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  1. I started the gluten free diet in november of 2006 and remained on it until about may 2007. I didn't see any improvement in my symptoms of severe constant bloating, gas, and abnormal bowel movements. So I went off the diet. I then went to Shands hosptial in Gainesville, Florida where I was referred by my doctor. They performed several tests on me including blood tests, gastric emptying tests, upper endoscopy with biopsy, Colonoscopy with biopsy and the breath test for Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) All tests were negative EXCEPT the small intestinal bacteria breath test which was positive. I was perscribed antibiotics for 10 days(keep in mind that I am currently now eating gluten again) They did not help either. I am being perscribed more antibiotice. My question is this: Is it possible that the reason I did not improve on the Gluten free diet is because of the SIBO and I really DO have celiac disease? Or is the SIBO just caused by IBS and I will continue to have these problems for life? I would like to have some input on whether I should try the Gluten free diet again now that I am on antibiotics and see If i improve. The biopsy for celiac was negative but I know they can sometime be innacurate and when I had the biopsy, I had only been eating gluten for a week. Any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks! renee
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