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  1. The sister may be right. It almost sounds to me like this poor lady is in the early stages of dementia. Yes, she should be checked for signs of food intolerances, but she should also talk to a doctor who is experienced in geriatric health.
  2. There is a disorder called non-Celiac gluten intolerance where the gluten isn't damaging your intestines, but it does make you feel just as sick. Also they are finding that 40% of people diagnosed with IBS have fructose malabsorption and one of the highest foods with fructose is wheat. Therefore you may find it helpful to go wheat-free.
  3. I am in the same boat as you are portrgirl. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with having IBS without any testing at all being done. I was put on tablet, told to avoid foods that made me sick and sent home. Five years later, I still have all the same problems. This time around I am making them do every single test available. So far my blood test came back negative, but I have been referred to a gastro doctor, who I will see today. Hopefully he will want to do a biopsy for Coeliac disease and have a look around to make sure there is nothing abnormal. It is extremely frustrating.
  4. I got the results of my blood test today and they came back negative for Celiac Disease. However, my doctor is sending me off to a gastroendologist to have more tests done and for him to have a look at my GI tract. I was curious as to whether it is possible to test negative for Celiac on the blood test but have a positive biopsy. I must admit I was upset that it came back negative as I was hoping that was the answer to all my health concerns, but it may be that I have to keep on looking.
  5. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought another doctor was handling your endo, but if it is the same one he definitely will have your blood work on file.
  6. Every lab uses a different measuring scale for celiacs, so the number itself doesn't mean anything unless accompanied by the lab's definition of what is normal. You would be best to ask for a hard copy of your blood results from your doctor. You can then take it with you to your endo appointment.
  7. You really need to find a new doctor. Your diabetes needs to be properly managed and they can't do that adequately until they determine if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The symptoms you have sound very much like celiacs and you definitely should be tested for it. Best of luck finding a doctor out there that takes your health concerns seriously. They are out there, trust me. It just may take some searching.
  8. I haven't had a single drink in five years and not because I am an alcoholic, but simply because my body just can't handle it. Both spirits and wine cause a violent reaction in my intestines. I don't know about beer because I could never drink the stuff. I was hoping once I got my health back I could try alcohol again, but maybe not.
  9. You may also want to get tested for fructose intolerance. The symptoms are very similar to what you described and one of the things you can't get if you do have it is wheat. The test is a simple H2 breath test. It may help explain why you feel somewhat better cutting out gluten, but not completely better. Also it would help to go and see a dietician to work out a healthy gluten-free diet for you. Best of luck, I do hope you are feeling better soon.
  10. Celiac disease can have many different presentations. Not everyone who has celiacs has GI symptoms. If you are getting the blood test done on Monday, the important thing is to remain eating gluten until then. If you go gluten-free you run the risk of testing negative even though you may have Celiacs. Best of luck!
  11. This time around I had a really positive experience. Not only was my doctor happy to test for celiac disease but he is also testing for thyroid disorders and diabetes, plus a full blood panel and HIV and Hepatitis A, B,C. He also has me doing a 3 day stool collection to rule out any parasites. He also spoke to me about dietary fructose intolerance, which seems to be a very rare and misdiagnosised condition. By the time I left my appointment you could have knocked me over with a feather. I have all fingers and toes crossed that this time around I may finally have a correct diagnosis. It proves that there are some doctors out there that do listen to their patients concerns and are willing to test all the possibilities.
  12. A small proportion of celiacs have fructose intolerance - and the fruit that tops the list is apples. Fructose intolerance can be diagnosed by a hydrogen breath test. If you are still experiencing problems with apples and other fruits and vegetables it may be worth getting yourself tested for it.
  13. I had my blood tests done yesterday. Not only did I get a celiac screen, but my doctor also tested for diabetes, thyroid disorders, hepatitis A,B,C and HIV, plus a full blood panel. Can't accuse him of not being thorough. My doctor also talked to me about fructose intolerance, which means not only do you react badly to wheat, but other fruits and vegetables as well. Apparently fructose intolerance can be tested for using a H2 breath test.
  14. Is this article available online anywhere for those of us not in the US who would love to read about other people's experiences with Celiacs Disease?
  15. Maybe one of the reasons that doctors do not test for celiac is because up until very recently it has been seen as a very rare disease. I believe the figures used to be 1 in 10,000, instead of the more truer figure of 1 in 133. Seven years ago when I referred to a leading GI specialist for vomiting, diarrhea and dramatic weight loss (I lost 25lbs in less than a month), I was told I was just stressed and to "get over it" as she handed me a prescription for anti-nausea drugs. Yes, I was stressed because I was throwing up twice a day, couldn't keep any food down and was trying to work my way through my science degree at the time. It took a year before I stopped throwing up every day and now seven years later I still have diarrhea and nausea. *sigh* Perhaps as doctors become more and more aware of this disease, others won't have to suffer for years before being diagnosed.
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