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  1. Just an update. Of course my celiac panel came back negative since I have been gluten free for three months. The doc suspected it would be negative. Anyway, I just feel so weak to the point where I am going to pass out. I stopped my vitamins for a while thinking that they were not helping but started back on them yesterday. I just feel like walking death. Of course no one is believing it because I look the picture of health on the outside. I have lost 28 pounds in a year and a half, my blood pressure has dropped, my D stopped in November when I went gluten free, but I still feel so weak. I think I am dying all the time. I need to go to my regular doctor again but I know he will just look at me like he has no idea what to do with me. My GI wants to do a colonoscopy, but I really feel my body will not tolerate it at this point. I have already seen an arthritis doctor, my gyno, my regular doctor, and now the GI. Do I go to an internist next? Any advice would be great!!
  2. Does anyone else deal with all over body achyness? I just would like to experience a day without feeling achy all over. What do you take or do to cope? Would taking Tylenol help me?
  3. Today I am feeling like crap. Head fog, back pain, dizziness, and feeling achy. Yesterday I decided to go to a salon and get a weave since I hadn't had my hair done in 8 months. Because I was feeling good, I also decided to get some fake glue on nails and put them on. Then, on the way home I picked up a few groceries including ready to eat bacon. Do any of you know if a weave, fake nails, or ready to eat bacon are known to cause glutening? Thanks everyone!!
  4. Today I met with the GI. He was very kind. We discussed my symptoms, diet , and history. He ordered a full serum celiac panel which I also had done today. I have been gluten free for 11 weeks. Will all my tests come back negative or what all are they testing for with a full celiac panel? Are they testing for more than just gluten intolerance? I am just hoping that these tests will show something even though I have been gluten free for 11 weeks. Thanks everyone!!
  5. I wrote to them and this was the repsonse. They said that the following ingredients had gluten: Wheat--------Triticum Vulgare Oat------------Avena Sativa Barley--------Hordeum Distichon Rye-----------Secale Cereale Soy-----------Glycina soja
  6. Thanks Jay and Debbie. I will keep posted you on my dx. Not sure if it is celiac but am leaning towards that. I will post whatever I find out so others may learn. I have improved on the gluten-free diet but I am not sure if that is the whole story with me. Good luck to all and Thanks!!
  7. Debbie, what is your story if I may ask and did Dr. Stiff want to do a Colonoscopy? What tests had you already gone through if you want to share. Thanks.
  8. I think this thread is a sign from above. I have an appointment set up with Dr. Michael Stiff at the beginning of February. My mom is a patient of his and says he listens and is so kind. She just had an appointment with him and while there, explained the heck I have been going through. He sounded very interested in seeing me and said that I deserve a dx with what is going on with me. I am so glad to hear another positive review of him. I will post an update after I see him.
  9. These are to die for: Green Bean Bundles Preheat oven to 325 degrees 1 pound fresh green beans Bacon Olive Oil salt Snap the bean ends and boil in water for about three minutes. Drain. Toss the beans in 3 T. of olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Next take 5 green beans and wrap with a piece of bacon and put in a baking dish. Continue until all beans are wrapped. Place in oven and cook for 40 minutes. These are so delicious and the family loves them.
  10. I just got back from the store and bought some cherry sour ball candy. I ate about 10 of them not thinking that there would be a reaction but now my neck glands are swollen, and I feel light headed. I keep trying to introduce new things into my boring diet of healthy food but my body is rebelling. Anyone else have reactions from Cherry sour ball candy?
  11. I have an appointment with my first GI in a few weeks. The tests that I have had so far are: Full blood count-normal Urine-normal fecal tests-normal CT-small diverticuli but other than that-clean as a whistle MRI-small kdiney lesion and lower L-4-L-5 protrusion in spine HLA B27-positive What else can he test me for? Is it worth while to be tested for mineral and vitamin levels as I feel weak. Since being gluten-free for almost 8 weeks, the awful yellow D has stopped. My BMs are becoming normal which I have never had in my life. It has either always been C or D. I still have brain fog and just feel like crap. I want to get the full work up while there so what are your suggestions for testing? Is there a blood test to check for malabsorbtion? What questions should I ask him? What should I let him know. Thanks everyone!!!!!
  12. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother gave me a jar of Chukar popcorn with dried cherries and pecans for Christmas. This stuff is to die for!!! IT HAS NO SULFITES OR PRESERVATIVES. IT IS GLUTEN FREE AND KOSHER(it says so on their web site) I normally get sick on regular popcorn(I don't know why). But this stuff I can eat by the truck load and not get sick. If you are needing a chrunchy sweet treat, give this a try. www.chukar.com
  13. My mom visited Wild Oats today looking for gluten free foods to surprise me with today. While at the store, my mother was asking for assistance and the clerk said that more and more customers are coming in looking for gluten free foods due to celiac.
  14. My bad reaction to the Hep B shot was: Within the hour severe D and shakey legs. Within a week I became allergic to all foods, had heart palps, slept 18-20 hours a day, could not stand for long periods of time, had fuzzy vision, unclear thinking, lost 15 pounds in two weeks, had severe D, felt like immune sytem was in over drive and still is, felt like I had a low grade fever, felt body was shutting down and dying(this phase lasted for months). Things are slowly getting better but major damage has been done.I have always had IBS but now believe it was connected to celiac genes and the shot just set the auto immune disease off. Because of the H I have gone through, I now have a theory on vaccines. I think all babies should have a complete gene work up when they are born. If any defects in genes, or auto immune genes show up, then no vaccines should be given. I believe that vaccines can set off auto immune diseases in people with damaged genes. I think the idea of blanket vaccines for all people is wrong. I think vaccines in the future are going to need to be individulized. Also I believe that the delivery of vaccines is toxic whether the vaccine sits in a mercury or wheat based bath. Read stories on the net about vaccine injuries and auto immune diseases. It is pretty scary. The above thoughts are just my opinion.
  15. Whenever I am sick with something, I can always feel my body's white blood cells fighting off what is attacking me. I just feel like I have a low grade fever all the time with this. I am sure it is a huge response to the Hep B shot.(received a year ago) I also have Ankolosing Spondylitis which was set off by the vaccine. After the shot, I became highly allergic to most foods. It has settled down a bit but it seems I am still reacting to all gluten and wheat along with other items. I was dx with IBS years ago but now I think it was Celiac and it was set off full force with the Hep B shot. The gluten-free diet has been working wonders with the C and D along with the pain I would feel in my lower back area.
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