it more complex than that?
  5. I remember I tried a gluten-free diet once and I got a bad headache until I ate bread - is this a sign that I am NOT celiac? I am pretty much a paranoid hypochondriac, so I always get worried about these types of things even though there is pretty much virtually nothing wrong with me.
  6. Why does it seem people of European descent (white) seem to have celiac the most? I thought bread was eaten a lot in Europe, or doesn't that really matter?
  7. Does not having dreams mean you aren't sleeping well? Today I went to bed at like 12, woke up at 6, and I don't remember actually falling asleep at all but I feel relatively well rested. Does dreaming mean you go into REM sleep or doesn't it matter?
  8. Well, I don't think I have it then. Both my parents can eat bread and pretzels and stuff like that just fine so I am guessing that I don't have that. A long time ago I was basically starving myself (I had an eating disorder back then) and would only eat fruits and vegetables. I did this for about a month. Now I am on a pretty balanced diet with all food groups but back when I first started eating pretzels and stuff I started getting a stomach ache but that doesn't happen anymore. Organic whole wheat yeast-free bread doesn't seem to bother me at all, though. The reason I brought up arsenic is because it was in the water I was drinking for a while as well. So, pretty much, I'm surprised I didn't die then... was eating just fruits and vegetables and drinking arsenic water. I am feeling better every day, and I doubt I am actually allergic to any food item. I'll have days where I don't feel good at all and other days where I feel really good, like 80% of my old self basically. Is it possible I am just recovering from starvation/arsenic poisoning and not a food allergy? For people without celiac disease how is gluten treated by the body? Is it like cellulose where it is indigestable and disposed of as waste or does it actually get digested? It 100% definitely isn't dangerous to eat wheat for people that aren't allergic/intolerant to it, right? FYI as I write this I have no digestive problems (as far as I can feel anyways), no depression, or any other ailments, so I'm hoping this is the case.
  9. If it was dangerous to one person wouldn't it be dangerous to all people? Like, take arsenic or mercury or botulism for example: these are toxic to all people. Why do some people have problems with gluten and others do not? Is there an explanation for this? Also, do the symptoms of celiac disease have to be gastrointestinal - related? Is gluten toxic?
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