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  1. YEP...i was so scared that i wasn't going to be able to conceive with my daughter because of the irregular cycles...but low and behold being gluten free put me on the right track. So much for those pointless GYN visits for them to say..."some people are just irregular and that includes you"

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told "some girls are just abnormally normal!"

    I totally know how you feel. Glad to hear things have changed being gluten free :)

  2. Lynne - you forgot the part where you tell them it's genetic and you got it from one of THEM. Start pointing fingers. "You! Passing out after eating the turkey and stuffing. You're next! This will be you one day!"

    Of course you have to do that when your Mom and Dad are not within earshot but I bet you'd feel pretty good. That'd shut them up and stop their eye-rolling. Or would it? :ph34r:

    I'm crying I am laughing sooooo hard!!! I'm seriously saving this one. I avoided Thanksgiving but this may come in handy if I go home for Christmas. You ladies rock!!

  3. I am also sick of coping. It has been a week and a half of being gluten free. Yesterday I did great at a Thanksgiving buffet with no problems. I was feeling great. I then ate some plain Orville pop corn and put salt on it. After eating that, I ate a bowl of potato chips, ate some hershey cherry cordial filled kisses and then washed it down with coke. Today has been miserable with C and major D. Are pop corn, potato chips and pop a no no? Every day I think I have this diet figured and then boom. I also am having problems with milk, butter, corn, eggs, onions, garlic and have an allergy to sulfites. I swear I feel like I am dying of cancer or something but hey, the cat scans, MRIs, x-rays, and blood tests all say no.

    Does anyone else feel like their instestines have been through a battle field after having C and D or is it just me? Please tell me this gets better.

    Sorry to rant. Hugs to everyone and thanks for listening.

    You may be allergic to corn. I started having problems with corn myself. There is corn syrup in pop. There was probably some kind of modified food/corn starch (which you should always avoid) in the cherry kisses and depending on the brand of chip there was probably some gluten. I know it's tough. Sometimes you just want to participate like a normal person!! You WILL start feeling better. Be diligent and maybe stick to a bland diet for a few days till your tummy is recovered. Good Luck.

  4. I know how you feel!!!!! I felt anger when I was at the grocery store last night when I saw a man buying 5 loaves of garlic bread. The kind that comes already sliced with butter and garlic in it that you put right into your oven. I'm sure he was a nice, law-abiding citizen with a loving family, but all I could think of was, "you jerk!"

    I started feeling better within a month and I am now in my sixth month gluten free and feel like a completly different human! I didn't even visit my family this year for Thanksgiving. They kept referring to it as my diet....like I'm trying to loose weight or something!!!! Hang in there. You can eat M&M's and Fritos if that helps =)

  5. I was curious if aching bones & pain in general are part of having Celiac. My husband seems to ache & hurt all over. I would like to do what I can to help him feel better but am unsure what to do. Has anyone else experienced this & if so what can be done. It seems to be an ongoing problem for him.

    I experienced the same thing! I got to the point that walking became hard. My hip joints were the worse. This actually helped me get diagnosed. I knew something was wrong when a 25 year old has trouble walking already from joint pain!!