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  1. hello all! i've been reading these message boards for the last few months and they have been very helpful. now i have a some questions that i hope others can help me with. i'm 23 years old and was diagnosed with celiac disease in september, my mother has been celiac since 1997, so i guess it was only a matter of time before it would get me too! so here are my concerns: 1. i have been off of gluten for 2 months, yet i still feel sick to my stomach whenever i try to eat anything. this was especially true in the beginning when i was feeling really ill right after my diagnosis and i was afraid to eat because i didn't want to feel sick again. now i' m not eating as much as i used to because my appetite seems to have vanished. i don't know if this is more psychological than physical. like, i can't eat what i want (i.e. a sandwich, a cookie, restaurant food) so i don't eat at all. this is really starting to worry me because i'll only have about one meal a day and maybe a few snacks. i'm hungry but it's seems like a lot of work to find things i can have, so i just go with out. is this normal during the adjustment period after being diagnosed? 2. also, i seem to require a lot more sleep. i've always been a late sleeper, but lately i've been getting about 10 hours a night! i know that's partly due to me having trouble falling asleep, but i think that's too much. is this a problem anyone else has had? 3. my last question. as i said, my mom has lived with celiac for the last 10 years. she uses spelt flour to cook many of her cajun style dishes. when i was reading info on many celiac web sites, they say that spelt is not good for people with celiac. yet i'm not sure this has been scientifically tested and proven. my mom has never had problems with it. should i stay away from spelt or test it out? the only reason i ask is that spelt bread is the only one that isn't rock hard like all the other gluten free breads i've found! and i do miss my bread! if anyone can share some useful information it would be much appreciated! hope to here from some of you soon! thanks, lauren
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