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  1. Dr. Soleiman Rabanipour was the first dental office I called that verified no products contain gluten. I will visit tomorrow.
  2. I am searching for a gluten free dentist on Manhattan island. Anyone found one?
  3. Thank you, thats what I needed.
  4. I will not likely be homeless in NYC. There is nothing tying me to being anywhere. I am looking for suggestions on how to get required nutrients without cooking or storing food in a refridgerator. Its been done for thousands of years. Currently I have access to a fridge and stove. I am unable to work due to previous work injuries. I am waiting to see a doctor and file a claim for SSI/SSDI. Celiac will not be a factor with that because my intestinal biopsy did not show atrophy. I am not concerned with a roof. I am concerned with how to get necessary daily nutrients without cooking or buying gluten free junk food(breads, cookies, anything else packaged). It is my understanding that no law exists in the US defining what it means for a food to be gluten free. I trust a few products but they need to be cooked. I have cooked all my own meals for 9 years. I cook sweet potato, rice, plantains, and yucca for carbs. I cook vegetables. The only packaged gluten free foods I eat are bobs red mills pancake, cookie, and cornbread mix. Without cooking I will need enough carbs and vegetables to survive. Can anyone recommend a multivitamin they take?
  5. I been houseless in Hawaii. Then camped for many months. Got a propane stove and cooked one big meal a day at a beach park. Switched ice in the coolers. Camping was easier, had access to refridgerator and propane stove and fire. If I wasnt able to cook one big meal a day then I would have been screwed. I am currently in New York City figuring out how to get proper nutrition without access to a refridgerator or stove. I may have to deal with being homeless next year. I think a multivitamin will be necessary. Maybe eating a big $10 meal every other day at a restaurant. A day may go like this: Take vitamin. Eat fruit and 2 hardboiled eggs in the morning with a bit of oil. goto bathroom. Eat late lunch at a restaurant. Any suggestions are welcome
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. hmmmm, probably a good idea to keep some kind of card or doctors note in the wallet declaring your condition. if anything happens then theyll know whats up.
  8. Hey if anyones sittin around with the celiac blues theres an entertaining live webcast on here:Ripcurl search Chile click on live event site, then click live on the top of the page. They are surfing a wave in Arica, Chile. Good commentating, death defying surfing, contest should run all day for a few days. They are expecting an 8-10 ft swell there tomorrow that will make for some wild waves breaking right on the rocks.
  9. my stomach problems persisted for many months after not eating gluten. vegetable enzymes before meals and some Primadophilus definatly helped the system to break down food. papaya is a good fruit if available, it is full of natural enzymes.
  10. Hope your foot gets better soon Donna. yeh ive learned alot. im always so hungry to learn because i havent been able to goto college yet. surfings like anything else, takes a long time to learn but its something that you can do on your own. im heading down to the ocean in a few hours. theres a storm off west africa sending us some small long waves, all the way from south of the equator.
  11. Its rough when you cant focus. I had a headache for a few months after the doc told me i cant drink budweisers for the rest of my life. Got into some deep meditation down by the beach, it took care of everything. Hope you find your cure.
  12. You may be in outline mode, try clicking options on the top right corner of the topic and go to standard. then goto add reply on the bottom of the page.
  13. Does anyone know if westsoy Rice drink is gluten free? Also Im pretty sure the Puffins cereal is gluten free, the peanut butter flavor is better than capn crunch. They just need to make their boxes bigger, only get 2 bowls out of them.
  14. Whats up everybody, names Mike, 23, single, on Long Island, ny. I have been gluten free for about a year and a half. After cutting gluten out of the diet my skin issues and other symptoms have subsided. I cook all my meals and dont stray from the diet. Alot of the posts on here have helped me to deal with all the lifestyle changes that took place. I enjoy years of time in the ocean surfing and the lifestyle goes well with that of being gluten free. currently am working my way up the union construction ladder in ny while waiting for hurricane waves to arrive. Good luck to everyone out there. feel free to message about grilling, surfing, or livin life.
  15. Whats up everybody, Mike here. Tried skateboardin awhile back but stick to surfin these days. Been surfin for about 7 years on Long Island, few trips to Puerto Rico, trip to Panama. Im 23 and gluten free for almost two years. Posting on here to give advice on cooking or gluten free lifestyle, or to meet some gluten free ladies. keep shredding.
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