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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I've been selling on ebay since I was 18 (23 now). I've sold mostly DVDs and CDs. Along with some books. I learned early that the best shipping is through USPS. I ship everything (unless asked to ship otherwise) through Priority mail $4.30 for everything up to a pound along with DC which comes to 4.55 Also I basically sell to get rid of the stuff so I start all my auctions at 99 cents. Which they usually go up to between 5 and 10 bucks. If you do start auctions that low start them at 99 cents and not a dollar because the listing price goes up 10 cents for that extra penny. Take lots of pics and make sure that you have the delivery confirmation or it might come back to bite ya.
  3. Ya know I was thinking recently about how my home ec class was. I wouldn't be able to pass if I had known about gluten-free back then. The teacher was an A.. She failed a girl because we made taco rice stuff and the girl wouldn't eat it because she was vegetarian.
  4. I didn't find the Montina flour on amazon. I don't have any of the stores you mentioned by me. The only store that i found that has a gluten-free section around here besides the nutrition store is Wegmans and ours doesn't have it either
  5. this is a good idea...what's up with the blog section?
  6. as soon as I get my own stuff it's staying in my room...hopefully with my christmas money The one thing that threw me off was I made the gluten-free orange walnut bread from land o lakes website yesterday and she liked it (knowing it was gluten-free) so I thought she was finally understanding... oh well... hopefully I get a job soon so I could start saving up to move out as much as I don't really want to leave the house.
  7. That's part of my problem. We don't have normal meals. I try cooking and Lenny (her bf) doesn't like stuff that I make. Even if it is just meat and the potatos. We 'sit down' to eat together maybe once a week. I wouldn't mind eating the naturally gluten free stuff. Lenny likes going out to eat all the time and I just don't feel comfortable doing that now. My gram goes shopping for stuff that she just needs nothing else. We never have meat in the house. They basically live on hotdogs when they're home and it sucks. I just feel blah.
  8. Thanks. I think it would be easier for her to understand if she actually went shopping with me and stuff. But she wants nothing to do with it since it's not her. Every time I learn something new I tell her about it. But she still doesn't care. She's seen how I am when I'm sick, moody, and depressed. Yet she doesn't care that I haven't been sick or depressed.
  9. Ugh right now I'm on the verge of crying. Maybe it's because I'm sensitive, but I can't stand this anymore. Maybe I should just go back on gluten until I could afford the stupid tests for celiac. Maybe I should just suffer the pain and depression until the summer of next year. I swear when I get married my house is going to be gluten free. Or at least what I cook will be gluten free. I went down to make my pasta about 20 minutes ago and there's noodles in the strainer (plastic). Which we decided that I would strain mine first and I would wash it after so I can feel confident to use it. So my gram tells me to just put her noodles in the bowl and use the strainer. I made a comment about cc with all the stuff all over the counters and she's like from what it sounds like you'll be living in a bubble if you do have it. and did you research this place that your going to have your tests done. I feel sooo I duno what word I could use for how I feel. But it just seems like she'd rather see me sick all the time than being healthy and happy. I'm sorry for complaining sooo much
  10. From what I've read Tapioca flour and starch are the same thing. Potato flour and starch are not the same. I made the mistake of using potato flour instead of starch. \ I don't have any advice about the rice flour thing but I'm sure someone will be around to help soon. Welcome to the board
  11. I agree with everyone that you did NOT make him sick. For me it'll be 2 weeks that I've been gluten-free. Okay can't actually say that because I cheated with a bite of a cookie (and it wasn't worth the pain) I found out that I need to stay away from dairy for a while too. I was eating gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and milk...and I got sick. I know people have mentioned staying away from dairy too for a while.
  12. My worst Christmas was the one where I lived with my dad at age 5. My best Christmas' are always the best. I wake my gram up at 530 (yes I know Im 23). I tell her that Santa came and come on we have to open presents. My bf comes over at like 545 we open presents here and then we go up to his house to wake his mom and brother. We open presents there then. We have to rush to get ready to go to his gram's for dinner then rush to my cousin's for dinner. My cousin's house is a blast. We have 'special' gifts which is something weird or just plain 'what' that you get for free or close to free and hand them out. The first year Carl and I spent Christmas together I forgot to explain special gifts to him and my Uncle gave him a box for an iron (carl was excited) yet it had a jar of olives. Then we eat and talk then the women of the family put music on and dance around =) At times I wish it were times of before my bf...that way I wouldn't be rushing around. But then again I found the love of my life.
  13. I thought that it was only Fruity Pebbles that are gluten-free. not Cocoa pebbles. I have not seen the new one though. I may have to look for it the next time I go shopping (if it is gluten-free)
  14. I tried the orange walnut bread....omg this is my first bread success....sooo good. My gram and her bf actually like it too
  15. they all look sooo good. can't wait to try them =)
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