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  1. Thank you ALL for your responses. It helps having others share their experiences & knowledge. I love forums for that reason! Anyway, "knowing" it's a lifelong thing helps me right now. I know I felt better being completely off gluten for months after finding out I had a problem with it so I guess it will be encouraging to see how I feel after more time goes by this time (I'm off gluten again since tests are over). I mean, I didn't feel great when I was off it before because I have other issues being dealt with too, like: high mercury/lead levels, leaky gut etc.), but some of my symptoms seemed to improve. By the way, does anyone have any web sites/links suggestions that is soley about gluten "intolerance" and how that affects the body? I know the "treatment" is the same for GI and Celiacs, but gluten does affect the body differently in each case. I know symptoms can be the same, but the damage in the body is apparently different. I don't think a person who is only gluten intolerant has flatten villi. I would like to know what does happen in the body then. Seems like I read somewhere that there can be damage to internal organs etc. I read the book Dngerous Grains which is good, but I'd like more info. Thanks to anyone who can help me. I want to know as much as I possibly can re: what I am dealing with. Oh, one more question: has anyone here who is gluten intolerant only been to a "celiac" support group and found it to be helpful? I'm considering this for myself. Not sure we have a gluten intolerance support group. Heard those are hard to come by anyway. Thank you and God Bless!
  2. I really need some help here...... I am currently seeing a naturopath and an MD that practices holistic medicine. One is telling me that my gut can be healed and eventually I can ingest gluten again (naturopath) and the other is telling me after staying off gluten for 6 months, I can then ingest, but only once a week for life - if I can tolerate (holistic MD). Which is true? At this point, I have not been diagnosed with Celiac. Testing I've had done specific to gluten issues: gliadin AB, SIgA (saliva): 34 (range: positive if >15 U/ml *high* [Diagnos-Techs] food sensitivity IgG & IgE (blood): low for "wheat" gluten & "wheat" gliadin [uS Bio Tek] Gliadin IGG (blood): 59.5 (equivocal: 25.1-49.9) *high* [Mayo Clinic] Gliadin IGA (blood): 28.2 (equivocal: 25.1-49.9) [Mayo Clinic] Enodmysial AB: negative [Mayo Clinic] Reticulin ABS: negative [Mayo Clinic] (I did ingest gluten for a few months before having the Enodmysial, Reticulin, IGG & IGA (blood) test.) How can I show positive for gliadin on a saliva and blood test, but not show positive for wheat gluten or wheat gliadin on the food sensitivity test? That baffles me! I would really like to know if I must remain gluten free for life or not. If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Also, what occurs in the body when one is gluten intolerant and ingests gluten? Any web sites/links you could post? Thank you for your time!
  3. So, does the sister-in-law refuse to take her to "any" doctor, or only her own naturopathic doctor? If it's the latter, please know that in many cases a naturopathic doctor can be of more help than a traditional doctor. I don't think it's fair for the sister-in-law to refuse to let "traditional" doctors help (if needed), but a naturopathic doctor (if well qualified) could be a world of help to this poor lady - even if it's dementia. They tend to go after the source of the problem, not just treat symptoms. Just my 2 cents. ~Shelly
  4. As recommended by my naturopath, I had some saliva testing (along with stool analysis) done by Diagnos-Techs because of chronic constipation, chronic fatigue etc. My SIgA Gliadin test came back positive @ 34. I have posted about this before, but now I am more confused. So, is this an indication of Celiacs or not? Or could it mean that I just have an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten? I want to KNOW whether or not I have Celiac Disease, but the more I read here about the "gold standard" biopsy that I've read about elsewhere, it doesn't sound like that's as reliable either. ????? I'm getting more and more confused. Please help me understand my test results. My naturopath doesn't think I have Celiac because he said that number (34) would have been higher and I would have shown a stronger reaction to wheat, gluten and gliadin on my food sensitivity test (blood test by US Biotek). Does that sound right????? One thing I DO know is I have been off all dairy, casein, pork, beef & wheat for approx. 5 months, and within the last month I eliminated all gluten completely after much research on celiac disease. Within 2 days my nagging symptoms of fatigue and brain fog left, the pain my ears subsided and I had energy. I was a tad amazed! I tried purposely having gluten on 2 seperate occassions, and both times I felt negative effects. Last time was 1 week ago, and I have not fully recovered since. I know most here would say just stay off gluten then, and I do plan to do that for now, but I want to KNOW if I have Celiac Disease. I am concerned for our 2 children, especialy my daughter who has had similar digestion problems (constipation). How can I know for sure? Any input about the test I already had done would be great, and any recommendations for further testing would be appreciated as well. Also, are there any "reliable" tests that can be done while off gluten? I hate the thought of ingesting it again, but will if I have to. I just recently read the book "Celiac Disease A Hidden Epidemic", and according to that book, there isn't. The book also states that the biopsy is the best and most reliable test. Thank you for your time. And for those who caught my previous post a few weeks ago, thanks for your time.............again! God Bless, ~Shelly
  5. Thanks everyone. Having a "window" of time helps me a lot. I don't think it will be too hard for me to go 100% gluten-free really. My diet has been really strict considering my food sensitivities and I'm used to hunting for offensive ingredients. I did copy the forbidden and allowable food lists off this site and have been double checking my kitchen. I eliminated a great deal of gluten approx. 5 months ago, so getting the rest of the hidden ones out shouldn't be too hard. We'll see. Question: what kind of cereal do y'all eat? I am used to eating homemade granola made with oats, obviously, but now I will not be eating that at all. I have found that cereal has been an easy way for me to get flaxmeal in my diet, so I'd love to find one (or make one) that I can eat. Any ideas out there? Blessings, ~Shelly
  6. I realize some people notice a difference sooner than others, but what is a general time frame that I should shoot for to determine what gluten is doing to me and/or affecting me? How soon have some of you noticed relief of symptoms. The symptoms I am dealing with are chronic fatigue, brain fog, bloating, constipation (never diahrrea!), sinus/ear issues and muscle joint pain - that is very unnerving at times. Thank you so much for your time!!! ~Shelly
  7. Thank you Peter for your help on that. I didn't think pop had gluten, but wasn't sure. I don't drink much, but if I'm going to try this diet, I want to get it right. How is it that oats contain wheat? Can someone explain this to me? I just buy Quaker 100% rolled oats. Do those have wheat in them? Does anyone else have any input re: my test results? I know test results can be sketchy or not very valid compared to symptoms, but I would like to know what you think of the tests I had done thus far. Thank you. ~Shelly
  8. I am going to try eliminating gluten from my diet and I have some questions: 1. Can Celiacs or gluten intolerant people have pop/soda? 2. Is it okay to have oats/oatmeal? While I'm here, I just noticed on my GI panel that the anti-gliadin test that I had done was actually SIgA (saliva). Is that as accurate as testing stool? Seems like from what I have read it's not. Here are my results: Gliadin AB, SIgA 34 range: Borderline: 13-15 U/ml Positive: >15 U/ml *Tested at Diagnos-Techs, Inc. What do my tests results mean to those of you that are living with Celiacs or Gluten Intolerance? If I am just gluten intolerant, can that be reversed eventually when my "leaky gut" is healed up???? My naturopath had me tested for food sensitivities too, and regarding gluten/grains, I scored low. I'm confused. If these were your test results, would you completely cut out gluten? I am so new to this. I am waiting for a couple of books to be returned at the library so I can learn more. Any help you all have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & God Bless, ~Shelly P.S. (I did print the forbidden and allowable food lists off this site.)
  9. Thank you Michelle. I would like to locate that book and read it. ~Shelly Ursula, What is your naturopaths normal range for the gliadin antibodies?
  10. I have been seeing a Naturopath for approx. 5 months now. I have been tested for food sensitivities and also had a GI panel done. I do not know much about Celiacs, but started to look into in when my Gliadin came back positive (34). My Naturopath doesn't think at this point that I am dealing with Celiacs, because in his opinion, that number is rather low. And.............my food sensitivity test (blood) showed Gliadin, Wheat in the low range (there are 4 categories: no reaction, low, moderate, high). He said he usually sees those 2 things much higher with Celiacs. In fact, none of the other grains that have gluten were moderate or high either - all were either in no reaction zone or low. I am just looking for a second opinion here to be on the safe side. I have struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, bloating, brain fog for 25 years (I am 40) and chronic constipation all my life, and I want to cover all the bases to get well. FYI: I did eliminate wheat from my diet for approx. 4 months and only had oats occasionally (I checked labels extensively and did much reading on-line to know what to look for re: gluten). I've seen some improvement in my health, but it could be due to other things we have been working on - I don't know. How do you know for sure that you have Celiacs? I've read about biopsies etc. on this board a little, but really am quite clueless. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & God Bless, ~Shelly
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