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  1. For some years now, I have been using Imagine Soups as a gluten-free source. (I have Crohn's and celiac sprue.) On our grocery shopping trip in mid-November, my wife & I noticed that Imagine is now manufacturing and marketing at least two new soups that contain wheat. These soups are are manufactured in the same Melville, NY facility used for their other soups. Those Imagine soups that do not list wheat as an ingredient provide no notice that wheat flour is used at that facility. Since there are probably many other individuals with celiac disease who use Imagine as as source, I am posting this warning for the guidance of others in the celiac community. This notice is important, since few stores that sell Imagine Soups stock the whole line, and so, this change in Imagine's policies may not be noticed by lots of soup purchasers who are celiacs and are sensitive to small amounts of wheat. Frankly, I find Imagine's new peractice inane. I would guess that the use of wheat in their new soups is simply wheat flour used as a thickener. Corn starch would work as well, and (as I recall from my pre-celiac days) wheat starch imparts a slightly bitter taste, and corn starch does not. Number Cruncher
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