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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told "some girls are just abnormally normal!" I totally know how you feel. Glad to hear things have changed being gluten free
  2. I'm crying I am laughing sooooo hard!!! I'm seriously saving this one. I avoided Thanksgiving but this may come in handy if I go home for Christmas. You ladies rock!!
  3. You may be allergic to corn. I started having problems with corn myself. There is corn syrup in pop. There was probably some kind of modified food/corn starch (which you should always avoid) in the cherry kisses and depending on the brand of chip there was probably some gluten. I know it's tough. Sometimes you just want to participate like a normal person!! You WILL start feeling better. Be diligent and maybe stick to a bland diet for a few days till your tummy is recovered. Good Luck.
  4. I know how you feel!!!!! I felt anger when I was at the grocery store last night when I saw a man buying 5 loaves of garlic bread. The kind that comes already sliced with butter and garlic in it that you put right into your oven. I'm sure he was a nice, law-abiding citizen with a loving family, but all I could think of was, "you jerk!" I started feeling better within a month and I am now in my sixth month gluten free and feel like a completly different human! I didn't even visit my family this year for Thanksgiving. They kept referring to it as my diet....like I'm trying to loose weight or something!!!! Hang in there. You can eat M&M's and Fritos if that helps =)
  5. I experienced the same thing! I got to the point that walking became hard. My hip joints were the worse. This actually helped me get diagnosed. I knew something was wrong when a 25 year old has trouble walking already from joint pain!!
  6. This may be a stretch but......I didn't have a period for 2 years before I was diagnosed with Celiac. Since being gluten-free it's back to normal. Did anyone else have similar issues? I can't help to think that it was all from eating gluten since I'm totally normal being gluten-free! Thanks!
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