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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Breast Pain

    I have two sets of bras - one for the three weeks they hurt and our huge (relatively speaking) and the other for the other 2-3 weeks prior to ovulation!! I spent about $100 on pregnancy tests in the last few months, but no more (looked up a million stories about bleeding during pregnancy too!) because I couldn't explain the dramatic increase in size and pain vs. what I was used to the first 17 years of menstruation!
  3. Breast Pain

    MOJ - My periods have always been irregular, and always very heavy (birth control does NOT agree with me and makes it worse). Since I have been gluten-free, my periods have run 35-45 days and I no longer skip months like I used to - which is great!! As far as miscarriages, it is possible for sure, but it seems like too many months in a row to miscarry each month, if that makes sense. But with Celiac, it is so hard to know anything and predict what other aspects of my health it is affecting!! I am going to continue to keep an eye on my ovulation (I keep track of CM) and breast pain, and try to cut out chocolate, caffeinated tea, AND try to find the Primrose oil. At least this is a start and I can see what happens next month!! Oh, and go to the doctor too Thanks for your help and suggestions ladies! Sarah
  4. Breast Pain

    So, you know (women) the breast pain that accompanies the time before/during the menstrual cycle!? The past 4-5 months, my boobs have hurt from between 2-3 weeks prior to AF (they used to hurt a week or less), and the pain has increased to almost unbearable. My mom always things I'm pregnant, but still, AF comes... Does anyone have any ideas as to why the increase in pain and length of pain?? Any experiences? Everything I read online says to cut out caffeine. Funnily enough, I stopped drinking caffeine in April (6 months ago, and prior to the increase in pain) as I am semi-trying for, or at least not preventing pregnancy. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Sarah
  5. I wish I would have been diagnosed ... I was sick for probably 5 years - doctors told me I had period problems(symptoms seemed to increase during menstruation) and tested me for STD's like 10 different times. Still STD-free. And gave me many pregnancy tests. Still not a mother. Then they said that I had IBS and to eat more whole grains (for some reason I didn't purchase rice bread) etc. By the time someone suggested I had a gluten sensitivity/intolerance, I had no health insurance, and simply went gluten free for a month - TA DA. Here I am 3 years later and creating a gluten-free menu at the restaurant I work at (small business advantage). When I get health insurance in June (upon marriage), do I want to consume gluten and go for tests? The thought scares me to death? Again, I wish I would have been diagnosed - it seems more official and believable, but I don't think I am willing to suffer (or make my husband suffer) being gluttoned.
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