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  1. Hi again, Weiss Lemon Sorbet does contain glucose syrup from wheat but as someone else mentioned in this thread, the Coeliac Society of Australia has confirmed that this is safe for us to eat (the wheat is so refined to create a sugar that no gluten remains in the glucose syryp). Also, here's my list from Nestle of safe products for Coeliacs: ZONES spearmint & peppermint LIFE SAVERS all varieties ALLENS freckles ALLENS lollipops ALLENS Steamrollers MINTIES WONKA Fruit Tingles WONKA Gobstoppers 50gm, Made in USA WONKA Fun Dip WONKA Redskins, Made in New Zealand NESTLE Choc, Milk & White CHOC BITS NESTLE Choc, Milk & White MELTS PLAISTOWE White Choc, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate NESTLE Cooking Chocolate NESTLE Club Hazlenut Creme NESTLE Club Rich Dark Chocolate NESTLE Club Roasted Almond NESTLE Club Rum n' Raisin NESTLE Double Blend Milk Chocolate NESTLE Double Blend Coconut Eclair Milk Chocolate NESTLE Double Blend Mud Truffle Milk Chocolate NESTLE Double Blend Fruit & Almond Milk Chocolate NESTLE Milky Bar plain WONKA Mud Sludge Chocolate AERO Peppermint AERO Milk AERO Mixed fun-pack ROLO 50gm stick packs only (Made in UK) NESTLE Golden Rough NESTLE Scorched Almonds NESTLE Baking Cocoa So there you go - lots of treats for Christmas! This list is from an excellent photocopied book of manufacturers' lists from my dietitian in Melbourne. Cheers, Cass.
  2. Hello fellow Aussies, I'm pleased to let you know about a couple of lollies we Aussie Coeliacs can indulge in - Minties and Fruit Tingles! Fruit Tingles were always my favourite lollies, before I was diagnosed. I was so glad when I read a product/ingredient list that I can still eat them. Also, we can have Jila mints, which have glucose syrup in them, but that's OK. Another treat I just had today (not a lolly, but dessert) is Weiss Lemon Sorbet. It's just like traditional lemon gelati and very yummy. You can buy it at most supermarkets in the ice cream cabinet. Cheers, Cass.
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