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  1. So i've been feeling really sick after I eat, and VERY tired these last few months. I never knew about gluten until my friends mom said this might be my problem. After I eat, I usually notice my heart beat more, my stomach feels bloated and ill, and then I get really irratable and very tired, many signs of the disease. The other day I had no gluten, and felt fine all day. Today, all I had was an apple, and than a gluten free pizza, and I felt fine. Than I had some Reese's Ice Cream, and got stomach aches soon after. Now, I haven't had any constipation or diarreah, and I have been gaining weight, which are symptoms that most people have on here. Also, I have been very hungry these last few months, and never seem to get full. Only stomach aches. I also haven't been able to have more than one or two beers without getting very sick. I go to the doctor to get tested on Monday, but am wondering what everyone here thinks about it. Could it be anything else? Tomorrow I am going to go completley gluten free, and have some rum at night and see how I feel. Thanks in advance! Everyone seems very helpful here.
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