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  1. Look at this. I have severe Vitamin D deficiency and high blood calcium. http://www.parathyroid.com/parathyroid-symptoms.htm
  2. Hi - I live in Holt and I have no idea what is going on with my body. Apparently any wheat, gluten, or sugar gives me migraines (new) and am being treated for a system fungal infection after two sinus surgeries, 5 trillion antibiotics, steroids, etc. I can only eat chicken and rice products and raw vegetables - all this happened in the last 3 months. So I don't know if I have celiac disease but I find this board very supportive. I purchase a lot of items from Kroger's health section and from the The Better Health Food store in Frandor. I also buy a lot of foods from amazon .com because I am trying to feed my 3 children organically to remove any additional chemicals because the point I am at is very frightening.
  3. eleep glad you got through! If I can ever get better, I am flying to an island off of Puerto Rico where a family member lives. Have to fly in several planes but the last one will be a 5 seater so I can only bring 1 carryon total luggage. I am have BIG dietary problems and I am not sure what I will find there to purchase. There weren't many stores that I remember last time I went. I am thinking about shipping a package of food there before I arrive. Has anyone done this? I know everyone is different, but what would be good ideas to pack? THanks!
  4. I wanted to check in... No Lyme antibodies. No neutrophils. High Glucose count in Cerebral Spinal Fluid. What the heck? I know it probably wasn't Igenex but I don't know anything or what direction to even take. It is very frusterating to be a medical zebra. Boo Hoo
  5. Hi Sara, I have had the worst 6 months of my life due to my sinuses. My primary doctor put me on antibiotic after antibiotic and I didn't get better, I took myselft to an ENT and he found the problem right away on the CT scan and cleaned out my right sphenoid sinus (scope surgery)- it is right directly behind my nose/right eye. Of course he left something in there when he was done and I just had the surgery again with a better doctor to remove it and the bacteria clinging to it (it is thought to be some biodegradable packing material). I haven't had an allergy in my life. Now since I have had these infections, I can't eat gluten, corn, sugar.... My immune system is messed up. After this second surgery they had me go buy this http://www.neilmed.com/ and use it daily. I think it may help you flush your sinuses if nothing is blocked by polyps or cysts, which form just from there being a lot of inflammation. And then those things block drainage. I have tried just about all of the above wholistic type supplements for help - but I continue to have allergic reactions to everything. I am tired of the medical drama too. Good Luck
  6. Sometimes my dentist can pinpoint it to where my nerves enter my jaw bone. They get pinched when there is inflammation in my head from allergies (of which I am not sure), sinus infections, colds, etc. When that is the problem ati-inflammatories and muscle relaxants seems to help me.
  7. No one can explain my fever after sugars or gluten problem in the medical field. Just wondering how common this is. Seems to be an auto-immune response but the MDs make it sound like it can't be true. Tired of being the crazy fever lady. Thanks.
  8. You guys are so funny - it really is a soap-opera! And no one says "hey get off the internet!" to you because I think this is the place you go where doctors and loved ones say "I haven't a clue" but they aren't the ones that have to live this way. I think that I have researched just about everything possible before finding this site. Read lots of documents about how massive doses of Vitamin C can repair your immune system. I have been giving it a haphazard try for a while now. It may be working somewhat, but I have reactions to the C like mouth ulcers and um, new itching, and other things. So I quit and start and quit and start. BUT one of your early posts made me think, hmmmm maybe the asorbic acid is derived from corn. I called the manufacturer today - they will get back with me. I also read about salt intake and the benefits of real sea salt. Have used that in place of regular salt for a long time. Sometimes I will drink 8 glasses of saltwater - sometimes I won't. Seems like my body wants it. Also doing a sinus salt flush. Also doing isotonic salt flushes when candida gets bad. Been on probiotics forever. I am trying those Pearls, they are like ThreeLac in that they are supposed to survive your stomach and actually end up in your gut. Today I am very dizzy and weak. Lots less pain so I shouldn't complain. Lots less brain pain and joint pain. No word about celiac disease or LD yet. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Once when I was in college my bad kitty got mad (because I got a new roommates with a cat) and not only did he pee on my bed, he peed on top of all the CUPBOARDS. They said he had to go!! I got him a vasectomy instead and he has been mostly well behaved for the last 10 years.
  9. Thanks for your help. I have become much worse since the last post. One of my doctors is actually looking at Lyme Disease which can sometimes cause all of the above - plus I think I went gluten-free and ended up eating a lot of corn & rice - now I think my whole problem may be with corn!! I have a Celiac test in the works, LD test in the works, and going back to allergist on 12/22 to look at IgA allergies? I had ZERO IgG antibodies to any of the 23 streps after 500 million infections. My doctor wants to send me to Mayo clinic. There are no homeopathic or naturapathic doctors in my area - but I may venture out because no one knows anything! Thanks!
  10. Here is a big question for you all, which I am sure you've covered before, but I haven't heard the answer... If you have lyme disease, and you have a major episode(s) from late stage neuro-LD which causes you to have all sorts of complications including becoming gluten-intolerant, if you can rid your body of Lyme, Mercury, Candida, Allergans, will everything else resolve? Like celiac disease? Anyone know anyone with any experience with this?
  11. Hi, I had my own ebay store for awhile - I was bored. Made enought to by a 38 foot camper and then quit - didn't feel like being a customer service rep forever. My ID is surplusmomma. Here is a great place to but things in bulk and resell. Lots of times they have free shipping and you can always just buy one case at a time. Things that sold very well were things like Lipsmackers in bulk or Tommy Hilfiger jewelry. Also I figured out how to ship overseas and I think it is pretty easy - made lots of money because other sellers were scared to ship. I wouldn't buy into any wholesale lists or anything - just start small and do trial and error. If you end up with things you can't sell, donate them and write them off. www.dollardays.com Here is another favorite of mine: www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com www.4sgm.com www.gowholesale.com can help you find sources to other things. Hope this helps!
  12. CarlaB I feel the same about Mensa, but admit it - it was fun to be able to join! I looked at the pictures the other day - enough to make you want to scrub your insides with steelwool. I have been doing a haphazard salt/C for a while - but the C gives me terrible canker sores. I have the grossest floaters all of the time lately. Rachel I think I am in constant Herx because of the steroids and antibiotics. Steroids push my immune system down while the antibiotics, salt/C, sugar-free, gluten-free, corn-free is helping me to fight. I had to be on major doses because they thought my sinuses were full of fungus - I am going off them but it has to be a slow taper, or I think it will break my adrenal glands more. Something happened today! Only on 30mg predinisone instead of 60mg. No gluten for a while. No sugar for a while. No corn recently. No MSG recently. Less Dairy. Hot Baths. Had a good Night Sweat during the morning- which I think means my body is cooking the bacteria. I thought I was going to die yesterday - today I think my immune system is winning!!!! Man, I am balanced on a fine line. Will be off steroids in about 5 days. Maybe no need to go to Mayo after all but I will pursue the Lyme test further if it is negative. Oh, I have lost many teeth - maybe from celiac disease, but I am having my amalgams removed soon too! I think this whole OMG post can be life-altering in that several dedicated people seem to be figuring out un-figurable stuff just by the back-breaking trial and error. Thanks Again!
  13. Rachel & other Medical geniuses, I stole that lab form off of the university site - they indicated it was a mail-away test, I am just hoping it is to Igenex. But if anyone was going to show lyme, I think I will right now. So many neurological problems, on steroids on antibiotics, doing worse everyday. Lost 10lbs in about 4 days. Quit my job, quit any community boards I am on. Cancelled Christmas. I only can really open my eyes at night - the farthest away from steroids as I can be. My brain is so swollen. I actually called my life insurance company today thinking that I would up it before I got any diagnosis. But, I hear these new despairing thoughts can be related to Lyme. Sorry to bring a low note to the board. Maybe there is still hope. Anyone hear about Ledum the dog lyme treatment? THanks! PS I put CS for Celiac Sprue, is celiac disease better? He was biopsy-diagnosed I believe. He just isn't following the diet. It is hard to talk to the Mensa People in my family - they don't hear sometimes.
  14. Hey I don't know if it is related but a lot of my recent symptoms came after a Pneumovax 23 Valent. The actual vaccine made me tremor and shake as well as my arm swelled up. PS I am not anti-vaccine and have had my children vaccinated, my doctor convinced me that vaccines prevent more deaths than they cause problems. Many of my friends are against them. Plus - they said it would fix my immune system - had no (zero) IgG antibodies after all of my ear & sinus infections, and now I have a few.
  15. Does this sound like Igenex? Laboratory: Special Testing Referral Laboratory: _DCH COE Code: SENDOUT Synonymns: Borrelia burgdorferi Antibody by Western Blot Lyme Disease Confirmatory Test Container: Red top tube or SST tube Normal Volume: 3 ml serum Minimum Volume: 1 ml serum Offsite Collection Collect specimen in red top or SST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate. Include Lyme Disease EIA Antibody results and a completed Lyme Disease Case Report form if the EIA test has been performed at your institution. Onsite Collection Include Lyme Disease EIA Antibody results and a completed Lyme Disease Case Report. University of ___ patient specimens with negative EIA results will not be forwarded for Western Blot except by approval of the Labs Microbiology Laboratory Director. Days Set Up: Wednesday Analytic Time: 2 - 8 day Test Usage: Confirmation of positive or borderline Lyme Disease (Borrelia) EIA Antibody test. Test Methodology: Western Blot Additional Information: This test will be automatically run on any specimen that gives a positive or borderline result for the Borrelia burgdorferi ELISA (EIA) test. The client will be contacted and asked to provide a completed Lyme Disease Case Report form. If Lyme Disease Western Blot is requested and EIA Antibody results are not included, the ELISA (EIA) test will be performed at an additional charge. Test sent to the _______ Department of Community Health (_DCH); although there is no charge for testing, Labs charges a handling fee for processing and forwarding specimens to _DCH. CPT Code 99001 Inpatient Fee Code 20230 Outpatient Fee Code 20230 MLabs Fee Code 20230 Database ID: 606 Thanks!
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