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  1. angel_jd1

    Abc's Man Up

    I blogged about it on my blog this morning and that is exactly what I said....would they joke about someone with diabetes, cancer, or lupus in the same manner?? Doubt it!! I wrote ABC a letter this morning expressing my unhappyness with the episode. If anybody missed it you can watch it on ABC. If you are not happy about it I would say write them a letter. Odds are this character will continue on the gluten free diet in the show and if we don't speak up they will continue to show it in a negative way. If we all speak up maybe they will change the way they portray how the child eats.
  2. Ok, so who all watched the episode of ABC's Man Up last night? They addressed eating gluten free. However they did it HORRIBLY!!!!
  3. Thanks Patti, I popped in a month or so ago. I just don't have the time I used to have. I have my own stuff I have been working on Let me know what you think of the article!! -Jessica
  4. I just wanted to give you all a heads up that there is a article in All You Magazine that just came out today. It covers several different autoimmune disorders including Celiac. I think it's a great article, but I may be a touch biased since I am featured in the article It isn't all about numbers, but it does give a face to our disease and our struggles. I hope you all enjoy reading it!! Go check out the November 2011 issue. -Jessica
  5. That's a shame. The recipe for vanilla cake in there was made by Annilaise especially for ME. I had posted on this board that I wanted a wedding type cake recipe and she created that recipe for me. It is AMAZING! I have non-gluten-free people raving about it all the time. Try out the cake recipes as well as the bread that you like from there. Coconut cake is to die for as well.
  6. Annalaise Roberts "Gluten Free Baking Classics" AMAZING book.
  7. angel_jd1

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Apple-Cinnamon Risotto. It is made in the crock-pot and SUPER easy. It re-heats wonderfully. -Jessica
  8. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  9. I take Zyrtec daily and have no problems with it. The last time I called to check on the status they told me that they do not ADD gluten and they do not test for gluten. Basically covering themselves with that statement. I took it before it was over the counter, and it was gluten free then. When it went OTC, checked and they said the formulation hadn't changed.......I do not believe it contains any gluten with all of the info that I have collected from them and the fact that I don't have any symptoms when taking it. -Jessica
  10. Jenny- That was so sweet of your mom!! You are super lucky!! -Jessica
  11. Free shipping is a great bonus!! Most places I spent 10-12 bucks on just shipping! I hate that. I was able to spend that extra 10 bucks and get more goodies!! ha!
  12. angel_jd1

    2 Days Gluten Free

    Matt- welcome to the board. You will find this place to be a wealth of great information. When I was first diagnosed I found it very helpful to just read old posts from members. It cleared up alot of questions for me. There is a great search feature on the board. If you put in pepsi, it will bring up all the posts for that. Or whatever brand of soda you are curious about (as long as it has been discussed before on the board). Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are lots of great people here to help!! Hang in there, it does get easier!! -Jessica
  13. If you used to love ding-dongs and ho-ho's then you will fall in love with Shabati Gourmet( . They make the most amazing "copies" of some of my old favorites from childhood. They have a ring-ting cupcake that reminds me of a hostess cupcake. They make a swiss chocolate roll that resembles the swiss snack cakes of days gone by. Ahhhhhhhh!!! If you are missing these things like I was, then give them a try. I have ZERO stake in the company, just like to pass on a good product when I find it!! -Jessica
  14. Congrats!! That first year is the hardest to get through. It is amazing how quickly things improve, especially in little ones. Glad things are looking up!! Happy Anniversary! -Jessica
  15. I agree, 290 doesn't seem TOO bad, as long as it isn't an EVERYDAY type of snack I wish I had a starbucks closer. Closest one is a 40 min drive!!!! It's probably best though, or I would be eating too much cake!! ha -Jessica