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  1. On the list of things to watch out for, it says that ground spices sometimes contain wheat to prevent clumping. If a particular spice does contain wheat, would this be printed on the label?
  2. I probably shouldn't of said that I eat alot of whole and raw food, I am still eating more cooked food, and I will continue doing so until I fix my health problems. I usually eat raw veggies on my sandwiches (sprouts, tomato, cucumber) and raw fruits. That's about it. Usually I steam vegetables when I am about to eat them with a meal. It really doesn't matter what I eat, it all gives me gas. So yeah, I'm not even close to being on a raw food diet, but I will consider it in the future. Anyway, I will look into fructose intolerance, thank you.
  3. That was the first thing I brought up to my doctor. I had my thyroid levels checked, and they turned out to be within 'normal' ranges. I hear that blood thyroid tests can be unreliable in determining abnormalties of the thyroid gland, so I might bring that concern up again.
  4. Awesome! This is great news! Thank you for responding. Now I will definitely consider eliminating gluten from my diet. What digestive enzymes are you taking? If you could tell me the brand name and the type of enzyme, I would appreciate that... Thank you, Looking for answers
  5. Hey everyone. I'm 22 male and I've been having some health problems for many years now and only recently have I started looking into it. My main complaint is my digestion. For some reason I experience foul smelling flatulence almost constantly. I eat alot of whole/raw foods, and I know that can cause gas, but is it normal for gas to smell foul (both sulphur and putrefying odors) all the time and so frequently? This is an embarrassing problem and I don't know why it's happening. Other than that I experience minor bloating occasionally. My bowel movements are normal for the most part, unless I eat alot of nuts; like almonds, cashews, sunflower seed, peanuts. Then my bowel movements come out all mushy and foul smelling. Ugh, I know it's gross, sorry... I am also underweight for my height. I am 6'2 and I weigh about 145lbs. I am always hungry and I eat often, but no matter how many calories I consume, I don't gain a pound. Hmmm, other symptoms include: -poor circulation (cold hands, feet during the winter months) -dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair -heart palpitations -vitiligo (spots on my skin where I am losing pigment) -irritability -occasional depression -moderate anxiety -occasional fatigue I recently saw a naturopath doctor and she had me go on an allergy elimination diet. I didn't eat any dairy or wheat for 3 weeks. Although, I was eating rye and spelt bread because it was on the list of the foods I could eat. Anyway, when the 3 weeks were up, I ate both dairy and wheat and I felt fine. So yeah, what do you all think? Should I try a gluten-free diet for a few months and see how it effects me? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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