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  1. hi all!

    my test results are back. i made a big food antibody assessment test (IgG) with approx. 100 foods, it is so disappointing.

    tuna is 'low' (+1) --> okay, I get reflux from that so i eat it only occasionally

    cane sugar, celery, millet, sole, cantalupe, cherry, mung bean, spinach, carrot, mais gluten, peanut, watermelon, cashew, filbert, rice, and zucchini are 'very low'.

    from these foods, i only east cashews, rice, mais gluten, and probably sugar very often, but not every day. i do not know, if the sugar i use is cane sugar or not and i do not know what to do with the term 'mais gluten'. what is this? i know its in the 'glutenfree' cat food (royal canin dry foods) and will be in some gluten-free-bread, which i do not eat every day.

    then i had some IgE reaction against timothy grass and cockroach (??), although i cannot tell that i ever seen a cockroach in my life (except on TV).

    the total IgE is very high, but there are no comments about that in the report. what should i do with this information?? another antibody test against food at the doctor?

    with the report, there came a rotation diet plan, but all foods who indicated reaction (although very low), i do not eat every day, and celery, carot, cantalupe, filbert, watermelon, cherry, mungo bean, i eat probably 3-4 times a year.

    this test was so expensive and i am not smarter after that. no indications of dairy, gluten, soy or other main trouble foods..... every damned test is negative!!!!

    i have been in germany over easter and now i recognize that i am so busy there that i do not eat that amount of food which I eat here. but it's the same food basically, but i am feeling better there at least physically, since i got a lot of problems emotionally since my marriage is falling apart.

    now i am back to sweden and the same old poop: bloated, gurgling, gassy.

    now i learned that timothy grass is real grass, graminae, and that gluten-cereals and gluten-free cereals belongs to the family. better avoid that now, although it's hard, since quinoa and buckwheat seems the only options left. better it's with the other foods which where indicated by IgG, i do not have troubles to avoid them.

    but still i do not know what to do...has anyone some ideas how to proceed now?

    [i had lactoseintolerance test twice - negativ, gluten antibody panel and biopsy negative (but i am glutenfree)]

    best wishes and thanx!


  2. hi all!

    I am back! i was very busy and had not really news on the bloating front. it has been slightly better since glutenfree, but it's always better when i am not eating more than a certain amount of food/day.

    stool is not better and my scin is only slightly better, but it's spring now, and the hard winter time is over, which is always hard on my face skin due to fleece shirts and caps.

    anyway, my test results are back. i made a big food antibody assessment test (IgG) with approx. 100 foods, it is so disappointing.

    tuna is 'low' (+1) --> okay, I get reflux from that so i eat it only occasionally

    cane sugar, celery, millet, sole, cantalupe, cherry, mung bean, spinach, carrot, mais gluten, peanut, watermelon, cashew, filbert, rice, and zucchini are 'very low'.

    from these foods, i only east cashews, rice, mais gluten, and probably sugar very often, butnot every day. i do not know, if the suagr i use is cane sugar or not and i do not know what to do with the term 'mais gluten'. what is this? i know its in the 'glutenfree' cat food (royal canin dry foods) and will be in some gluten-free-bread, which i do not eat every day.

    then i had some IgE reaction against timothy grass and cockroach (??), although i cannot tell that i ever seen a cockroach in my life (except on TV).

    the total IgE is very high, but there are no comments about that in the report. what should i do with this information?? another antibody test against food at the doctor?

    with the report, there came a rotation diet plan, but all foods who indicated reaction (although very low), i do not eat every day, and celery, carot, cantalupe, filbert, watermeleon, cherry, mungo bean, i eat probably 3-4 times a year.

    this test was so expensive and i am not smarter after that. no indications of dairy, gluten, soj or other main trouble foods..... every darned test is negative!!!!

    i have been in germany over easter and now i recognize that i am so busy there that i do not eat that amount of food which I eat here. but it's the same food basically, but i am feeling better there at least physically, since i got a lot of problems emotionally since my marriage is falling apart. or better i am separating from my husband right now.

    always the same: i eat normal portions/times = i am blotaed, i do not eat that much = it's okay.

    and i am so sick of useless tests......

    sorry that i did not have any positive to tell.... hope you all are allright!!!!

    best wishes and spring greetings (it was very sunny and warm in germany!!)


  3. I seem to get the most bloated when I eat fruit. Right when I swallow it i feel like I get air trapped in my esophagus and need to burp but I can't. Could it be candida? I am considering going on a fruit free diet but my diet is already so limited. If I cut fruit out all I would be able to eat is chicken, fish, vegetables(mainly carrots), brown rice, and almond milk. That can't be healthy right?? Also, whenever i drink liquor, i feel less bloated...anyone know why?or is it just because I'm getting drunk and becoming less sensitive to feeling? lol

    there are several options: i) the fruits you eat cause an allergic reaction (IgE) which sounds plausible since you have the feeling of swelling in your esophagus.

    ii) you might be fructose intolerant although the symptoms you describe are unusual. if you are fructoseintolerant you cannot take up the fructose via the GLUT transport system in your small intestinal wall. the fructose will reach the colon and the bacteria there will ferment it to gasses. furthermore, the fructose will act osmotically and water is retained in the colon and also in the small intestines. that way, you will feel/be bloated.

    iii) you eat too much fruit or

    iv) you combine fruit with starchy foods which is not good due to fermentation in the stomach.

    point ii might be temporarily due to your damaged intestinal mucosa.

    about the alkohol: mostly, bloating is due to water retention in the body. alkohol dehydrates your body, thus you will loose some water from your body during or after drinking and will feel less bloated. and of course, if you are out and drinking and having fun your thoughts might be destracted and you're not worrying about your symptoms/problems all the time.

    I think you should not worry about your diet being healthy or not, since the body gives you signs in form of those symptoms that fruit is not 'healthy' for you. everybody reacts individually and you have to find out, which food/diet is best for you.

    good luck& best wishes,


  4. hi nora,

    thanks for the kind words.

    the test I ordered was a Food Antibody profile assessment from Scandlab, Stockholm. 140 foods and additional spices and veggies will be tested on both IgG and IgE. and pollen and other airborne stuff. it was very expensive but this way I do not have to make an appointment for testing possible IgE issues.

    I had to give 4 blood samples since the tests will be done with 4 ml serum each. I only hope the lab did it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think your healing is on the way!!! :))

    thus you might be able to enjoy mor foods soon, I am very glad for you!!

    here's also melting times. it's a mess!! I work in Uppsala and its just like the whole city is covered with grey mashed-potatoes-like snow. urrg!! I live at the countryside and there it's much nicer still. hope, spring will come soon, tired of winter. but the good news is that it's already light at 6.30 a.m. and it's getting dark later.

    thanks for the tips with the bacteria. the SCD aims to kill overgrowth and nasty bacteria too. it's my third day now and my intestines are grumbling and i had a lot of gas. i'll give it a try for some days but I think I have some issues with fructose, although I did not eat much honey (which is allowed).

    but I definetly have the wrong flora in my bowel, I wouldn't feel at home either, when I was a good bacteria had to live in there. ;)

    I'll check out the websides, thanx!!!! hope the spring comes to you soon!!!

    best, Sonja

  5. Hi Sonja,

    I am of the understanding that most damage caused by gluten is found in the upper intestines. An upper endoscopy is usually the "golden diagnosis". My blood test results the first time around came back negative, my gastro doc saw blunting of my villi through the endoscopy. He retested my blood and this time sent it to a specialized lab in California...Prometheus Labs. Those results showed a positve diagnosis for celiac disease. I believe there are only 5 labs in the U.S. specialized for this kind of diagnosis. I had 5 of the 7 symptoms you describe and after going gluten free those subsided. If I should get glutened for some reason those symptoms come back full force for at least a week or more. Sad to say but many doctors in the U.S. are not on top if celiac disease yet, unlike doctors in other countries. Press on for more further blood testing but make sure you are eating gluten before you go get tested.

    Listed below are the three tests that confirmed my celiac disease:

    Anti-Gliadin Antibodies (AGA), IgG and IgA

    Anti-Endomysial Antibodies (EMA), IgA.

    Anti-Reticulin Antibodies (ARA), IgA.

    Good luck and let us know what happens!

    hi Jem123,

    thanx for your answer! I already had three blood tests and a biopsy, all were negative. I am still searching for answers as you can read in the whole thread if you have time.

    that dr are useless to ca. 95% seems to be a global problem: I experienced it in germany and sweden, where I live, and read alot of stupid things and bad experineces from people in the U.S. or UK.

    my symptoms did not go away, sometimes the bloating is weaker, but if I think about all the poop, I can count good days on my two hands, mean good days, where I am feeling good and had very few symptoms within approx. 25 years.

    but I am glad for you that you found the solution of your problems!!

    take care!!

    best wishes, Sonja

  6. hi!

    back again and bloated as usual :angry:

    yesterday I finally managed to give some blood for my IgE and IgG food antibody testing and now it's waiting, waiting...

    I begged the nurse to handle the blood samples accurately and send them back to the lab as soon as possible according to their instructions. this test costs almost a 1000 $ so far and I really hope they won't mess up.

    The only thing I did not follow in the instructions was to eat wheat/gluten 24 h before the sample was taken, since I was afraid of really bad symptoms. and the results are negative anyway (had 3 IgG and tTg test alsready and biopsie - all negative). After I ordered the tests I read a lot negative about it so I think I will also end up with some confusing results of the type: I am allergic to artichokes or something like that. I cannot remember having them tried once in my life...we will see

    nora, I read me into the SCD topic and it occurs to me that I might have some issues with my small intestine flora, or may have SIBO. So I decided to give the diet a try since it sounds reasonable that starch is hard to digest and other disaccharides too.

    so yesterday I was in the kitchen the whole day to prepare food for the initial days. chicken soup with plain chicken and mashed carrots as well as plain hamburger, eggs and some kind of cheese cake (yummy) are allowed. as well as honey, which is life saving, since I am in love with sweets at the moment.

    we'll see, its my first day and unfortunatly I am really hungry!!! well I can lose some pounds, I gained three kilos within 5 days (!! where are they from?!) and now I do not fit in any jeans. all far too tight and they bump my big belly out so I look like a four-tit-woman.

    it's not funny, however.

    wish you all the best,


  7. Sonja, SCD = The Specific carbohydrate Diet, there are several websites about it, heard about it on the crohns-colitis newsgroup.

    As you are officially diagnosed with irritable bowel disease now, it might be worth checking...

    Some celiacs react very much to bananas. I had some reactions to bananas last summer, but now after some months gluten-free they are okay.

    I also reacted very much to sweet bell peppers and mustard. Had noreaactions to anything except milk before, then glutenand mustard and peppers and chili and citric acid and bananas. Something sure is wrong.

    And my constant burning in the skin is totally gone after going gluten-free. Must be DH. Doctor refused to send me to specialist.

    And, I lost 13 kg after going gluten-free.

    The chocolate had some crisp salty maize cones inside them, Nidar Smash. I emailed them and they researched and answered quickly, there should be no gluten in it, except there is a small chance of cc with the smash bars as they are in a plant that has wheat.

    I might email them back and thank them and write that it might have been bread crumbs in a jar of honey that glutened me. I might try the chocolate again and see if I still get glutened because they were so nice and answered me promptly........

    Good luck with trying to omit the bananas and apples for a while to see what happens.....

    Yes, I can read german, grew up in Vienna.


    hi nora!!

    I recently read about the SCD, just by coincidence, but I am not sure, if this is good for me, since there's a lot of fruits & veggies involved. since i get very gassy after them, i am not sure. but i ate rarely fresh fruits and veggies, maybe it's just temporarily, since a lot of people get gasses in the first time. or it's fructose, but i am uncertain about that too. i understand that real celiacs have/could have problems with many foods due to their damaged villi, but it seems so, that if you are allergic/intolerant to one item, it won't stop. it goes on and on with more and more foods.... but I hope you'll feel fine/better now with cutting out the culprits!

    I ordered a big allergy profile test, testing IgE & IgG on 140 foods and airborne allergens. I hope I'll get it this week.

    the elimination diet was a 'flop' or i was too impatient. i got really gassy after two days and after 10 days although restricting the fruit, my symptoms were still there. they are supposed to go away and then you can reintroduce foods again. i never came to this stage...

    i am extremely bloated since 3 days now and I do not know why. i couldn't go to work last monday because I did not find any clothes to fit. I didn't fit into one single trousers. lucky as i am I can work from home, sitting there in an old pyjama trousers. it has to stop one day, it drives me crazy, but maybe i am....

    I think I go to germany over eastern, so maybe i can get an appointment for fructose, sorbit and histamine testing and have some relieve of the symptoms, because I will be fine in germany ;) hehe.

    i wish i could take time off to focus on either this or time off in my head and body to focus on my work, although I am alone, no kids, I feel it exhausting to take care of so many things at the same time, especially with this much work i have right now.

    do you have access to the Ritter Sport chocolate in Norge? it's really good, although I had only the Bitter-Nuss and the Marzipan.

    best wishes and have a nice day!!


  8. Hi Sonja,

    Just a few comments from my own experiences.

    I had a hard time isolating problems at first. When I first went gluten free the change was huge, but not 100%. I still had dairy problems, and that took maybe a year to go away for me. I've read that eating gluten when you are intolerant can actually lead to a lot of intolerances including carbohydrate intolerance as well. Being free from gluten long enough, and in my case, avoiding ALL the problem things as much as I could for many months, finally led to a sort of overall healing, I think.

    Now I can have dairy and other carbs without much problem, although I keep it limited, and I don't eat much of anything on an everyday basis. It's good to rotate foods around, no matter what the food.

    With me, occasionally reactions were quite quick, within an hour to 3 hours, but more often, it was the next day or even 2 days later that things caught up with me.

    I can say in the beginning that keeping a very limited and siimple diet was helpful, very helpful. I got things calmed down, found just a few foods that totally agreed with me, and then added things in carefully.

    hi CMC,

    thanks for sharing your experiences. it's so tricky and frustrating. some days I can have fruits or veggie, some days not, pure fruit sugar did not cause any problems in the first 24 hours, and then of course, i ate a lot of other stuff afterwards, so how will I ever know? i do not understand, how other peoples came to conclusions with their food diary, because the reactions can be up to 72 hours later and within this time everybody has eaten a lot of things.

    and then in germany, it's fine despite milk & cheese every day, and sweets (it was xmas) and some fruits. aaaaaahhhhhh :wacko:

    best, Sonja

  9. Hi Sonja,

    I don't know if you are still reading this thread, but it sounds like to me that you have leaky gut syndrome. This was the case with me. It started with gluten being a problem seven years ago. At one point, I was not eating gluten, dairy, corn, soy, nuts and seeds, and quinoa. It was a pretty restricted diet. Actually, I pretty much eat this way now even though I've had treatment. There are some people who react to more foods than I do. This is not normal!! I think it's good to first identify what your body is reacting to, and stop eating those things. An IgG test is helpful, but not perfect. Working with a health care practitioner who can use applied kinesiology or BioSET to diagnose sensitivities is helpful too. Then, once you have eliminated the foods you are reacting to, you can start looking for the causes of your leaky gut. Get tested for yeast and bacterial dysbiosis. Test your house for mold if you think that's a problem. Multiple things could be going on.


    hi Claire!

    yeah, i am still reading but was soo buisy with all: work, my mother-in-law died, depression and this constantly thinking about what to eat and what not.

    thought about leaky gut too. but i do not really know where to start. why am i bloated for 25 years only because i am eating?

    whatever, i ordered a allergy profile test which tests both IgE and IgG of 140 foods, spices and airborne allergens. i hope i will get it this week so i have some answers before eastern.

    the elimination diet didn't help. i saw no improvement after 10 days, but maybe i had the wrong foods. in several books about that, not being relieved or almost symptomfree after this time, the problmes might not be related to food intolerance, but the period might be too short whatever.

    yeah, multiple things, I hope i can find the solution this year.

    thanks, best, Sonja

  10. hi hathor,

    I am not subscribed to the tuesday club, although registered for free. since then i get emails from them every day, sometimes more than one with extremely sensational headlines like 'get rid of the bloating today' and so on. this makes me suspicious. and I find the membership is not really cheap...

    i bought some books on food intolerance and i think there are lot of normal cookbooks which have recipes for special diets like dairy-, soyfree etc. some books about food intolerance have some recipes as well. in my opinion, the tuesday club is expensive and i think they just want to use our problems to make cash.

    best, Sonja

  11. hi nora,

    yeah, of course probiotics not antibiotics (that would be really bad). too much in my head now, sorry.

    SCD people say (enzyme stuff).....

    would do you mean by that? what's SCD?

    I thought about that and if I am abroad I usually tend to eat not much fruit, but at work and home I always eat bananas and sometimes apples (we get it for free at work), it's a good snack to take it with you. but when I am in germany, I am on vacation, so I often eat much less healthy, mean less or no fruit at all. When I am at home I tend to eat more chocolate in the evening, especially in winter. and I always made good experience when I was on a low-carb trip...

    I hope you feel better, you got glutened from chocolate? there's starch in there?. it should not be in there, but the damned industry. I love the Lindt chocolate sort Madagascar, it's so good, milk and glutenfree. hope I can eat it soon.... :rolleyes:

    I don't know if the brand is available in Norge, but Ritter Sport chocolate has a lot of sorts without gluten (i do not know if you can read german, there are no infos in english). these are glutenfree:

    Ritter Sport 100g


    Dunkle Voll-Nuss


  12. hi!

    I think the dry skin is the result of the watery stool. your intestine accumulate a lot of fluids from your body and then your skin becomes dry. the fluids will eventually flushed down the toilet :)

    I have the same problem, in my stomach and intestine, water accumulates and I feel very thirsty and 'dry'. I also have dry skin, probably because i have this water retention issue for years.

    I noticed that when I eat a lot of carbs I got more water in the intestines and I feel and am more bloated. especially too many fruits cause water stool due to high fructose content. the fructose will not be taken up in the small intestine (when you are celiac you probably 'lost' the GLUT transport system in the small intestine mucosa, this system is responsible for fructose uptake) and remains in the intestine. sugar in the bowel will then through osmosis draw water from the body in

  13. hi katrinamaria,

    if you are on the elimination diet you need to be strict! 'a bit of a slip up' can turn all upside down. you really need to plan it and stick to the plan. it's tricky, it's hard but if you're not strict, everything will be useless.

    you need to rely on food you can eat at least one week or more until your symptoms disappear and if/when your symptoms disappear you can reintroduce one food on one day and then wait 4 days before you reintroduce the next. depending on how many foods you will test, you have to stick it for month...

    good luck,


  14. hi you all!

    thanx for your answers! i started with the elimination diet as recommended in some books: the rare/few food diet, where you can eat things you did not eat often in the past or not at all and cut out the obvious culprits like dairy, corn, soya, nightshades, peanuts etc. this makes sense to me.

    thus i do not eat rice (and nightshades, milk, soya etc.) since i ate it every day, sometimes twice in the past month. but i increased my (allowed) fruit intake over the last days, although i never eat fruit that much except bananas and maybe the watery stool is the result of that. i thought about that and detect that in germany i almost never ate fruit, not because i do not like it, but more instinctively since i am afraid of fructose intolerance.

    this morning i had a smoothie instead of quinoa-, millet-, buckwheat porridge and (of course) my stomach is quiet now. typically. maybe it's all in my head.

    i know you all mean well, but i am quite down right now. but i definetly will check out all possibilities and i will look on the website, but now i have to go step by step. first this diet to the end, although if there's no difference by the end of the week i will try something else. first a fructose-free diet maybe and a low-carb diet (which worked always quite well for me).

    then i decided to make a stool analysis, a candida test and finally the foodscan allergy and intolerance test (IgG &IgE), although i can't imagine that there'll be anything coming out for me like 'you are intolerant to bananas or milk or whatever and when you cut them out you'll fine'. this would be a dream, but i had to fight always in my life, why should this be easy?

    then i'll take antibiotics (as soon i can find some good) and L-glutamine.

    i think this will take about 6 months. i hope something comes out. if not, i'll give up.

    sorry, not my best days...but thanks to you for all support, i really appreciate it!!!!!!!!

    best, Sonja

  15. hi again!

    I am on an elimination diet now, a rare/few foods elimination diet. today it's the 3rd day, and I quit diary since last friday.

    I ate the last days: lamb, porc, beef, sweet potatoes, parsnips, buckwheat, millet, zucchini, cocos milk, sunflower seeds and it's oil foor cooking, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, pears, bananas, tea, water.

    all these foods I did eat in the past, but very rarely.

    now I am constantly bloated for the last days, despite I did not eat anything the last hours (in the morning). my stool is watery.

    I know that it can be worse first and then maybe be better again, but I am wondering if this is normal?

    I have had reduced gasses the last 7 month I guess, even before being glutenfree and they are also reduced now. my nausea had been better since last week and I feel more energy. note: this was before starting the elimination diet.

    before all got going really up and down last october/november, I often had good days without gas, nausea or tiredness. I actually had never diarrhea, only watery stool sometimes, sometimes fatty and always stinky (sorry).

    BUT: I always have a big belly, it's quite big in the morning and grows during the day along with eating. if I don't eat, my stomach will be slightly flatter, if I eat (and not the portions like 'normal' people, but smaller), it grows. and this I have for approx. 24 years now. no food - relatively flat stomach, food -pregant!!


    maybe the-must-not-eat-but-if-you'll-have-big-belly-as-punishment-syndrome.

    I often felt and feel so. I did not do anything really bad in my life.

    even a big glass of water can make my stomach grow, I don't get it.

    has anybody else this problem?

    i just want a normal life in a normal body like everybody else (and I don't mind being glutenfree, dairy free or whatever, but I want a solution!).

    sorry, for being a baby, but after 2 decades I am almost convinced that I have to live with this and never find a solution. and other people won't even understand the problem.



  16. Hi Nora,

    I was very busy this week and could not answer or read in the forum. thanks for help and 'congrats' to your test results! now, you are one step further. I thought about that test too, it's possible in sweden but as always more complicated here. and I have to add gluten back if I decide for the test.

    it's all so confusing, I run through my life with a bloated stomach for more than 25 years. I am glutenfree since 8 weeks now, it's better abroad, but maybe because I am not eating that much. as soon I try to eat portions like normal people, glutenfree or not, I am bloated. small portions are okay, sometimes it's okay eating low-carb, sometimes I feel good, sometimes so bad for no obvious reason.

    It's devastating. before I will have a IgG test, I will try an elimination diet. in one book they wrote that if there are still problems after 2 weeks on a strict diet, it's probably not food related.

    I will try that first and then do the test I think. I am not sure if I tolerated the cream on the pancakes, not sure if I tolerate dairy at all, since symptoms can appear up to 72 hours after, and that's why it is so confusing.

    first time I had my stomach problems, I was a teenie, it was shortly after my appendix surgery I thought I was a freak, the only one with this and ashamed of anybody to tell. so I avoided eating. in 2002 things started to get really bad and I thought about getting help. then the tests began, the runs to the doctors etc. my food diary, I kept it for more than 5 years now did not tell me anything, but I love milk and tested some surrogates (oat, soy, rice milk), but it is not the same and I gave up. It's kind of denial, since I do NOT want to give up milk. but I have to, I guess.

    but I am happy for you that you found THE or one puzzling piece and I am sure you are on the right way and I hope you'll feel and be better soon.!!!

    good luck!!

    best wishes, Sonja

  17. it's really astonishing that non-knowledge of the 'medicine men' community is so global. whether you're in europe (germany, sweden) or in the US and canada, there are so many that actually have no ideas about medicine, about illnesses, symptoms, treatments and unfortunately so few who knows what they're doing.

    if I would do my job in the way that dr do, no lake or stream would be alive and of use for humankind (I am an aquatic ecologist).

    I made bad experience with dr already as a kid, and now as an adult, I always have to tell them what to do, like test this, do this,do that, and they always try to know better.

    I wish I do not have to go to them for test, which I cannot make at home (like IgE allergy tests).

    I really can live without them, they are not my friends, thats fo sure.


  18. hi celiacbuzzroom,

    I am really sorry for you,your life is really hell, mine is a piece of cake against it.

    have you tried going glutenfree? you may try an allergy test or intolerance (IgG) test (www.yorktest.com , I do not know if this is available in the US) or elimination diet. doctors can be so ignorant or have no knowledge about that.

    take your faith in your own hands. cut out most common allergens: wheat (gluten), diary, eggs, soy, nuts...

    sorry, cannot help you more!

    good luck,best wishes,


  19. hi nora,

    thanks for your feedack!! I am really sorry for you that you had to give up school and so on.

    yeah, it's weird that being away from home has this effect, or I am just distracted from my problems? do not know, I will do some research and see if I can find this medicine. maybe one can order it from the internet.

    I also know about the candida problem, but I do not really believe in that especially not that wen I am away I am not changing my diet a lot. usually I eat more unhealthy stuff being away on holidays. and I cannot imagine, that candida can be switched of and on within hours. and I had some weeks on nystatin (anti-candida drug) with a special diet, did not help.

    saturday we found a coffeehouse with glutenfree pancakes I was really happy and I enjoyed them with cream and jelly and a caffe latte (and lactaid) and everything was fine. I was not nauseous teh whole weekend (I thought about diary being the culprit).

    today I am feeling better, but still bloated like hell. I hope the bottled water will have some effect.

    I do not really like to move, but maybe I have to, since I will be unemployed to and I now trying to get a new job. I am an aquatic ecologist, so I can end up everywhere, we will see what life gives me ;)

    and I found some glutenfree cat food, but only the not-dry one. my cat loves dry food, but I cannot find glutenfree. but, we were out for dinner on friday, I lived in a glutencontaminated house and it was fine.

    hi artgirl,

    thanks for your wishes and interest. it seems to be my flat being really bad to me, although I love living here. so sad.

    do you also have problems despite glutenfree?

    thanks for support, it feels really good knowing not to be alone!!


  20. hi nora,

    my two days with my friends were very nice. although I had troubles with no bowel movements, I was NOT bloated and felt good. of course I ate only gluten-free and lf. NO stuffed feeling, NO bloating, no nausea.

    today, I was here for one evening and night, I had diarrhea, I am bloated to hell and the whole night I was so nauseaous and was vomiting.

    It's bewitched here, but at least I know, it's probably not gluten, milk or whatever, it's my flat. I still have troubles to believe, what is poisoning me or that something in the water or the mold can actually make me bloated, but overnight my stomach grew about 10 cm despite bm and only a tiny dinner last night.

    I do not get it. I will try now to buy bottled water for cooking and drinking. If this won't help, it's mold or something else.

    So, today I am really sick again.

    I could not find combizym yet, have to look again.

    thanks for help,have a nice day!


  21. hi nora,

    it's almost now a thread for you and me :)

    but I am so happy to talk to you and get some input.

    are you actually fine now or do you have still troubles? hopefully, I can 'help you back' some day...

    I have/had milk for my whole life and I read about foods you are craving much can be the culprits. I really do like milk in the coffee and love cheese, thus I was pleased that there is really lactosefree milk and cheese available here (Valio, a finnish brand has lactosefree and l-reduced products). well, anyway, there's no need for adult mammals for milk actually.

    Although I do not understand why I am always better abroad (germany, US) and I drink milk in the coffee there too.

    I know about the fructose problem, but the swedish doctors don't. that's one problem. the other problem is that I tested it several times by myself and I never got clear results. (I dilute 25g fructose in water and drink it on empty stomach, that's how the drs do. I could not notice any strange effects). but I don't eat much fruits, sweets or high-fructose veggies anyway. there's a forum in germany dealing with several kinds of intolerances/allergies and it's very good. helped me a lot!

    I do have almost never diarrhea, only big stomach, bloated, the gas is reduced since glutenfree, but still there and my skin problem. The biggest problem for me is feeling stuffed (although I am hungry) and this huge stomach after eating. there's is water in my intestines, I can hear it, which is a hint to food intolerance (I recently bought 5 books on it and get more and more understanding and knowledge).the problems here are always enhanced here at work or at home in sweden. weird!!!

    sounds inetresting with the drug combizym, I've never seen this here. only dimethicon and this won't help and Lefax, available in germany, helps only a little.

    but of course I am more keen about finding the cause for my problems. I certainly will search after this drug this afternoon.

    tomorrow I will made a trip to S

  22. hi!

    I saw something about that down-syndrome and glutenintolerance/-sensitivity is related. I saw a TV program (in europe though) of a fosterfamily in the US which had around 13 children, and the majority of the kids had down syndrome and were glutenintolerant. I rememeber it well, since I was thinking about that gluten might cause my problems and I found it interesting and impressing that these people can cope with a) so many kids, B) some quite strong disabled (not only mentally) and c) have a special diet only for some kids, which means they were preparing different kind of meals every day. very difficult and I admired it!

    maybe you can google a little and find something.

    good luck, Sonja