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  1. His Aunt being DX with it was actually the driving force behind getting tested. His mom had trouble from the time he was born with the DH having the symptoms but was told that since he wasn't native american the likelihood of him having was very slim so she just did what she could raising him. Now doctors seem to know better and I'm glad we finally know what was behind his quality of life. He called me earlier and said he had a bad tummy at work this morning so I need to figure out what he ate and help him remember not to eat it. Although I made his breakfast this morning I know it was safe. I wonder if it could be remnants of the lunch fiasco yesterday? Ok I'm rambling. Jamie
  2. Ohh BFreeman thanks so much for the recipe and the assurances. I'm going to try this recipe this week once I figure out where to buy bean flour and the other non standard ingrediants. Of course I guess they will become standard in my kitchen soon . Gosh it's a good thing I love to cook! Jamie
  3. So I can continue to cook with soy products providing they don't have any other banned ingrediants, yes? This certainly opens up more salad dressings, it's tough to find one without soybean oil! Thanks so much. I know I'll ask a ton of questions but one day DH and I will get this down. Jamie
  4. I'm finding conflicting information. Soy isn't on the list that the Doctor's office gave us however, I have found on a number of sites that soy is listed as a no no. On others isn't listed at all. Soooo in what form, if any, is soy safe? Soybean Oils? Soy Flour? Tofu? Just curious because I'm very confused. Jamie
  5. I live in Houston so I should be able to find some gluten-free stuff at Whole Foods Market, unfortunately the nearest one to me is about 25 miles away! I am definitely going to grab that cookbook. Thanks for the tip. OMG I love this survival guide. This is going to be uber helpful and has just taken a huge stress off of me. Thank you so much for putting this packet together. Oh I do have one other question, how do you all handle family gatherings such as Christmas, Easter etc? Do you just bring food that you or loved one can eat or do you politely ask the family members to make gluten-free items or what? I'm coming up on this problem very soon so any help would be very much appreciated. Jamie
  6. Thanks for the helpful posts. I actually took DH grocery shopping with me today and let him pick out what he thought would be safe. Then we read the labels together and determined what was and wasn't ok. We were worried about breakfasts because he normally eats oatmeal but we found some breakfast stuff he could eat. Unfortunately though, we got caught out and about for lunchtime and decided to do to Chilis. I thought he had chosen wisely but within about an hour he had explosive diarrea so now I have to figure out what he ate that caused that. Does this get easier????? Jamie
  7. Hi all, I'm new to all of this. My husband has been placed on a gulten free diet because the doctors suspect Celiacs. I have a general list of what not to feed him and unfortunately it is what I have been feeding him for the entire two years of marriage. I'm feeling horribly guilty because I was causing him to get sicker. I'm feeling overwhelmed because it is a daunting task to read every label and double check every little thing. No, it's not to much work if it will keep my honey safe but I'm just so overwhelmed with it all. To top it off, it breaks my heart when he asks is he can order a pizza or have a sandwich and I have to tell him no. I haven't been able to find gluten-free bread locally so I have ordered some and I've also ordered some gluten-free baking mix so I can make pizzas so hopefully soon that will be rectified. I'm just lost as to where to even begin. There is so much info and I seem to be getting bogged down in the minutia of it all. Good news though, we are on day 3 of his new lifestyle and he is feeling better and he has a lot more energy! Thanks for listening to my whine. Jamie
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