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  1. I'm looking to find a bread mix that turns out not so crumbly. I can handle not eating cookies,brownies and other things like that but I really miss breads,bagels and crackers. What brands have the best tasting and texture?
  2. IS there any bread mix out there that doesn't crumble?
  3. For the last week I have been feeling like pins are in my toes and a burning feeling in my feet when I walk or just slight pressure is applied to my feet. Is this normal? Will it go away. The burning feeling is different then what I had 1 1/2 yrs ago . That was dx as perphial neuropathy(killed the spellng on that) This is so different also my feet bottoms actually have a grey look to them.
  4. I did the exact same ting tis week. Sat down and munched on Doritos then the light bulb went off that I just ate the wrong thing. I paid dearly for it. It had been a sucky 2 wks and every turn I was glutening myself. I'm glad the holiday is over and that everyone is finally getting well in my house.
  5. Smells bother me too. Glad to hear I'm not just losing my mind about smells. When Spaghetti-O are cooked I can't be around or I will puke. In fact we burn candles in order to cover the smell after and durning cooking. Other food really bother me too but doesnt phase other. I can say its all smells that really bother me do have gluten in them.
  6. I found a beef broth that is gluten-free. I emailed the company and here is what they had to say "All of our Better Than Bouillon products are gluten free except for Crockery Gourmet Seasoning Beef and Pork flavors." Of course I know this can change but I figured I would pass this along for other that are nre to thi likeme(and anyone else too)
  7. I wrote to a company about their spag sauce to make sure their modified food starch was corn. I was told what gluten was and that I should read the labels. Well I'm learning unless other wise stated it corn stratch not to trust it to be safe. I guess when I wrote another co they actually took time to let me know what foods of their were safe to eat. But also let me know it might contain tract amounts of malt. Is there any way thats best to approach food co about what foods of their is gluten-free?
  8. I have been using chocolate soy milk shampoo and soy milk cond by SEXY HAIR. I use clinque mositure and concealer. But Since most make up irritates my skin I really don't use it. Oh I do have a burts bees beewaxs lip balm I have no own toaster bought it this week. My own pot for pastaand just drain it from the pot and lid. I havent cut out diary just yet. I was really enjoying chocolate milk in place of my breads. A girls gotta have her comfort foods especially when she has 5 sick kids.I'll cut that out and give it alot more time. One question is corn bread stuffing off limits if made from stracth?
  9. I have no clue to where I'm gong wrong. My 1st wk off i started feeling better but now I'm still having tummy trouble. This morning I ate grits,micro bacon(gluten-free). Lunch I have gluten-free waffles and left over bacon from breakfast. Hubby daughter and son all had taco bell. The I had so LAYS BBQ chipsfro a snack. Dinner I ate mashed up avacodo, w lemon,garlic powder, onion powder and cayanne pepper and Santitas tortilla chips. Had a slice of choclate cheese cake made from everything gluten-free. On the bright side I finally got my order of Home style white bread mix in today. Its gluten-free,Wheat free and casein free. Its not that bad. Even dh tried it and said it was ok. But I can tell its not going to be a bread he eats.
  10. This is my hubby line. I'm still new to the whole diet so he is too. He doesn't understand that what I ate a month ago now cause me great tummy troubles. He is working w/me to try and find fods I can eat. I went to a chicken place today and explain to the manager that I needed it to be totally gluten free. Explain to her what that meant. She went to the back and made my order for me. One of the 1st people not to look at me like I had bats flying out of my ears. Unfortunately I think there made have been cross contamination. I knew the risk but was on the run after doing last minute shopping.
  11. I've been on the diet the 27 of Nov(I think) I'm still learning alot about foods. I did receive an email back from the makers of Capt crunch and they told me their products arent safe for those who can't tolorate gluten. They did tell me that Aunt Jemima Syrups were safe to use. I've order a few boxes of bread mix and waiting for it to arrive. I miss my breads in my meals. I'm back to basic as my gma use to call it. (fruits,veggie and gluten free dairy) I want to thank everyone for their help in guiding me threw the diet. I would be so lost w/out ya'lls help.
  12. I would be hurt by her comment. Talk w/the doc who is buying and explain to him what was said. I'm sure being a doc he should understand and make the exception.
  13. Ok I'm still trying to take in as much as possible. I bought 2 boxes of Vans waffles, they say they are wheat free and gluten-free. Upon further reading I find they have been processed on or by machines that have wheat products. So techinally they most likely have be glutenated, right? Best to avoid them? You have to look hard for this warning. Is oat flour ok? I read it MIGHT contain low levels to no levels gluten in it depending on where is was processed. I have a box of Captain Crunch and was wondering if that is a ok cereal to eat. Also I'm trying to explain to hubby how this really works. He is trying very hard to help me find foods we can all eat. Chinesse food , I said no he said well the fried rice would be ok. I found out last night no fried rice after stomach pains and a major headach this morning. He is really shocked in how many things have wheat. So far in the way of foods I have found that Walmart brands(not all) are gluten-free I can eat bacon,grits,milk,chips,fruits canned or fresh,veggies, meats potatoes, found some dried magos and craisins. Still looking for snack ideas. ANy suggestion would be great.
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