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  1. Thank you SOOO much! Oh geez! MY COOKBOOK! Ha! You open it and Flour just flies! As with you, I have had that book since I was a teenager & am 53! Oh and those spice bottles, that only get used during the HOliday season, of COURSE! Of course what was IN the bottles, I am sure just put me completely over the edge. I also made the traditional bread stuffing for hubby & a regular pumpkin pie with a frozen whole wheat pie shell. Oh geez. Toxicville! GOsh, I am going to have go looking for a new cookbook, oh and it was Libby's pumpkin so I can use that in the future... shame on me though for "assuming" that it was gluten free, I didn't even look at the ingredients and I know better! I am still suffering this morning, just intestinal pain and weak, I am still afraid to eat anything! My husband had to take the dogs for a walk while I threw out almost all of the spices, but they are almost all before the new law went into affect, having to state if wheat is in it..just not worth it. We gave away all of the envelopes that required licking to seal, I called my make up, hand & face cream company to make sure there was no gluten in the few products I use. I just realized this morning, I was using the generic Scope from Target this morning (mouthwash), put it down and got out my tea tree mouthwash as it has no alcohol in it. Gosh, that beautiful, crustless pumpkin pie sitting in the fridge... I can't eat it! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love pumpkin! SchnauzerMom, it is a deep learning curve for sure, but so worth it. I had no idea just how bad I was feeling before going gluten-free, now I know, I wouldn't wish this pain and weakness on anyone. Hang in there, just keep looking at the long term, you will live a better and longer life. My Mother passed away of colon cancer and now we know where it came from, or at least most likely. All my brothers and sisters have been given a great gift, possibly a longer, healthier life, I owe so much to my brother for getting to the bottom as to why we all had same issues. Thanks bro! Oh Daffadilly thank you so much for the all important heads up about my favorite cookbook... gosh, I hope I can find another just like! Thanks everyone Barb
  2. Good morning! Thank you so much for your responses & suggestions. Funny, I spent most of the day yesterday drinking water & juice, I must admit out of fear, afraid to eat anything at all. Our turkey was organic, raised by a local farm, they add nothing to the turkeys at all, so I was safe there. Well, I now do not consider the leftovers safe, since I stuffed the turkey with my cornbread stuffing & spices. The empty can of pumpkin I can't find the dang can, it was pumpkin without the spices, I had to buy non-organic pumpkin and of course the maker does not have a list of ingredients on their website... Grrrrrr. I was the one in charge of all food & serving preps for the dinner. I made sure that there was no cc, HOWEVER, the spices..... all spices from the cabinet well over a year old, of which I am sure now there are several that "got me". Hubby is a little upset, but ALL of the spices are being tossed, all plastic spoons are being tossed. This simply is not worth the risk. I had NO idea just how good I was feeling until this exposure to gluten, oh the pains the D, I was able to fight off the vomiting, but it was close. We go to some friends for Christmas dinner every year, I am so frightened of going this year. I am going to make my own little meal before hand and just bring it to eat. I do not want to go through this again, I know chances are great that I will, but hopefully not at my own hands!!! I can't believe I glutened myself! My hubby has been so good about this, being the main chef in the house, even bought me my very own toaster. Now we will also buy a set of baking dishes just for me too, to just make sure! OH so that is where the chills came from, got it. Such a learning curve! Oh and my TMJ joints hurt so bad this morning. I am taking notes and following the pattern from this exposure, it is not just the immediate gut responding but many other parts of the body are affected as well and takes more time I guess to those areas! Well, I also can not help but wonder if the corn bread was part of it too... In the past before dx of Celiac, I would get D from eating corn, or at least that is what I thought was causing it. I think I am going to remove corn for a little bit and see if that helps too. Soy, I stay away from. When I was going through menopause, they said to try Soy and my body went crazy from it. So stay clear of that. Geez, gluten, the corn, the soy, being allergic to bell peppers, pecans, walnuts, my TMJ basically keeps me on softer food diet, my list of foods is narrowing by the heart beat. Thank goodness we were label readers before this DX, but now there is SOOOO much to make sure of. Thank you so very much for your help, thank goodness for this board. I am slowly reading. An awesome group of people here. I can't believe as careful as we have been since dx and so careful with the Thanksgiving dinner and I still glutened myself! I hope everyone is having a great Sunday Barb
  3. Hi, I am new to the board, also just dx about 3 months ago, brother & sister were dx 6 months & 1 year ago... one more to get tested. I thought we were doing so well, have had a very gluten-free diet since I was told. ALso was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid & high col. After 2 days on the thyroid medicine and eating EVERYTHING in sight, I stopped taking it, deciding that I would give my body 6-12months to be gluten free before medicating the thyroid... in hopes my thyroid will kick back in. Okay, so I made Thanksgiving dinner. Everything gluten free, or so I thought. I made my own corn bread for stuffing... by the way if anyone has a lighter corn bread recipe, boy I sure would appreciate it. THis recipe was so thick and heavy. We had a great dinner, a great pie, with no crust, very good. I noticed probably within about 3 hours, I wasn't right. Had left overs yesterday, by the time I got to the pumpkin pie oh boy... I realized that some HOW I glutened myself. The only thing it could be would be the spices used. Does anyone have any suggestions for Gluten Free spices? Also, is there anything I can do to help my body over this gluten exposure? Oh man, I was really starting to feel better, more energy, clearer mind, I also have bad TMJ and have noticed my pain is not near as bad. My feet since eating Thanksgiving dinner are just killing me. I feel very lucky that we all have found out what our problem is, big thanks to my brother for getting to the truth about what was wrong with us. Is it a pain, of course it is, but it could so far worse, ha, after the body storm I had this morning, I wonder! I have soooo much to learn, thank you for listening, Barb
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