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  1. Hi, I am reading here and clicking on some symptoms that myself and my 2 children have been having that are unexplained. I get the red bumps in lines right along the top of my calves and they itch like crazy. i have very dry skin as well and an all natural cream with peprmint in it has relieved it but I have to use it regularly. The dry skin is all over. My Mom has psoriatic arthritis in her hands and feet and there are lots of our family with excema....my kids included. I think that i hve celiacs and that my son has the beginnings ad I know my daughter has food allergies but I am not sure about celiacs with her. At any rate, I wanted to talk also about the belly rach.. I get that as my version of hives when I eat something offensive after a period of abstinence.. it stays only till my body clears our of the substance but it itches a lot. Here's to a new year full of lifestyle changes and new information to get us all healthy! Denise... undiagnosed
  2. Hi, I am having lots of the same symptoms minus the total D! where do I get the test? I am in the process of changing my diet and am searching for a milk substitute. what resource(s) do you suggest for lists of casein and gluten free products? does almond milk have casein in it? How about soy? How do you find out if something has casein it isn't publicized like gluten is. Any help in how to start is appreciated! thanks,D
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