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  1. im new... What exactly should I be looking for when I read the label? is it going to say wheat or other things that have gluten in it? or will it just say Gluten?
  2. thanks for the link....not sure I would make it if all cheese was on there...I love mexican food...not sure there is anything they make without cheese!
  3. so like a steak and corn or greenbeans would be good? does cheese have gluten in it?...sorry I really have no idea what all is in food....never really cared as long as it tasted good Do you know of a site or something I could get a list of things that contain gluten in it?
  4. ok...so I am new to all this. Just found out my aunt had this and after hearing all the symptoms of it I think I do also. Instead of getting the test done I am just going to try eating gluten free for a month or two and see if it helps. I am going to Saltgrass (steak house) tomorrow...I looked on their website and they do not have a gluten free menu so I was wondering what all is safe or if yall had any ideas.. I am not really sure what all contains gluten...I know wheat, rye ect...so no breads, is there anything else? I know I can ask the waiter but I read some of the stories about the waiters not knowing what gluten is and I know if that happens to me I will not know how to explain it or know if what they are telling me is right. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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