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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Sylvia and I guess I am fairly new to this celiac situation. I detoxed and did so well and now I am slowing sliding downhill. The reason I checked this site was the weight issue. I have always struggled with this and can't get back on track. At first, trying to figure out foods was hard and then the concept became simple. I lost 15 lbs. and felt great and now I am spiralling upward on the scale, major joint pain and feeling aggitated....I wonder why..ha ha. I guess the idea of keeping food in its original state is a simple thought, but now I am much more daring and stupid on taking risks. Did anyone ever feel like this? I need to get back on track and hate cooking now and planning has become a pain in the neck. I love proteins, hate bread....thank you
  2. Hi I haven't been on this site for some time and it is so informative. I have been in severe joint pain lately and have cheated and can't pin point what it is. I just thought it was something else. I am trying to loose weight and stay gluten, lactose, cassein, and corn syrup free. What else is there in life, now joint pain any advise for someone who wants to loose weight and be free of joint pain. Oh i forgot to say i am very active. I am a cheerleading coach for a high school and by the time my practice is over i am in so much pain i have to take advil or tylenol and go to bed. I refuse to give up on my life and I am not found of veggies, but will do them...any advise
  3. I am so happy that this site is for teens, but I am a mom of a freshman at college and she is awaiting her results and would just die to know I am asking other teens or young adults this question regarding college stuents. I know you can advise the college and they can help you with the inschool food service program. My daughter is quite convinced as so am I that she is gluten intollerant. How do you handle the late night snacks the drinking, the i want pizza and the late night wawa food runs for college students. I would like to say that this all doesn't happen, but I would be very unrealistic in believing that these things don't happen the first year of college. I can send up some snacks, but those minifridges/micowave don't leave much room. Eating is always a problem the first and second year of college, never mind be diagnosed with celiac disease. Anyone have any advise for first year college stuents who love pizza and junk food and don't want to stand out from the other kids?
  4. After reading what has been written on this site, I felt like it was me writing this. I have been gluten free for about 3 months. At first it was really hard and I acted like a child rebelling over not being able to eat my favorite foods. I have also been seeing a chiropractor for my lower back pain which I thought was due to my distended belly. I wish general practitioners knew more about this. I had a rough time over the holidays and am paying the consequences for it now. After feeling great for being gluten free, I cheated christmas eve, felt like crap and beat up (flu like symptoms) and then went down hill christmas day. I feel awful now and have been on this site hoping to get back on track (major headaches and stuffiness) Thank you to everyone who writes in on this site and helps people get back on track. DON'T CHEAT EVER ITS NOT WORTH IT!
  5. Hi, Finding a doctor that is knowledgeable is worth a million. I had no clue what was wrong with me, nor did I know about celiac disease. My primary doctor sent me to a gastro doctor for acid relux and bloating with chronic constipation. My endoscopy came up positive and my gastro dr sent me for additonal blood work. This process of testing is a little lengthly, but I feel like a new person. I have so much energy and feel so great about things (after I overcame the shock of not being able to eat my favorite foods). I must share that I live in Plymouth Meeting area of Pennsylvania and I go to Penn at Radnor Medical Center and my gastro doctor is Dr. Jaffee. HE IS GREAT! He takes alot of time explaining things to you and makes you feel like you are his only patient. I am not one that visits doctors frequently, but he has answered a life time of questions with this illness. Penn at Radnor is a division of University of Pennsylvania and he also has an office in the downtown Philadelphia area at the University of Pennsylvania. My name is Sylvia and if anyone does go to see him, you will be extremely pleased. Hope someone finds this helpful
  6. Hi, I was just browsing this site and I feel like you have really enlightened me with all of this information. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Wendy's chili, chick-fill-a I can't wait to be able to x-mas shop without food in my pocket. I live in Philadelphia area and thank you since some of these branches are in my area.
  7. Hi, I was just browsing this site and I feel like you have really enlightened me with all of this information. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Wendy's chili, chick-fill-a I can't wait to be able to x-mas shop without food in my pocket. I live in Philadelphia area and thank you since some of these branches are in my area.
  8. Hi, I wish I would have looked into this site before I left for my cruise. I went Royal Caribbean and they lost my previous request. This was NOT a problem. I sat with the Matre'D and we worked out my meal plan every day. It really isn't that hard. I am gluten free for 1 month now and have come to my senses and stopped feeling sorry for myself about what I can and can not eat. My whole life revolved around food and I had to be reaquainted with myself and find other interests. This was VERY HARD and i eat when I am hungry, it is not my major focus. I started working out - i should say just walking and this cruise helped me start this. The buffet on the 10th floor was truly hard because i wanted what I couldn't have. I ate salad, fruit and then the waiter brought over some steak, chicken for me (gluten free) and it was the protein that helped me to feel satisified. I have lost 15 pounds and I need to loose more, but I feel soooo good and clothes aren't the enemy anymore. I feel like I am finally worrying about me and not just my family. I had a wonderful cruise, I went swimming everyday and I hadn't done that in years...i should say I have gone to the beach just in a coverup. I wore a bathing suit without a coverup in the water and was so excited. I had to find other things to keep me occupied and that is the issue that takes getting used to. I can't wait to go on my next cruise. I keep on saying food doesn't make the person, it's developing a new foundness for oneself thats scary. I just found out that my mirror doesn't talk back, its just me. ha ha Now christmas is another issue....
  9. Your post was very informative to me. I have been working so hard on my diet and still get ill sometimes. I just can't figure it out until you mentioned this information. I know this sounds silly, but could you give me a sample of your meals for a day? I know they say we can have wine, do you know of any specific kind? The holidays are coming up and I don't want to ruin my evening. Please feel free to email me sylvia
  10. Oh It isn't bad enough that we have to eat gluten free, but you went through the trouble to shell the peanuts and you got sick. I have not encountered what you are talking about because I am still new and too scared to go off track. I have been neurotic about it and afraid to try something new. I have a store called trader joe's and they gave me Better'n Peanut Butter. It takes the place of that urge that you get for some peanuts. Get this it is 85% less fat 40% less calories, no saturated fat, no trans fat, bluten free, dairy free, no cholesterol no preservatives. OK I was afraid to try this (in writing perfect food) it must taste like cardboard. I had my husband try it and he said it was good. Then I tried it and was so happy to try a food that actually tastes like my pre-gluten diagnosis food. YEA, ITS GOOD. gOOD LUCK I still find eating very hard and hate cooking now. If I never see another salad or veggie again, it would be ok to me. I hate the bread that weighs as much as my daughters platform shoes.
  11. I too have encountered constipation. I eat salads and veggies 2x a day and some days its worse than others. I use benefiber power in my coffee and it has helped me somewhat.
  12. Sorry, I fully understand how fortunate I am to be able to have control over my illness - Celiac Disease. I was just having a bad day after thanksgiving. There are people less forutnate than I - and again I do have control. Just not much of it today. ha ha Figuring out foods is hard. I am hispanic and it is very hard for me to figure out how to make some of my favorite foods and still remain true to my new food program. Thats a new way to look at it, my own food program. I am not a skinny person and watching my weight is an issue I always battle. Anyone have any helpful hints for loosing weight on gluten free products? Most people are skinny with this illness, but not me. Well, I will continue to follow my new program, because not following it and the consquences are much sadder and scarier than not. Sorry, but today was pretty tough for me.
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